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(Rachel's P.O.V.)

Jimmy and I had been a couple for over 2 1/2 years. What started out as childhood friends from our young days, almost turned into a time when we could've been a couple for a longer time, but I'd take 2 1/2 years anyday; that was when Jimmy went missing and after he told me that he was by my side and living with me the whole time as a kid. When he went missing, I started missing him and longing for Jimmy to return until he was found by my newest friend, Mathew. The two of us loved to chat with each other, and we had been friends for just over two years; Mathew had been dating Serena for about the same amount of time that Jimmy and I had started being a couple.

Today, Serena, Jimmy and I had joined Mathew on the recent high school graduates list. I planned on marrying Jimmy when we both finished high school. We had been dating each other recently and after about 6 or 7 dates, I could tell Jimmy wanted to marry me.

"Jimmy, I knew you would take me to see a sunset together," I said to him.

The two of us had been sitting on a dock for over an hour or two. Jimmy was wearing his blue jeans, his normal outfit when he's on his cases, except he wasn't wearing his jacket since the weather was really warm. I was wearing my navy blue shirt and bright blue shorts. My head was resting on Jimmy's shoulder and his left arm was wrapped around my back. My right arm was wrapped around his shoulders.

"Hey, a promise is a promise, Rachel," Jimmy said to me.

He stood on his feet. I wanted to ask if he was going somewhere when he held out his hand to help me up.

"Thank you for both," I said.

"Both?" Jimmy said, stumped.

"You know, taking me to see the sunset and helping me up," I explained.

"I was wondering what the 2nd thing was," Jimmy said to me.

I could tell he knew about the sunset together, but I knew he didn't know about the 2nd thing.

"Come here, Rach," Jimmy said to me, laughing a little.

The two of us gently embraced one another. His body felt really warm for me to take. I gently lay my head on Jimmy's chest; I felt so comfortable doing that, it even got me to sleep sometimes. Jimmy stroked my brown hair with his hand, and caressed my cheek. I caressed his cheek with my own hand.

"Mmm," I purred as we softly kissed each other.

(Jimmy's P.O.V.)

Rachel's kisses really felt good. We held each other's waists and we were softly kissing each other. Her lips felt so soft, even softer than a cloud. Right after we kissed, we briefly kissed each other once again. I loved Rachel so much, I felt like the time was now to ask her the "big question". We backed away from each other and sat back down.

"Rachel," I said, taking out a small jewelry box.

"No matter what happens between the two of us... will you m-marry me?"

I opened the small jewelry box for her to see. Inside was a 14-karat sapphire ring, which matched her pretty eyes.

"Jimmy," Rachel said, gasping.

"I was hoping you'd ask me that question someday!!"

She graciously accepted the ring I bought for her.

"Of course, I'll marry you!!" Rachel said, hugging me tightly.

I felt like I just hit the jackpot of love when she accepted my proposal. She still accepted it, despite what she went through when I told her I was really Conan. It could've been a lot worse if Rachel didn't forgive me.

"Thank you so much, Rachel," I said, happier than ever.

"What can I say?" Rachel stated.

"Despite your 'disappearance', you still deserve me."

She blushed and I did, too. We both stood up and hugged each other once again. Seconds later, we were caught in another passionate kiss. We really were meant to be together.

"You always were beautiful, Rachel," I stated.

"Thanks, Jimmy," Rachel softly responded, blushing again.

"I love you, Rach," I said.

"I love you too, Jimmy," Rachel said back to me.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

"We're gonna have a long time together, Jimmy," I said.

"I know it."

"I totally agree, Rachel," Jimmy said back to me.

I had already put on the engagement ring he gave me. I had put it on my right ring finger. I looked over at the huge lake that was covering a huge portion of the place we were in. I didn't bring my bathing suit with me, but I had planned on spending the night at Jimmy's when we came home.

"Come on," I said to Jimmy.

"Huh?" Jimmy said, looking confused.

"Let's jump in," I said.

"Jump in?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah," I answered.

"We're the only ones here, you know."

I removed my slippers from my feet and Jimmy took off his shoes and socks. I removed my ring, put it underneath one of my slippers and grabbed his hand tightly.

"Rachel, why do you wanna jump in?" Jimmy asked me.

"Are you just rejecting a normal swim with me?" I said to him.

