Son of the Dragons

Summary: The Potters had a son after Harry, but after Voldemort tried to attack them, believed Harry's brother to the the BWL. A few months later, Harry disappears due to the residue from the AK curse. His parents don't realise their eldest son is missing until the House Elves comment on it, sending them into a panic. 15 years pass, and a man appears at Hogwarts during the Summer Holidays. They realise that he is the Potter's son, but what happened to him? Harry Potter/Dark Jewels Trilogy crossover

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It was the 30th of October, and Lily and James Potter were saying good bye to their two sons, it was rather early in the night, but they had been called in for an emergency at Auror HQ. One two year old, Harry, and the other 1 year old, Samuel. They lectured their babysitter, Lily's friend from school called Sylia Grechel, about the boy's habits, and everything.

They left, and the brothers played, Samuel loudly, and Harry more reserved, as he usually was. Sylia sat watching them, to make sure Samuel didn't hit his brother, and vise versa.

It was about an hour later, around about 8 o'clock, when someone came to the door. Sylia blinked bewilderedly and answered the door. She was met with a flash of green light, and fell backwards, her lifeless eyes staring forward. A man came in, his red eyes staring around the room. His lips curled into a smirk when he saw the two children, who were staring at him, one in shock and fear, and the other in suspicion and dislike.

He walked toward them, enjoying the youngest's fear, but was confused by the eldest. He knew that Harry Potter was a very unusual child. He was unnaturally calm, and hardly ever cried, or screamed. In fact, he seemed more intellegent than other children his age.

It didn't matter any more, since he, and his brother, were going to die tonight. The man/creature, walked toward them, pointing his wand at the scared infant, while his brother watched the man.

"Avada Kadevera." He said softly, and a green light came out of the wand, toward Samuel. Harry knew what would happen if that light touched his brother, so he stood in front of him, and took the spell in the chest, a small part of the spell touched Samuel's forehead.

Harry's eyes went wide as a painfilled scream erupted from his mouth, and the spell rebound onto Voldemort, destroying his body, but his spirit lived on, and escaped the house with a wail. Samuel, when he realsied what just happened, screamed along with his brother, while the house fell apart around them.

A few seconds later, Harry stopped screaming, and noticed what was happening around him. He turned, and covered his brothers body with his, protecting him from any harm. A small black barrier covered them, stopping the debris, and chunks from hitting them.

Once it stopped, the barrier vanished, and Harry crawled toward Sylia, silent tears rolling down his cheeks. He placed his hand over her eyes, and closed his own. He moved his hand, crawled back toward his brother, and collapsed into the sweet abyss called uncontiousness.


Lily and James Potter rushed toward the apparation point, just receiving word that their home was under attack by Voldemort. They hoped their sons were alive, and nothing happened to them. They apparated as soon as they reached the point, and almost fell to their knees in dispair at the sight of their home in ruins.

In despiration, they ran toward the remains, and frantically looked around to see if they could see their sons anywhere. Near to where the front door was, they saw Sylia's body, and mourned her for a second, before returning to their search. There was time to mourn their friend after they find Harry and Samuel.

James was the one to find them, and called Lily over, while checking to see if they were breathing, and breathed a sigh of relief that they were. Lily came running toward him, and almost cried with relief when she saw their chests moving up and down.

They moved the rubble, and discovered a large spot of ash that didn't seem to be from the house. After further inspection they discovered that it was the only thing left of Voldemort. Lily gasped, and they began imagining what would have happened to make the imfamous Dark Lord die like that.

They sent an auror to request Dumbledore's presence there, who came immediantly. They told him everything they found out, and the old headmaster cast a few spells on Samuel, who was closer to the ashes. They discovered a residue of Dark Magic surrounding his forehead, where a small scar in the shape of an arrow was.

They didn't check Harry, since they didn't realise he had a large scar the shape of a dragon on his chest were the spell had hit him. They didn't see the shadows in his soul, or the primitive anger that lay deep in his mind, and personality. All theysaw, was a scar on the youngest son's forehead, and residue of Dark Magic.

They labelled Samuel Potter as the Boy-Who-Lived, and didn't spare a second glance at Harry, who watched with guarded eyes, more intelegent than other children his age.

None of them realised the great power the child held, or the shadows in his eyes when he was pushed aside constantly. They never knew that their eldest son was very special, in more ways than one. No one realised that the power in the room seemed to glow around him, or that there was wisdom in his eyes that far surpassed anyone else alive.

It had been 5 months since Voldemort's demise, and Samuel Potter was labelled as the Boy-Who-Lived, and the Saviour of the Wizarding World. Since then, Harry had been trying to gain any type of attention from his parents, but they were too occupied with Samuel to spare him a second glance. So, the 2 year old sat in his bedroom, which was messy because no one came in to clean it, and Harry couldn't do it himself, his knees pressed into his chest.

He felt tears come out of his eyes, and rested his head on his knees, and silently wept. He thrust a hand to the side, cutting his hand on a piece of wood. Tears came more freely, and he clutched his wounded hand.

"I just want to be where I belong." He whispered brokenly through the tears, and closed his eyes, falling into a sleep. While he slept, a green glow surrounded his chest, more specifically, the dragon scar. The glow surrounded his whole body, and, in a flash of Black, he was gone.


Lily and James Potter loved their son Samuel. In fact, they completely forgot they had another son. Samuel was the future saviour of the Wizarding World, so of cause they were proud of him. They always took him out to show the other witches and wizards their son. They had became quite self-centered, and prideful.

It was only when one of their house elves mentioned Harry, that they seemed to snap out of a daze, and realised that they had neglected their eldest son, and spoiled their youngest. They went to look in his bedroom, but he was not there. After going hysterical, they went to Albus Dumbledore to ask for help. The man tried to help them, but they couldn't find him, even after casting every location spell he knew.

In the end, the distraught parents stopped the search after several months of searching. The years afterwards, near the time Harry went missing, they went silent, and didnt speak for the whole week. Samuel was told about his brother, and couldn't help but feel a bit guilty that his brother was missing. Since he felt that it was his fault his parents had neglected his brother, Samuel, too, became withdrawn near the anniversary of when his brother went missing.

None of them realised, that Harry was very much alive, or that he was more special than all of them.


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