Happy Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day. A day where couples celebrate their love to eachother by giving them chocolates, bringing them out on romantic dates, or for new couples to be formed. A day which found Choutarou sitting in the Hyotei Regulars clubhouse alone if not for the piles of chocolates.

He had never cared much for Valentines Day. He always thought it was ironic that his birthday was on the corniest holiday of the year. He felt that love is just too big to express in one little piece of chocolate. Love was bigger than that. More extravagent.

Choutarou sighed as he got up from the bench, and grabbed his lunch box. He headed up to the roof, where he could eat his lunch is silence.

He sighed again.


The name lingered on his lips. He had liked his senpai ever since he first started trainging with him. Thats how the number one doubles team in Hyotei came to be. He remembered the harsh voice that came from Shishido. The one that demanded he hit his scud serve over and over. His heart was screaming to stop. He had kept going, for Shishido's sake. He even went as far as offering up his spot on the regulars for Shishido. Atobe had saved him.

He always knew Atobe had a soft spot for Shishido. He had always suspected something happened between the two of them, considering the way Atobe looked at him during practice. Shishido didn't know about it, or at least, ignored it. He didn't seem to mind, because everytime he turned and smiled at Ohtori, he could sense that Atobe was glaring at him.

He opened the door and let the breeze caress his face and blow his short silver hair. Ohtori sighed as he sat down and opened his bento.



Shishido was panting hard. His groans echoed through the whole classroom as Atobe pressed himself against him. Shishido was desperately trying to push him off, but Atobe didn't want to comply.

"Atobe, get off!"

"I know you like him" He whispered.

Shishido stared into Atobe's cold violet eyes laced with lust and desire.

"Ohtori-kun. I know you like him. And I know you're planning to confess to him."

Shishido's jaw dropped.

"H-how did you know?" He shivered as Atobe moved his lips over his ear.

"I saw you staring at him." Shishido moaned quietly.

"This is just goodbye." Atobe pulled back and kissed Shishido lightly. He had lost. And to a second year at that. He wasn't very mad, but he just wanted Shishido to be happy. Not that he'd ever admit it. He wasn't Oshitari for goodness sakes.

He broke the kiss, and smile mournfully at Shishido.

"Goodbye Ryou." He nodded and slipped out of Atobe's embrace. He walked towards the door and turned around. Atobe gasped as he saw him. The light from the outside was flooding the room, and you could only see Shishido's sillhoutte. It was beautiful.

"Goodbye Keigo."


Shishido bolted for it. With a new and stronger resolve, he had to find Choutarou. He had wished his kouhai a Happy Birthday that morning, but now, he wanted to wish him a Happy Valentines Day.

Everyone had more courage to confess to people their undying love on Valentines, and Shishido was no exception.


Gakuto entered through the door to the roof, and found Ohtori sitting alone eating lunch. His eyebrows raised at the side. Usually, Ohtori was joined at the hip with Shishido.

'Did something happen?' He wondered.

Choutarou's head was bent slightly, his bangs shadowing parts of his face, and he was smiling sadly at his lunch as he poked at it with his chopsticks, occasionally putting some food in his mouth.

Gakuto sighed for the boy. He had seen the occuring drama between the two.

It was so obvious that it hurt everyone to see them. The way they would look at eachother when they thought the other wasn't looking at them. The way they would always blushed when they accidentally touched eachother in the changerooms. Especially, when they were getting ready to shower.

The acrobatic player walked over to the silver haired boy and sat down beside him, resting his head on Ohtori's shoulder.

Choutarou blushed and looked at his senpai and started to stutter. Gakuto giggled on the inside.

"M-mukahi-senpai. What are you doing here?" Choutarou's blush grew darker.

"Maa, you looked to lonely Ohtori-kun! I thought I would join you. Besides, Im hungry, and Yuushi is being harassed by his fanclub." He smiled. He took the chopsticks Ohtori was holding and began to raid the second years lunch box.

"Eh? Go ahead Mukahi-senpai. Im not that hungry anyways." Mukahi gave him a skeptical look, seeing as the boy had hardly touched his lunch.

"If you dont mind." Gakuto smirked and jumped into Ohtori's lap. Leaning his head back while eating the lunch. Choutaru gasped and blushed a furious red.

"M-M-Mukahi-senapi! W-what are y-you doing-g?" He stuttered. 'What if Shishido sees?'

"You're very comfortable you know that?"


"Hiyoshi, have you seen Choutarou anywhere?"


"Do you have any clue to where he is?"

"Try the roof."

"Thanks Hiyoshi."

"Whatever Shishido-san."


Choutarou was blushing madly at the acrobatic player in his lap. He didn't mind that much, and it would be almost rude to push him off.

"Ne, Choutarou-kun. Can I call you Choutarou-kun? Anyways, I haven't you given your valentine's present have I?" His grin went unnoticed by the silver haired boy.

"Umm, thats okay. Id rather call it a Birthday Present. Im not very fond of Valentines." He said in a sad tone.

Mukahi turned around to face Choutarou, succeeding in making the other blush as he staddled him.


Shishido bolted up the stairs, huffing and puffing.

His heart was beating fast, and his palms were getting sweaty.

Girls giggled as they watched him go by, but he didn't see them.

All he saw was Choutarou. Trying to imagine the look on his face when he told him.

It was all so obvious. He knew Choutarou liked him back, but the shy second year didn't have enough courage or faith in himself to actually ask Shishido out. At least, he hadn't yet.

He was getting anxious. The blood was pumping through he veins at the speed of light.


Choutarou's eyes widened to the size of watermelons.

"Well, whatever you want."

Mukahi Gakuto, resident acrobatic player of the Hyotei Tennis Club, leaned forwards and kissed Choutarou.


Shishido opened the door to the roof and looked around, seeing if he could find his kouhai.

He found his kouhai alright. He found his kouhai liplocked with Gakuto.


Choutarou was shocked beyond belief.

'WHAT ARE YOU DOING MUKAHI-SENPAI?' He wanted to scream so badly.

Something bad was going to happen, he knew it. And that was when he thought he saw Shishido staring at them.

He was afraid that he was right.


He couldn't even begin to comprehend what was happening.

He didn't know what he was even feeling.

All he could see was Gakuto and Choutarou together. And all he could hear was his heart falling to the floor and shattering into a million pieces.

He turned and walked away.

So much for a Happy Valentines Day.


Ohtori Choutarou