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When Dares Reveal Truths - Part 2


It was usually an interesting class; that was for sure, especially, when it combined the Gryffindors and Slytherins.

Now on any usual day, if one walks past the dungeons you can hear the sounds of Professor Severus Snape yelling at a Gryffindor for doing some random thing wrong, however, today he was just as silent as the rest of the class.


Simple, because of the actions of one black haired boy, named Harry Potter.

Twenty Minutes Earlier

-- Harry's POV --

I was heading towards the potions classroom, Ron and Hermione by my side when Seamus appeared.

"Hey guys."

I gave a small 'hi' before going back to my thoughts.

Ever since last week, every spare moment of my time, had centred on Draco Malfoy.

I was so busy trying to sort my thoughts on the blonde out; that I didn't notice I had sat down in my seat, until Hermione shook me.

I looked up into her annoyed eyes and blinked.

"What?" I asked, confused.

She crossed her arms and faced me. I mentally grimaced.

"Harry, you haven't heard a word I've said have you?"

My eyes flicked to Ron, hoping to get some help, he however was talking to Seamus and Dean.

Succumbing to my fate I said. "No Hermione, could you repeat it?"

Her eye twitched but she otherwise didn't move.

"For the fourth time this morning, how are you going to deal with the Slytherins for this entire double period?"

My mentally grimace turned to a mental groan.

Allowing the frustration of the statement to show on my face I said "I have no idea, but thanks so much for reminding me of the situation Hermione."

She gave me a half sympathetic, half annoyed look before leaning forward and whispering. "Harry, you never told us what his reaction was to…" she paused and looked around for any eavesdroppers before lowering her voice further and saying "You kissing him."

I tensed, but before I could even think of an answer to her question, the door opened.

Looking up I saw Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini, followed by a few other Slytherin cronies enter the room.

I felt more then saw the Gryffindor's tense; they had all been informed of Truth or Dare game.

Ignoring their reactions, I looked over the Slytherin's. When my eyes meet Malfoy's, I quickly looked away; I didn't want to see the hurt I knew would be in his eyes.

Keeping my eyes focused on the table, I silently cursed both myself, and him.

Why did I have to say I'd come back and meet him… better yet, why didn't I show up?

Sighing I put my head in my hands.

Then of course there was the biggest question.

Why did I have to like the stupid git?

Feeling Hermione nudge me I lifted my head and looked at her.

She gave me a quizzical look before saying "Harry… are you okay?"

I felt eyes on me and new instantly, that they were Malfoy's.

Unsure what to do about both Hermione and Malfoy, I just shrugged turning back to the desk and glaring at it, refusing to meet anyone's eyes.

After a few minutes of ignoring Hermione's attempts at getting me to talk, I heard the door open.

Looking up, I was actually happy to see Snape. At least he would get Hermione off my back for a while.

Giving the Gryffindor side of the room a sneer he sat down at his desk.

"Turn to page 103; you will be making an Elixir to Induce Euphoria."

I sighed lightly before opening my book and pulling out my supplies.

I was skimming over the information when Snape snapped. "Potter!"

Lifting my head I looked at him and asked. "Yes?"

He glared.

"You're disrupting the class, move your things and sit next to Zabini."

I tensed and turned to look at where Zabini was sitting.

I almost groaned out loud, he was sitting next to Malfoy, I'd be only a seat away from him.


Knowing that arguing wouldn't do me any good, I slowly picked up my stuff and headed towards the Slytherins.

As I walked I heard murmurs of sympathy from the Gryfindors as made my way towards the Slytherins.

When I sat down next to Zabini I was surprised to hear him mutter. "You're a real asshole Potter."

I raised an eyebrow but instead of answering verbally he quickly scrawled down something on a piece of paper before sliding it towards me.

Looking at it, I felt my stomach lurch, it said. Draco told me what happened.

I looked up at Snape but he wasn't looking at us, quickly giving a reply I wrote. What did he tell you?

He glared at my answer before scribbling something back, handing it to me, I read it. The kiss, the meeting you were suppose to have, you ditching him, oh and the fact that you're purposely avoiding him. His life's fucked up enough; he doesn't need you screwing with his head!

I blinked for a few seconds before scribbling another reply back. Look, I'm not trying to screw with his head… I just needed to figure something out first.

He seemed confused when he read and replied.

What? He asked.

Bitting my lip lightly, I hesitated, could he be tricking me?

Looking over at distant and almost, hollow Draco, I made up my mind.

With a slightly shaky hand I gave my reply. The fact that I like… possibly love him.

When I finished I handed it over and waited for Zabini's reaction.

His eyes widened with each word, turning he looked at me as if to ask if it was true.

I nodded; it was all I could bring myself to do.

He still seemed unable to move so I went to grab the note back and write more of an explanation, but another hand got to it first.

"Well, well, well Potter, what's this, writing notes? Well let's see what the great disruptor has to say."

I felt all the colour drain from my face.

He wouldn't.

Smirking, he slowly raised the note towards his face but before he could get it close enough to read Zabini spoke up. "Professor, it was my note, not Potter's."

The whole class fell silent.

A Slytherin covering for a Gryffindor?

It just wasn't done, even Snape seemed shocked.

After a few moments, he seemed to regain most of his composure as he replied. "I highly doubt that."

He went to read the note again but I stood up and spoke, making him pause. "Professor."

My eyes flicked to Zabini's face before gliding over the class, only stopping to catch Malfoy's blank face.

Plucking up all my courage, I turned back to Snape and said "You want to know what's on that note?"

He raised an eyebrow before smirking and saying. "Why else would I be holding it Potter?"

Taking a mental deep breath I said "Well instead of reading it to the class… I'll show you."

I heard Zabini's sharp intake of breathe and a few murmurs from the other students but I ignored them.

Moving my chair back, I walked around the desk, not stopping until I was opposite Malfoy.

He gave me a quizzical look before saying "Yes?"

Grabbing the front of his shirt, I pulled it so he was standing up.

When we were inches apart, mirroring the position we were in for my dare, I whispered. "I like you"

His eyes widened, but before he could do more, I was kissing him, hard, right on the lips, in the middle of class.

He gave a muffled gasp that soon turned to a small moan, as my hand slipped around to cup the back of his head.

Grinning into the kiss I licked his bottom lip asking for entrance, which, he immediately granted. Slipping my tongue in I explored his mouth, his tongue soon joining mine causing me to moan as I let him take the lead.

When we needed to break for air, I pulled back slightly before opening my eyes, I hadn't even realised I'd closed them.

Giving a small smile, I licked both mine and his lips.

His eyes lazily opened, causing my grin to widen; he just smirked slightly before saying "You picked a nice way to tell me."

I blushed before looking around the classroom, everyone was either wide eyed, blushing or frozen in shock hell a few of the girls had fainted on the ground.

I heard a small chuckle and looked at a smirking and content Blaise. Rolling my eyes at him I turned back to Draco and said "You want to ditch potions… Draco?"

He didn't answer but what he did do took my breath away; he smiled, not smirked, smiled.

Walking around the table he took my hand before leading me out of the still silent classroom.

Just as he was about to leave the classroom Blaise said "Hey Harry."

Turning around, I raised my eyebrows in question. "Next time, we're using invisible ink."

I smiled before responding. "Might be a smart idea."

I heard Draco snort slightly before he pulled my hand, leading me out of the classroom.

Turning back to look at him, I wondered why I had never kissed him in Potions before… it seemed pretty damn effective.

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