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Hugs and Kisses


When Dares Reveal Truths

As the snow fell, covering the grass in a white sheet, the students that inhabited the castle known as Hogwarts were enjoying a Saturday evening.

One part of the castle in particular, was enjoying the evening to its fullest. The students of Gryffindor's 6th year, were eating snacks and drinking Butterbeer, while playing the wizards version of Truth or Dare.

-- Harry's POV --

My eyes were watering I was laughing so hard.

Managing to crack open my eyes, I looked at Ron before bursting into laughter once again.

Ron was red faced from both embarrassment and anger.

"Would you all shut up already?" Ron growled out.

Lifting my head from where it had fallen backwards against the wall, it took all my will power not to laugh at him. Hermione sure had thought up an excellent dare.

He was wearing a dress, high heeled shoes, stockings and makeup, courtesy of Hermione.

Avoiding his gaze I started looking around the room, making sure not to look at either Seamus or Dean, we'd just start everyone laughing again.

Turning back to Ron, I bit back the urge to smirk as I said. "Your turn Ron," feeling the glare from Hermione I snorted before continuing "Oh I'm sorry, I mean Rachael."

A few sniggers followed the mention of his new name.

Flopping down on the floor Ron glared at me before saying "Truth or Dare Harry?"

Giving a thoughtful look I answered. "Truth,"

Grinning rather evilly Ron asked. "Have you ever really liked Cho Chang?"

All I could think was 'shit' before the truth spell that came with the game wrapped around me.

Opening me mouth the words spilled out. "Nope, I've never had romantic feelings for here ever, not even a crush… actually I don't even like her as a person, she's too emotional and clingy."

Feeling the truth spell receded I let out a sigh of relief, that had come to close for comfort.

Looking at the stunned room I rolled my eyes. "Oh please, you can't honestly think she's my type? I'd date Moaning Myrtle before dating her again."

A few laughs followed my answer.

Deeming it safe to move on I looked at Seamus and smirked.

"Seamus, Truth or Dare?"

He gave me a cocky grin before replying. "Real men take dare's Potter."

My smirk widened, I had been waiting for this moment for over a week, and finally I'd be able to give him the push he needed.

"Okay then, I dare you to kiss Dean for at least a minute."

His eyes widened and he gained a small blush.

"W-What?" Dean spluttered.

Turning to him I said "Sorry, but it's payback for something that Seamus did last week."

Letting my eyes scan the mixture of shocked and sniggering faces I couldn't help but grin before I turned back to Seamus.

"Well hop to it then." I said, gesturing at Dean.

Blushing, he slowly turned to Dean, mumbling out a 'sorry' he then quickly leaned forward, his eyes closing.

When they kissed, I felt like setting off firecrackers but settled for high-fiving Ron, whose smile was just as wide as mine.

We had noticed the feelings between the two of them ever since third year and now, finally they were getting somewhere.

When the minute was up, Hermione said "Okay you can stop kissing now."

She didn't get a response.

Trying again, she waited.

When there still wasn't a response, she turned to me and asked. "Now what?"

Laughing, I grabbed an empty chocolate frog container and threw it at them.

It hit Dean on the cheek making him snap open his eyes before pushing away from Seamus.

They sat there blushing, refusing to look each other in the eye, grinning I said "It's about bloody time you two did that."

Cat calls and clapping followed my statement.

Catching eyes the two of them blushed deeper, but they didn't look away.

"Umm we'll be back in a bit guys." Dean said before pulling Seamus up the stairs to the dorms.

Smiling slight Hermione said "You know even if they do get together, they're going to want to pay you back for the embarrassment."

I nodded absentmindedly, I wasn't particularly worried. If there was a small price to pay for getting those two together, I'd take it.

After only a few minutes the two of them returned, holding hands, causing a few people to snigger.

They ignored it.

Sitting back down Seamus asked. "My turn then?"

When we all nodded he said "Okay then," turning to Dean he said. "Truth or Dare?"

Smiling Dean said "Truth."

Giving a matching smile Seamus asked "What's you favourite colour?"

My eye brows furrowed; what were they playing at?

Answering Dean said. "Midnight Blue."

Blinking I looked at Ron, when he shrugged his shoulders I turned back to them.

