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'Thank the Darkness' is mind speech

Chapter 4

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After a mentally exhausting conversation with Dumbledore, Kratos made his way to the rooms that he would be sleeping in.

Even though he was exhaused, he surveryed the room, checking for any dangers that might be in the room. He also explored the rooms attatched. The first was an almost lounge area, where a lounge, table, and a fireplace was.

Attatched, was a bedroom, and a work area. Attatched to the bed room was an ensuit, equiped with a large bath, shower, and toilet. In the bedroom, he discovered a large wardrobe, with assorted clothing in it.

He took a good look at the clothes, and shook his head. They won't do. Instead, he called in his own trunk, one that he carried with him at all times, and opened it up. He took out his night clothes, went into the bathroom, and had a nice warm shower. He walked out, into the bedroom, and froze.

A female was in the room.

After a quick psychic probe, he discovered that the psychic scent was a bit off, but it was female none-the-less, and on the bed. The cold sang in his veins, as he opened the door that seperated the bathroom and bedroom, and found.. something he didn't expect.

Instead of a woman lying on his bed, as what he expected from living in Terrielle, he saw a middle-sized black wolf sniffing at the pillows. The cold melted as the wolf sneezed, and whinned.

"And how did you get in here?" He asked calmly, while fighting the urge to laugh as the wolf jumped at the sound of his voice, and landed on the stone floor. The look the wolf gave him would have severely injured him, if it could.

"There's no point in looking at me like that, it doesn't work. Besides, I could chuck you out anytime I wanted." He spoke with amusement, since he found this so damn funny.

The wolf gave him a doeful look, and seemed to deflait. With a sigh, and a mutter of 'Mother Night', he walked over to the bed, sat on it, and placed a hand on the wolf's head, as she sat on the floor, in a comforting manner.

"What am I going to do with you?" He muttered, while running his hand down the wolf's head and shoulders.

Do that again A soft female voice almost purred in his head. His hand paused as he raised an eyebrow at the wolf.

"I had a feeling you were Kindred." He muttered as he continued in stroking the wolf's head.

Mmm, you were right. Fawkes-bird told us. He even showed me where you were staying. Kratos felt annoyed that the bird, Warlord or not, told them where his rooms where.

"Damn bird, I'll teach him next time I see him." He muttered while gritting his teeth.

Mustn't hurt Fawkes-bird. Fawkes-bird helps Kindred.

"Alright, I won't hurt the bird. Just remind him to keep his beak shut." He muttered, mostly to himself. He felt a wave of amusement, coming from the young wolf. He clenched his teeth to stop the comment he wanted, desperately, to let out.

"Before this.. conversation, continues, I would like to know your name." The young wolf gave him an almost wolfish grin, before she replyed

Ebonfyre. Kratos blinked owlishly, and studdied the wolf, Ebonfyre, and mentally shrugged. He was tired, so his mind wasn't working as it normally did.

"Well I, for one, am tired, and want to sleep." He said, as an indication for the wolf to leave. However, the young wolf either didn't get the hint, or she ignored it.

That's fine, go rest, I say here. Instead of having a fit, as he normally would, he merely stared for a minute, before getting into the bed, laying so his back was to the door. He closed his eyes, and began drifted to sleep, when he felt a body jump onto the bed, circling for a few seconds, before curling up next to him, with a soft, content sigh.

He didn't need to turn around to know it was Ebonfyre. Resisting the urge to let out an annoyed sigh, he drifted into a deep sleep, listening to the soft breathing of the wolf next to him.


Kratos woke to a ferocious snarl, a high-pitched squeal, and something hard hitting a wall. He opened one eye, and almost groaned at the sight before him. Ebonfyre stood a few feet apart from the bed, in a protective stance, snarling at a very strange looking creature with large eyes.

"What in Hell's name is going on here?" He snarled, annoyed at being awoken in such a manner. Ebonfyre continued to snarl at the creature, which began muttering something along the lines of 'Hibby is sorry, Hibby won't do it again, Hibby only doing what master said'.

Kratos put his hand over his eyes, and counted to ten, trying to calm down. Unfortuently, a second later, the creature let out a high-pitched screamed, and Kratos's control snapped. With a snarl, he used Craft to pull the wolf away from the strange creature, and pin her against a wall to prevent her from attacking.

"Stay there." He snarled as she tried to get out of the bind, eyes ferociously locked on the cowering creature. When she heard the tone in his voice, the animalistic snarl, she stopped struggling, and gave him a pitiful look, not using the mind-link, in case this creature can sense it. He turned to the creature, an entirely unimpressed look on his face.

"You have one minute to explain what you are doing here, before I throw you out." He demanded coldly, causing the creature to shake in fear.

"H...Hibby o..only came in here t..to clean.. th...the room." Kratos merely stared, no emotion on his face.

"So, you came in here to clean? I am perfectly capable of cleaning the room myself. I suggest you leave, before I let Ebonfyre finish what she started." He threatened, taking some pleasure at the creature's panicked look.

"But first." He purred "Tell me what you are. After all, I have never seen a creature such as you." The small creature looked at him in fear, and shakily began to speak.

"H..Hibby i...is a..a h..house e...elf." the creature stuttered out, before fleeing the room in a soft 'pop'. Kratos stood there, staring at the spot the creature stood, with a blank look on his face. Then, his lips curled into a cold smirk.

"Hmmm. Interesting. Very interesting." He whispered, and released Ebonfyre from the binds. She cautiously walked over to him and softly nudged his hand with her head. Kratos looked down at her, and calmly stroked her head, turning his eyes to the spot again.

"That's very interesting."


To say that Albus Dumbledore was shocked to have a hysterical house elf appear in his office, sobbing, would be a major understatement. The elderly headmaster attempted to calm the young house elf, but it only caused more hysteria.

After the house elf calmed down, Dumbledore calmly asked what had caused him/her to become distraught. The house elf explained, stuttering, about the guest, being attacked by a wolf, the display of power, everything. After the house elf left, Dumbledore sat wondering about the type of person he had hired to teach his pupils.


It was a few hours later, that Kratos made his way through the hallways, Ebonfyre walking beside him, under a sight sheild to prevent people from seeing her.

Whenever one of the people in the strange portraits saw him, they stopped what they were doing, and stared at him in interest. Kratos merely ignored the attention he was getting. After having all manner of interest forced on him in Terreille, he learnt to just ignore it, or he'd be riding the killing edge whenever he had any form of interest focused solely on him.

The only attention he had ever wanted, was from his father, and from Daemon, especially since Daemon was the only person that didn't grate on his nerves in Dorothea's court, even though neither he, nor Daemon, wanted to be there. Kratos could remember when Daemon had been brought to Dorothea's court, the look in his brother's eyes, the rage he sensed from his father, the satisfaction from Dorothea, and the smugness from the Court.

Due to some instinct, he knew Daemon was his brother, knew that he had to protect him from Dorothea, her court, and her pet Queens.

After asking a female portrait how far until they reached the Great Hall, causing said portrait to blush at the tone he used, the two, Kratos and Ebonfyre, finally came to the doors that led to the Hall.


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