Author's Notes: A Valentine NejiHina short. Kisses will be shared, obviously.

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Not for: People who believe that love has boundaries.

My Kind of Chocolate

"Umm…H…Happy Valentines Day, Neji-niisan…"

A heart-shaped box with a white ribbon twisting around it in a delicate knot was suddenly thrusted inches away from Neji's nose. He took a step back to let his eyes focus on the object and noticed that the pair of pale hands holding it were slightly shaking, and confusedly looked up at the girl holding the box.

"Hinata-sama…what is this?"

A blush dashed across her cheeks as she averted his gaze, "It…It's a Valentine gift…I don't know much about the holiday myself, but… I heard that you're supposed to give c-chocolates to someone that you hold close…" at every word, her blush became a deeper shade of red. "And so, umm…" her confidence had now all but vanished into thin air. Oh, why couldn't he just take the chocolates and be done with it?

Neji still did not seem to perfectly understand, but nonetheless, he gingerly reached out and wrapped his hands around Hinata's fingers, and the heart-shaped box together. Once again Hinata's face tinted pink, but only became deeper when she realized that Neji was steadily pulling her in closer to him.

"U-Umm…N-Neji-niisan…" she whispered in a quivering voice. If her face were to get any redder she would start bleeding from her ears.

When Neji heard her, he hesitantly stopped, but not before she reached within mere inches from his body. For a few awkward seconds, they both stood together, not knowing which move was the best to make next.

Hinata had finally brought the courage to start inching her fingers from his grip when she suddenly heard him say, "For the chocolates, Hinata-sama, I thank you very much."

She gave a small gasp and looked up at him without hesitating, "Eh? R-Really, Neji-niisan?"

In response, Neji's gaze dropped to the box, and their fingers that were tangled together resting on top. "I am indeed grateful. But…"

Hinata's heart sank immediately. But…

"Oh…you don't like chocolates?"

Neji looked back up at Hinata and gave her a rare, genuine smile. It had been so long since Hinata had seen him smile, that she became immensely captivated.

"I do like chocolates, but not this kind."

Hinata looked hurt. "Oh…I'm so sorry, Neji-niisan," she gulped, trying to swallow the lump that had formed in her throat, "If you want, I can go out and—"

Whatever Hinata was going to say next, Neji will never know, because he suddenly took his arms and wrapped them around Hinata's waist and pressed his lips against hers in a soft kiss. The heart-shaped box of chocolates fell to the ground beside them, unnoticed.

At first, Hinata's eyes widened in shock. But after the first second, her face relaxed and she slowly brought her arms up around his back and fluttered her eyes closed.

In that position, they stayed until they both needed to take a small breath of air. When they hesitantly broke apart, Neji lifted his fingers up and started toying with Hinata's bangs.

Nonetheless, Hinata felt that it was necessary to at least apologize once more for getting the wrong type of chocolates, but when she began to open her mouth, Neji, as if reading her mind, placed a finger on her soft lips.

"This," he said, before leaning in for a deeper kiss, "is the kind of chocolate that I like."

The End

Author's Notes: I decided to write a NejiHina Valentine short at the very last minute. Seriously. It's 11:45 as I'm writing this, so I'm glad I made it in time. P I noticed that all of the other Naruto couples have had a Valentine-themed story for today, and when I saw that the NejiHina section was ignored, I felt sorry for it, and decided to write an extremely rushed short. I hope it was enjoyable.