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(Jimmy's P.O.V.)

"Hey, Rachel," I said to my wife who sat in the passenger's seat.

"Did you bring a video camera to tape Conan?" I asked her.

"Yes, I did, Jimmy," Rachel answered.

"Hey, Conan," I said to our little boy in the back seat.

"Are you sitting in the middle of the back seat?" I asked him.

"No, I'm sitting right behind Mommy," Conan responded.

"Well, when we pull into Aunty's driveway, move over to the middle so Aunty and Uncle can get in," I told him.

"Okay, Daddy," Conan responded.

I continued to focus on the road so I wouldn't get involved in a collision because I was busy talking with Conan. 10 minutes later, we reached Serena's and Mathew's place. When we got there, they were already waiting outside for us. Mathew was wearing his usual motocross shirts and his swimshorts, while Serena was wearing a pair of sunglasses and her same green dress. She had her beach bag on her shoulder. After we parked into their driveway, Mathew and Serena climbed into our car and we continued on to the beach. Conan did as he was told, moving over to the middle seat.

"I'm glad you guys wanted to come along," Rachel said to Mathew and Serena.

"Well, I don't wanna miss Conan's first beach day," Mathew said.

"Neither do I," Serena added.

"Glad you guys wouldn't want to miss it," Rachel said to them.

"And lucky thing I brought along my video camera so none of us wouldn't forget something like this."

"Yeah, for sure," I agreed.

"If you didn't bring the video camera, then we would only remember bits and pieces of Conan's first beach day."

After twenty more minutes of being on the road, we finally arrived at the beach. I found a good parking spot and parked the car. After everybody got out, Rachel got the umbrella and her beach bag, while I got the food.

"Serena and I are gonna go change and find us a spot, okay, Jimmy?" Rachel said to me.

"Okay," I said.

"and take Conan with you."

"I will," Rachel said.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

"Come on, Conan," I said to my little boy.

"Come with Aunty and me -- as soon as we change, we'll find us a spot, and I'll get you ready for your fun time."

"What about Daddy and Uncle?" Conan asked me.

"They'll catch up with us," I told him.

Conan took my hand and we went with Serena to find a good spot. We found one about 30 ft. directly in front of the car. When Conan saw the waves crashing onto the shore, he was so excited, he wanted to go in right away. He even let go of my hand and he began to run into the water.

"Conan!!" I called.

He stopped in his tracks.

"Don't go in yet," I said to him.

"I know you're excited about this now, but try to contain it!! We haven't found a spot yet, but where you're standing seems to be a good spot."

"But, Mommy," Conan said to me.

If you ask me, I think that he's a little too excited.

"Conan, just be patient," Serena said to him.

"Yeah, don't just dart off for the water in an instant," I said to him.

"You need to have sunscreen on so you don't get sunburn on your skin, and Mommy's got some for you."

"What's sunburn?" Conan asked, looking perplexed.

"When you are in the sun for a long time, your skin gets irritated and starts to turn red and where the redness is, is really sore -- that's sunburn, sweetie," I said to him.

"That's why you need to have sunscreen on hot days like this; the only times you don't need sunscreen is if the sun isn't really out, or if you're at home in the pool."

I opened up the umbrella and the blanket and placed the blanket on the sand. I pounded the umbrella into the ground like a stake. Serena did the same thing as me. After we were finished, Serena and I sat down on our blankets and I took out the sunscreen to put on Conan's body. While I was putting sunscreen on Conan's body, I looked over my shoulder and noticed Jimmy and Mathew coming.

"Oh, Daddy and Uncle are coming, Conan," I said to the little boy.

"Can I go in the water now, Mommy?" Conan asked me.

"Alright, alright," I said as I started to stand up.

"Let Mommy go with you."

The two of us started to go into the water. Serena stayed behind so Mathew and Jimmy could find our spot. Before I took Conan into the water, I grabbed the video camera and took it with me. Luckily, the battery was charged, and the camera was fresh for usage. I put the camera to my left eye so I could view Conan going into the water.

"Conan, go on," I said while I continued to video him.

A wave crashed onto the shore, getting my legs a little wet and getting Conan's swimshorts a little wet.