"I know we both didn't bring our swimwear, but if we're around a huge lake watching a sunset, why not go swim? After all, I am spending the night at your place tonight anyway."

"You're right," Jimmy said.

"We can shower later tonight."

Jimmy and I turned our bodies to the lake.

"Ready?" I asked.

"We'll both jump in on the count of three."

I could tell Jimmy was a little nervous, but he quickly slapped himself out of it. I started to count to three.

"One... Two... Three," I counted out loud.

When I finished saying "Three", Jimmy and I jumped from the dock and into the sparkling blue water. When we resurfaced, I looked at him.

"See, that wasn't so bad," I said.

Jimmy had to agree, even if we both had jumped in the water in full clothing. We even kissed each other once again while we floated in the water. Minutes later, we got out, soaked from head to toe. I squeezed the water out of my hair and my clothes. I put on my ring when I finished.

(Jimmy's P.O.V.)

Later that evening, Rachel and I walked back to my place. We were still pretty wet from that swim that Rachel wanted to take, but that was okay. I had dried off & changed to regular clothes, but I sometimes wished I could say the same thing for Rachel because she didn't have a change of clothes with her. The only article of clothing she had brought with her was her red one-piece swimsuit. She knew it was either wear that, keep her wet clothes on, or go around naked; she chose to wear her bathing suit.

"How do you like this bathing suit, Jimmy?" Rachel asked me.

"I bought this with you in mind."

She was blushing, even if she was just wearing her suit for comfort. I still remembered the time Serena said that she bought it just to show off for me.

"Makes you look good," I said, pretending not to know.

"I like it a lot."

"Thank you," was all Rachel could really say.

She hugged me tightly again. I was right, Rachel did look good in a swimsuit.

"We both have our lives together, Rachel," I said to her.

"Together is right," Rachel said to me.

We continued to hug each other. Rachel and I loved each other very much.

"Jimmy," Rachel said again to me.

"Are you much of a artist?"

"Not really," I answered.

"Oh," Rachel said, a little bummed.

"I was hoping you could draw me like this."

"I can try," I said.

"Not right now, but maybe a little later," Rachel said to me.

I knew she wanted me to try draw her in her swimsuit. That's when she added something to what she said a little while ago.

"Maybe after you finish drawing me in my bathing suit, you could draw me... naked if you want to," Rachel said to me.

"Really?" I said, a little bit scared.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

"In fact," I said.

"Why not draw me in my bathing suit before I do my shower?"

I lay on Jimmy's bed on my hip while he got out a couple sheets of paper and a pencil. I smiled from ear to ear while I struck my pose for Jimmy to draw.

"I'm ready," I said.

Jimmy started to put his pencil to one of the two sheets of paper and started drawing me. Time to time, he took brief glances at me to see how I really was. About 45 minutes later, he finished.

"I'm done, Rachel," Jimmy said to me.

I got up and took a look to see how he did. I was pleasantly surprised -- he really got my good side. Jimmy even drew a background of a beach around his drawing of me.

"Not bad, Jimmy," I said.

"I'm gonna do my shower and then you can draw me naked if you want."

"Maybe I'll draw you like that," Jimmy said to me.

I gave him a quick kiss and went into the bathroom to shower.

If he got me good with my swimsuit on, I hope he draws me good when I'm naked, I thought while I showered.

Minutes later, I finished my shower and dried off. When I was done with that, I wrapped the towel around my chest, covering my breasts. I brushed my hair and left the bathroom. It was showtime now.

"I'm out now," I called to Jimmy.

I slowly walked back to Jimmy, still wearing a towel only.

"You ready?" Jimmy asked me.

"Mm-hmm," I responded.

I slowly untied my towel, letting it fall to the ground. I lay back on Jimmy's bed naked. I was lieing in the same position as when Jimmy drew me in my bathing suit. I watched as he put his pencil to his 2nd sheet of paper and began drawing me again -- this time, naked.

"I'll try not to look at you for a long time, Rachel," Jimmy said to me.

"It's okay if you do," I said, not minding it at all.

Like earlier, Jimmy took brief glances at me to make sure he tried to draw me perfectly. 45 minutes later, he was done. I took a look at his attempt.

"Not too bad again," I commented.

He gave me a kiss and I returned his favor. After Jimmy took his shower, we slept together in his bed.

End of chapter 1.

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