I gulped, Dean and Seamus were looking at me, with very evil smirks.

"Harry, Truth or Dare?"

My eyes flicked to Seamus whose smirk only widened. I gulped for a second time, truth was out, I knew what Seamus would ask, and I couldn't let the answer get out.

Sighing in defeat I said. "Dare."

Dean grinned, his eyes flicked to Seamus before locking with mine.

They both said. "We dare you to kiss Draco Malfoy."

My blood ran cold.

I should have just chosen truth, having Seamus and Dean out the fact that I was the one who had magically spray painted, 'Snape Sucks and Fucks Ass' over the great hall doors, would have been less painful.

Wide-eyed I practically screeched. "Are you fucking joking? You want me to kiss Malfoy?"

They both nodded.

Everyone around the room started laughing or applauding.

Smiling Seamus copied me by saying. "Well hop to it then."

I glared, before standing up and saying. "Fucking assholes."

There grins never wavered as Dean said "Oh and Harry as is the rules, we'll know if you did it or not."

Swearing under my breath I headed out of the common room, the sounds of them continuing with the game, was the last thing I heard before the portrait shut.

I was so lost in thought, it wasn't until I was a floor down that I realised I had no idea where the hell Malfoy was.

Swearing again under my breath I was about to head back to the common room when an arrogant voice spoke. "Swearing Potter? I didn't know you had it in you."

Turning around, I was part thankful, part mortified that Malfoy was leaning against a classroom door.

"Malfoy." Was my thankfully, calm response.

Raising an eyebrow he said. "What's this no retaliation? Finally admitting I'm better then you? I mean, we have known it would happen all along."

I clenched my teeth to keep from yelling at him, I needed him in at least a tolerable mood if I had to… kiss him.

I mentally shuddered at the thought, one part of me said the shutter was disgust, while another, smaller part, one that I didn't want to acknowledge, said it was thrill.

Taking a deep breath I locked eyes with him before saying. "Malfoy, there's something I need to do."

Walking closer to him I stopped so we where face to face only a small amount of distance was separating us.

He tensed before saying "And why are you telling me this P-Potter?"

Rationalising the stutter as barely contained anger at me being in his personal space, I decided to just get it over with before he punched me.

Leaning forward, I kissed him.

I had expected it to be thrown off within seconds of our lips touching; I was both surprised and pleased when he didn't.

As the sensation of him being this close to me washed over me, I felt my eyes slide shut, as my lips started pressing lightly against his.

A few seconds later, there was a hesitant pressing back.

Leaning into him, my arms wrapped around his shoulders, drawing him closer.

I didn't know why I was deepening the kiss, but it felt so right, like it had meant to happen all along.

After his initial response it didn't take long for Malfoy to wrap his arms around me as he slowly started kissing me with more ferocity.

Swiping his tongue across my lips, I immediately granted access letting our tongues duel, before a winner could be decided however; we were breaking away for air.

Slowly opening my eyes, I froze, as we stood, locked in each others gaze, arms possessively wrapped around the other.

We didn't need to say anything; we both felt it, the content feeling being together brought us.

Not moving, we stayed in the same positions for a few moments before slowly letting each other go, we then took a step back.

Opening my mouth I went to say something, anything to clarify what had just happened but he stopped me.

"Goodnight Harry."

Looking into his grey eyes, I watched as he tried so hard to keep them blank, but still let some affection slip through.

Letting a small smile curve my lips I said. "Goodnight Draco."

He nodded and turned to leave, but I spoke, stopping him. "Will I see you here again?"

He looked at me with surprised eyes before smirking slightly as he said. "Sure, only this time, don't come looking for me because of a dare."

I blinked before saying, my words laced with both surprise and guilt. "You knew?"

He nodded.

"I heard you mumbling about it."

I blushed slightly, my eyes flicking to look at the ground.

"Sorry" I murmured.

"Don't worry about it. It got me what I've wanted for over two years."

I snapped my head up to look at him, my eyebrows furrowed, but before I could ask anything else he had turned and disappeared down the corridor, leaving me as confused about the enigma that was him, and the feelings he had left me with.

When he was out of sight, I turned around and walked back towards the Gryffindor common room.

The next few days, should prove to be very interesting.

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