"Go on, sweetie," I said while I continued to take video of him.

Conan went a little deeper into the water until the water level touched his swimshorts.

"Conan, go underwater or something," I said to my little son.

(Serena's P.O.V.)

While Conan and Rachel were out in the water, Jimmy and Mathew had both arrived at our spot. I had to stay there so Mathew and Jimmy would know where we were. Mathew had put down a cooler on the sands of the beach we were on.

"Oh good, you brought the cooler, Mathew," I said to him.

We had packed some drinks in the cooler for myself, himself, and for Jimmy, Rachel, and Conan.

"What else did you put in the cooler, Mathew?" I asked him.

"Water, regular and diet soda, some juice, and some Rockstars," Mathew responded.

"Rockstars?" I asked.

"Yeah," Mathew responded.

"Not a person rock star, the Rockstar Energy Drink."

"I asked him what was in the cooler and when he said 'my Rockstars', I was stumped myself," Jimmy said to me.

"Hmmm," I said after Jimmy finished his sentence.

"I was amazed to find out that it was an energy drink, not a person," Jimmy added.

"What does it taste like, Mathew?" I asked him.

"It's like some kind of wine mixed in with grape-flavored Dimetapp," Mathew responded.

"Other than that, it's pretty good. Wanna try one, Serena?"

"Yeah, sure, why not," I said.

I hadn't heard of any energy drinks at all, and I thought I might like it.

"What about you, Jimmy?" Mathew asked him.

"Mmm... alright," Jimmy responded.

He handed the two of us a couple of Rockstar cans. They were black with yellow letters in a fancy style. There was a star in the word "Rockstar" that took place of the A. I lifted up the can tab and took a sip. It tasted alright, but there was also some kind of weird taste after the sip.

"You were right, Mathew," I said, making a face.

"This Rockstar drink does taste like wine and grape-flavored Dimetapp!!"

"The after-taste is a little weird, but other than that it's pretty good," Mathew said to us.

"Did you like it, Serena?" He asked me.

"It tasted okay," I responded.

"You'll like the sudden boost of energy you're gonna get later on in the day if you drink it little by little," Mathew said to me.

(end Serena's P.O.V.)

"Sudden boost of energy?" Serena asked me.

"Yeah, why else would it be called an energy drink?" I said to her.

"Alright, Jimmy, did you like it?" I asked, turning to Jimmy.

When Serena and I looked at him, he was making faces while holding the can in his left hand.

"Repulsive taste?" I asked him.

"You'll feel psyched up later in the day," Serena told him.

"Don't worry, the after-taste lasts only for about one or two minutes," I said to Jimmy.

"How many of this stuff did you pack?" Jimmy asked me.

"I packed a 12-pack," I responded.

"Oh," Jimmy simply said back.

"Did you like it?" I asked him.

"It was okay," Jimmy responded.

"The after-taste bother you?" I asked.

"Bothered me a lot," Jimmy responded.

"You see, energy drinks like Rockstar, is like drinking coffee in the morning," I said to him and Serena.

"The only bad part about this is that you'll feel all energetic later in the day after drinking one like this one or Monster or Full Throttle -- the two kinds my Dad likes, but probably around nighttime, you'll feel crashed out... probably because there's a lot of sugar and ginseng in it."

I looked at Rachel filming Conan in the water.

"I wonder if I should get Rachel to try this," I said to the others.

"Up to you, Mathew," Serena said to me as she took another sip of the Rockstar.

"They're your drinks, not mine."

I decided to do that and wait until Rachel and Conan came back from the water.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

After videoing Conan some more in the water, my legs began to get a little tired. All of a sudden, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I kept the camera running and looked to see who it was, and it was Jimmy.

"I can do the video for you," He offered me.

I smiled at him and kindly handed him the camera. As soon as he put the camera to his eye, we heard a scream. I put the camera on pause for Jimmy and we went over to see what the commotion was. Inspector Meguire was on the scene, just putting a blanket over something. It was a murder!!

"Oh, good, Kudo," Inspector Meguire said when he saw Jimmy and Mathew.

"You and Mathew are here; you two should see this."

Meguire led them over to a corpse. But in just a matter of minutes, Jimmy was already in his usual "zone" for his cases.

"I don't think so, people," Jimmy said to the crowd.

"Like I've said all my life, one truth prevails. The murderer... is YOU!!"

He was pointing at a young lady with her hair in two ponytails.

"See, Conan?" I asked my little boy.

"You're seeing Daddy in action!"

"This is Daddy's job?" Conan asked me.

"Yep," I responded.

"Daddy's an actual detective; Mommy's the daughter of a 'world-famous' detective."

After the murder case was done, we headed back to our spot. Serena stayed behind so nobody would steal anything.

"Murder?" She asked when we got back.

"Yep," I responded.

"Oh, Rachel," Mathew said to me.

"I have something that I think you oughtta try."

(end Rachel's P.O.V.)

"What's that?" Rachel asked me.

I opened the cooler and grabbed another can of Rockstar and handed it to Rachel.

"Rockstar energy drink?" Rachel asked, reading the can.

"Is this like coffee or something?" She asked me.

"It's sort of like that," I responded.

"It's an energy drink that'll give you a total kick of energy later, but the bad part about these energy drinks is that you'll be totally crashed out later on in the day."

I watched as Rachel lifted up the can tab. She put the can to her lips and began to sip the Rockstar. After she put the can away from her lips, she made a face.

"So?" I asked.

"Tastes alright," Rachel responded.

I saw her face when she looked at me.

"I know," I said to her.

"the after-taste is a little weird."

"After-taste?" Rachel asked me.

"Yeah," I responded.

"All energy drinks like Rockstar, Monster, Full Throttle, and Red Bull have some kind of after-taste."

"Oh," Rachel said, looking surprised.

I saw Conan look at the sand.

"Say, Conan," I said to the lone little boy in front of us.

"What is it, Uncle?" Conan asked me.

"Why don't you try to play in the sand or something?" I suggested.

(Conan's P.O.V.)

"What can I do to play in the sand?" I asked Uncle.

"You can do a lot of things in the sand, Conan," Mommy responded.

"You can make sand castles, make little moats down by the shore, play games like tic-tac-toe, etc."

"Mommy's right, Conan," Uncle said to me.

I saw Mommy grab the video camera and aim it at me. While she was filming me or whatever she was doing, I began to make a little moat from our spot to the water. I looked to the others, wanting someone to help me.

"Hi, Conan," Mommy said while aiming the video camera at me.

Daddy stood up and helped me make the moat I was doing from our spot to the water. Daddy and I began moving sand out of the way to make the stream to the water. When I reached the water, I felt like going for another swim.

"Mommy, come swim with me," I said to Mommy.

She handed Daddy the video camera. I took her hand and we both went back into the water. Daddy was still taking the video. I began to splash Mommy with water and she began to splash back at me.

"Come on, Conan," I heard Daddy say to me.

"Get Mommy as wet as you can!!"

I had a funny feeling that Daddy was looking to get to see Mommy wet on video. So, I tried to splash Mommy as much as I could. She tried to splash me as many times as she could as well. At first the water felt cold, but later on, it started to get warmer.

"Mommy, the water feels so warm," I said to Mommy.

"Yeah, the sun gives off heat which makes steel things real hot and water warmer."

Being in the water that was getting warmer felt like a bath at home.

"You having fun, Conan?" Daddy asked.

"Yeah, a lot of fun, Daddy," I responded.

(Serena's P.O.V.)

I was still sitting with Mathew on the blanket in my green two-piece swimsuit. We had just kissed each other on the lips a little while ago.

"It's nice to see Conan having a great time for his first time at the beach," Mathew said to me.

"Yeah, and even on a perfect day like this," I added.

"Perfect day for a swim ourselves," Mathew said to me.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go for one right now," I said as I stood up on my feet.

Just like usual, I took off my headband and left it with my things. After that, I began to walk to the water where Rachel and Conan were. I honestly wanted to swim and play with Conan and Rachel, too.

"Hey, Aunty," Conan said when he saw me.

"Oh, Serena," Rachel said when she saw me as well.

"Did you come to join us, Aunty?" Conan asked me.

"Yeah," I responded.

"and to get myself a swim in before we go."

"We better hurry, too," Rachel said.

"It's around 2:10 p.m.; the news said the high tide was going to come in around 2:30."

I went deeper into the ocean and dove into an incoming wave. I resurfaced, wiped my face, and swam around in the wide ocean. Jimmy was still recording Conan and Rachel, but I wasn't sure if he got me in any of the footage he took; I knew Rachel didn't get me in any of the footage she took because I didn't go into the water until now. I looked to my left and saw Rachel and Conan right beside me.

"You guys coming as well?" I asked.

"Sure," Rachel said.

"I haven't gotten my upper body wet yet, just my legs."

"And why Conan?" I asked.

"He just likes to swim with you and me and the guys, and he just wanted to come with you," Rachel responded.

After the swim, we got out, soaked from head to toe. Mathew handed me my towel and I dried off. Rachel got her towel and dried herself off; she also got Conan's towel and dried him off.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

Jimmy came back to our spot, still holding the video camera.

"High tide's coming in," I said to him.

"Oh," Jimmy said.

"Conan," I said, turning to Conan.

"the high tide is coming in, so, no more swimming, okay?"

"Can we at least have lunch or something?" Conan asked.

"Yep, that's what we're going to do," I said as I pulled out the sandwiches I made.

I handed Conan his sandwich, and I got my sandwich, as well as Jimmy's sandwich. Conan's sandwich was peanut butter and jelly, Jimmy's sandwich was swiss cheese, and my sandwich was just regular cheese.

"Well, we're enjoying our lunchtime," Conan said to us.

"Yep, and after this, we'll be going on home," I said to the others.

"Awwww," Conan said, looking bummed.

"I know you're bummed, Conan," I said to my little boy.

"But we have to go home, but first I have to take care of my shopping, and then we can get going."

"Can I swim in the pool when we get home?" Conan asked me.

"If you want to," I responded.

"But you are gonna be pretty tired on the way home, sweetheart."

I had a pretty good feeling that Conan was going to be sound asleep in the car on the way home from the beach and the grocery store after my shopping was finished.

"Well, that was a good lunch," I said as I finished my cheese sandwich.

"Yeah," Conan said, agreeing with me.

Serena, Jimmy, Mathew and I began to gather up the things and we began to pack up. Our beach day was over, shopping was next... for me anyway. I decided to get my shopping out of the way first before dropping off Mathew and Serena at their place. I could use a little help with the things anyway.

"Should we shower at home or here?" Jimmy asked us.

"At home," I responded.

"Conan wants to go in the pool when we get home, but I have a feeling that he's gonna fall asleep on the way home."

"He probably will," Jimmy said.

"You think so?" I asked as we walked to the car.

"Yeah," Jimmy responded.

(Jimmy's P.O.V.)

After a 10-minute walk from our spot on the beach, we finally reached the car. The five of us gathered in and I started up the car. All of us had changed our clothes, including Conan, even if he wanted to go in the pool at home.

"So, what are you guys gonna do when you get home?" Rachel asked Serena and Mathew.

"Not sure," Mathew responded.

"I'm probably gonna do some more sunbathing outside, and maybe more swimming in the pool," Serena answered.

Typical Serena, I thought while I concentrated on the road.

"Say, Conan," Rachel said to Conan.

"Don't you wanna go to Aunty's and Uncle's place and swim over there or do you insist on swimming at home?" She asked.

"Maybe Aunty's and Uncle's place," Conan answered.

"You don't mind, do you, guys?" Rachel asked them.

"Not at all," Mathew responded.

After about 15 minutes, we were at the nearby grocery store. I parked the car in a parking stall and turned it off. Rachel got out from the passenger's seat, grabbed a shopping cart and went inside to do her shopping.

"Does she shop here every Wednesday, Jimmy?" Mathew asked me.

"Yep," I simply responded.

"This grocery store is close to our house, that's why."

I looked forward at the entrance, waiting for Rachel to come out. I didn't feel tired at all, even though I didn't really swim at the beach.

"So, Jimmy," Mathew said to me.

"What are you and Rachel gonna do when you guys get home?" He asked me.

"Maybe the same thing as Serena," I responded.

"I'll see if Rachel wants to do the same thing when she gets out."

After waiting for about 45 minutes, the four of us saw Rachel come out with bags dangling from her arms. Serena and I got out of the car and helped out Rachel with the bags, seeing as we had the energy boost from the Rockstar drink that Mathew offered us when we were at the beach today.

"Oh, thanks, you two," Rachel said after we put all the bags in the trunk.

"We both have that energy boost that Mathew told us about after we sipped those Rockstar drinks," Serena said.

After we put all of Rachel's bags in the trunk, we got back in the car and drove off back home. After we reached Serena's and Mathew's villa, the two of them got out and so did Conan. Before he got out, Conan grabbed his pants and underwear out of the car.

(Conan's P.O.V.)

With Mommy all done with her shopping, and her letting me spend the rest of the day at Aunty's and Uncle's house, I was real happy that Mommy was letting me stay at their house.

"Thanks, you guys," Uncle said to Mommy and Daddy.

"No problem," Mommy responded to Uncle.

"Have fun, Conan," Mommy said to me.

"We'll see you guys for dinner."

I kissed Mommy good-bye and Daddy drove her off to home.

"Well, Conan," Uncle said to me.

"Let's get inside."

I took Uncle's hand and we all went inside of the house. Just a few minutes after we got in, Uncle and I noticed Aunty fiddling with her dress.

"You going outside to the pool all of a sudden?" Uncle asked her.

"Either right now or a little later," Aunty responded.

"Don't start swimming without me, okay, Aunty?" I said.

"I won't, Conan, honey," Aunty said to me.

Whenever Aunty or Uncle were by their pool or in it, I wanted to be there, too, whether they were swimming or not. Basically, I liked to swim just like how Mommy does at home.

"So, Conan," Aunty said to me.

"How'd you enjoy your first beach day?" She asked me.

"I loved it, Aunty," I responded.

"Can you not wait until Mommy and Daddy plan another one?" Uncle asked me.

"Yeah," I answered.

I couldn't wait until I could get to go to the beach again with Mommy and Daddy. My first day at the beach was unforgetable and I couldn't wait to go there again with Mommy and Daddy, or with some of my friends for my birthday or something.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

Jimmy and I had just arrived back home from the store and after dropping Conan off at Serena's and Mathew's. After Jimmy had parked the car, he unlocked the trunk and helped me bring in the grocery bags. I was real grateful that he did that. I had decided to make a DVD of Conan's beach day with the video I took and make a 2nd copy for Mathew and Serena later. For now, I could focus on a little alone time between the two of us.

"Jimmy," I lovingly called out to my husband.

Being the gullible guy he was, he followed me up to the room. I closed the door and went in front of him.

"Conan's out at Mathew's and Serena's," Jimmy lovingly said to me.

"Meaning we have some alone time," I said, finishing up for him.

We leaned in close for a real passionate kiss. I kissed Jimmy's neck and he kissed my neck. He tackled me onto the bed while we continued to kiss each other. I pulled down his swimshorts and he took off my bathing suit and we still held each other, even though we were both naked in bed. I moved my hands down Jimmy's back until they stopped on both of his butt-cheeks.

"You don't mind, do you?" I quietly asked.

"Only if you let me do it to you," Jimmy softly responded.

I simply nodded my head up and down. I felt Jimmy's hands move down my back until they stopped on both of my butt-cheeks. Now, both Jimmy's hands and my hands were on each other's butts. Normally, I would've screamed and karate-kicked someone who touched my rear, but since Jimmy and I were spending some time together alone, I didn't mind one bit that my butt was being touched, even if neither of us were clothed or naked. I began to rub circles into Jimmy's butt-cheeks like rubbing an upset-stomach. I could tell it felt somewhat ticklish when Jimmy began cracking a smile and laughing a little.

"Rachel, stop it," Jimmy said through so many laughs.

"That tickles!!"

I could feel his hands moving around in circles on my own butt-cheeks, too. Then, I started laughing so hard, too.

"Still have that boost of energy, Jimmy?" I asked him.

"Yeah," He responded.

"Wanna go outside for a swim of our own?" I asked.

"Sure," Jimmy responded.

The two of us put our bathing suits back on and we went outside to our pool.

"I think that Rockstar energy drink that Mathew brought along to the beach today is really giving us a total kick of energy," Jimmy said after we got outside.

"Yeah," I responded.

"Too bad we'll feel crashed out later today."

We decided to go into the water together, just like on Saturday night when we went for our nighttime swim. While we swam around, we began to playfully dunk each other. I knew that I had to do the DVD of Conan's 1st beach day today and make a copy for Mathew and Serena.

"Say, Jimmy," I said to my husband.

"I'm most likely going to make a DVD of Conan's 1st beach day today and make a 2nd copy for Serena and Mathew."

"That's a great idea, Rachel," Jimmy said to me.

I had a program on the computer to make homemade DVDs and other things; Mathew had bought me the program to make them for my birthday last year.

(Serena's P.O.V.)

I had decided to go outside to the pool just about 10 minutes ago. I had taken off my dress already and left it on my beach chair. It was underneath the same towel I took to the beach today. As usual, I was wearing my same two-piece green swimsuit.

"Mmmmm," I purred while sunbathing on this really hot day.

While I was sunbathing, I heard the door open. I had a pretty good feeling that was Conan. I looked over my shoulder and I was right. It was indeed, Conan, dressed in his same swimshorts he wore to the beach today.

"Hey, Conan," I greeted as he got nearer.

"Hi, Aunty," Conan said to me.

"Did you just come out here?" He asked me.

"Yeah, pretty much," I responded.

I saw Mathew come out seconds later.

"Come on, Aunty," Conan said, pulling my arm a little.

"Let's go swimming!!"

"Okay, okay," I said, getting Conan to let go of me.

"Just keep your shorts on, Conan."

Conan took my hand and we both stopped at the edge of the pool. I picked up Conan and gently tossed him into the water. I jumped in after that. After I resurfaced, Conan and I looked at Mathew.

"Come on in, Uncle," Conan called.

Mathew casually got into the pool.

"Glad you decided to join," I said to him.

Mathew and I had gone to the beach with Rachel, Jimmy, and Conan for Conan's first beach day, and Mathew didn't swim at all... neither did Jimmy, now that I thought about it.

"How come you didn't swim at the beach, Mathew?" I asked Mathew.

"I don't know, I just didn't feel like it, but I didn't want to miss Conan's first time there," Mathew responded.

After about an hour of swimming, the three of us got out and dried off. After drying off, we changed our clothes and rested from Conan's first day at the beach, and the swim we just took.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

Jimmy and I had just finished our swim outside and we were already changed into regular clothes. I was wearing my red dress, and Jimmy was in his green jacket, yellow shirt, and blue jeans.

"You almost finished with the DVDs, Rachel?" Jimmy asked me.

I was already on the computer making two DVDs of Conan's first beach day today using the program that Mathew gave me for my birthday last year.

"Just about done, Jimmy," I responded.

I followed the instructions real carefully on the screen to make them as good as I could. After I clicked on "done", I ejected the CD out of one of the monitor drives and tested it out on the DVD player in the living room. It worked perfectly, and every little bit and piece that Jimmy and I took video of came out a-okay.

"That program Mathew got me for my birthday really works easy and like a charm, too," I said after Jimmy and I watched the whole thing.

The whole DVD turned out to be just over an hour and a half long.

"Got the 2nd copy for Mathew and Serena," I said to Jimmy.

"Why don't we go down to their house and have dinner now?" Jimmy suggested.

"Yeah, why not," I said.

Him and I got up off of the couch and into the car. I was at the wheel this time with Jimmy in the passenger's seat.

"I have to thank Mathew for giving me that great computer program that makes those homemade DVDs when we get there," I said while we drove there.

Jimmy had put the 2nd DVD copy of Conan's first beach day today in the glove compartment after he got into the passenger's seat of the car. After 10 minutes of being on the road, we finally arrived at Mathew's and Serena's villa. I parked the car and the two of us got out. I locked the car with my car alarm and we went to the front door. I knocked on the front door.

"Hi, guys," Serena greeted when she answered the door.

"Hey, Serena," I greeted back to my best friend.

"I made you and Mathew a DVD of Conan's beach day today," I added, handing Serena the DVD.

"Wow, thanks, Rachel," Serena said to me.

"But you didn't have to give us one, you, know."

"I know," I said.

"But using the program Mathew gave me for my birthday last year really was a piece of cake."

"Mommy!!" I heard another voice say happily.

"Hey, sweetie," I said, holding my arms open to Conan.

"How'd you like your first day at the beach, sweetie?" I asked him as I put him down.

"It was a blast, Mommy," Conan responded.

"I can't wait until we go again!!"

"Glad you liked it, Conan," Jimmy said to him.

After a pleasant dinner, we played a fun game of Bingo and left for home. Jimmy drove back this time. After getting home, we took care of our showers and brushed our teeth. Conan went to watch some cartoons on TV like he usually did; Jimmy went to lie down in bed, and I went to play some computer games for a little while. After I won a Solitaire card game, I looked at my watch and it was 9:32 p.m.

"Conan, time for bed," I said to him.

After I clicked on "turn off" on the computer screen, I let the computer shut down on it's own and looked at Conan to see if he heard me or fell asleep like he usually does. I went over to the couch to check on him, and he was sound asleep, but something didn't look right. Conan's head was really saturated with sweat!

Oh no!! I thought.

Conan has a fever!!

This reminded me of the time that Jimmy, who was still Conan at the time, had a fever the first time we met Harley, who was in search of Jimmy himself. I got a thermometer as fast as I could and put it in Conan's ear. After pressing the button and hearing the beep, I took the thermometer out of his ear and looked at the screen to see Conan's temperature. Surprisingly, it was 0.1 degrees under 100 at 99.9 degrees.

"Conan's fever is low... thank goodness," I said to myself.

I tried to wake him up.

"Conan... Conan... Conan, wake up," I said, rubbing his shoulder.

He grumbled and slowly opened his eyes.

"Mommy?" Conan said weakly.

"Sweetie, you have a low fever," I said to my little boy.

"Come on, let's get you some ice-cold water."

I picked up Conan and let him rest on my back. I put my hand on his rear so he wouldn't fall down and hurt himself. I opened up the refrigerator door with my free hand and grabbed a bottle of ice-cold water. I opened up the bottle cap and put some in a small cup.

"Here, Conan," I said, handing him the cup.

"Drink this."

Conan drank the water and I poured some more into the cup after he was done with the first.

"Alright, Conan," I said after he was done with the 2nd cup of water.

"Let's get you to bed now."

I carried him in my arms upstairs to our room and let him sleep on the floor. I got out a 2nd blanket for him from the closet, opened it up, and placed it over his sleeping body; I really wanted Conan to sleep in here so he could be in our air-conditioned bedroom. After taking care of that, I went downstairs to double-check the computer, and it was off. When I reached the stairs, Jimmy was standing directly in front of me.

(Jimmy's P.O.V.)

"You ready to be carried yourself, Rachel?" I asked Rachel.

"Yes I am," She simply responded.

I was about to carry her in my arms when she added something else to her sentence.

"But tonight, Conan's sleeping in our air-conditioned room because he's got a low fever." Rachel said.

"Okay," I said, not minding at all.

I knew that with Conan sleeping in our bedroom, I couldn't do more "fun" with Rachel like what we did earlier today after we came home from the beach with the others for Conan's first time there.

"Did you give him some cold water?" I asked my wife.

"Yes, I gave him a couple of cold cups," Rachel responded.

"I hope it'll be enough for him."

"Me too," I said, showing some concern for Conan, too.

For now, I let the thoughts of Conan's fever not mess with me anymore. Afterwards, I picked up Rachel and carried her in my arms up to bed. I loved carrying her in my arms, even if it was for a short time, and to bed. When I reached the door to our room, I opened up the door and found Conan sleeping on the floor with a blanket up to his neck. He was sleeping in front of the end of our bed. Rachel had put him there -- I knew it.

"Yep, I put him there, in case you ask," Rachel said to me.

"Okay," I said.

I placed Rachel on our bed and put her part of our blanket over her body. Then, I went around to my side and climbed in.

"Night, sweetheart," I said to my wife.

"Night, Jimmy," Rachel said back to me.

We kissed each other one last time and dozed off to sleep.

The end.

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