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The sound of Parker screaming caused everyone to jump. To hear a child scream out in such terror was an unnerving thing. Booth was the first to move, rushing to his son's side, even before Angela even thought to move. Angela took a moment to step back and watched as Booth tried to comfort his son, through whatever he had become frightened of.

"Easy, bud," Booth whisper to his son, as he gently rocked him. He could feel Parker shaking, as he clutched the front of his shirt. He didn't have to look to see that his son was crying. "Easy."

"Momma's gone," Parker hiccupped. He glanced up at him with tear filled eyes. "Isn't she?"

The words caught in the back of Booth's throat. He didn't know what to say. How does one tell a child that their mother is no longer alive. He had training when it came to telling someone that a love one was gone, but he had no idea how to deal with telling his own son. "Ah…" he started not knowing what to say.

"Dad…" Parker started. He rubbed the tears from his eyes. "It's all my fault. If I hadn't gotten Mommy angry she wouldn't have wrecked the car…and she…"

"Parker it is not your fault," Booth said softly. He knew that it would take time for himself to get used to the fact that she was gone. But to think that his son was the reason why she was gone, was something he didn't know if he could deal with. "It never was…"

"But…" Parker started only to stop himself. "It…" He lowered his eyes, biting down on his bottom lip not knowing what really to say. He hadn't meant to call Dr. Bones all those mean things, but Mommy had been upset about her and Daddy. He just had to lash out in some way, and she seemed to be the best person to snap at. "I didn't mean to say those mean things to…"

"I know," Booth said softly. He had seen trauma victims lash out at loved ones who had tried to help them. It was just a response they somewhat could not control. "And I'm sure…" A movement caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. He slowly glanced over to see Bones standing behind Angela. Angela did not notice her at first. Bones simply took it all in and slowly backed away, leaving them to deal with the situation. It was then that Booth turned his attention back to his son. "That she understands."

"I told her I hated her," Parker replied. "I never said that to anyone before." He blinked back a few more tears. "Did I do wrong?"

Booth bit down on the inside of his check. That was a very loaded question. "Yes and no." He slid to a more comfortable position and pulled Parker down into his lap. "What do you think about it?"

Angela shot Booth and Parker a glance before moving back toward the bedroom. She stopped when she saw that Bones had moved. "Hon," she called out to her, causing Bones to turn her head slightly toward her. "You okay?"

Bones simply shrugged, as she bent down to pick up her shoes. "Couldn't be better," she replied softly. She then stared at her shoe. She was fighting the urge to put it on and go back to the lab, away from the trauma and to somewhere safe, or to simply throw it aside and curl back under the covers and to try to think that this was all a bad dream.

"And I know that is a big lie," Angela said as she came up and sat down next to her. Bones shot her a look, before moving to put her shoes on. Angela reached out and stopped her. Bones glanced at the hand on her arm, before arching a brow at her. "We have to talk Sweety. You can't keep running back to your lab when things of the world get too scary for you."

"At least this time it's my lab and not out of the country," Bones replied, as she shrugged off Angela's hand and got to her feet. She then dropped her hands to her side. "I don't know what to do, Angela. I'm completely lost when it comes to this. I don't know what to say or even do. I just am lost."

That got Angela to smile. "That is what life is all about, Temp." She reached out for her best friend's hand. "You and I both know that life is never easy. Look at the struggle Jack and I are going through. It's not easy loving anyone."

"I am not…"

That got Angela to chuckle. "You can say that but we both would know that you were lying." Angela moved closer and slid her arms around Temperance. "Honey, I know that it's not easy, but it will get better with time. Trust me on this."

"I know…" She shrugged her shoulders then. She turned and glanced at herself in the small mirror hanging on the wall. She looked tired. She tucked back a loose strand of her hair before turning to face Angela. Her friend looked hopeful. "I just don't know if I'm ready for that step."

That got Angela to give her a soft smile as she took a step forward and took up Bones' hands. "The first step to anything is admitting that you are ready to take a step." She then broke into a warm smile. "I'm so proud of you." She then pulled her into a hug. "You're becoming one of the normals."

That got a chuckle from the doorway causing them both to turn to see Booth. He shot them both a warm smile. "Hate to break it to you, Ang, but I don't think Temp will ever be in the 'normal' category like the rest of us." He then turned his attention onto Bones. "Can we talk for a minute?"

Angela gave Temperance's arm a squeeze. "I'll be right here." She then titled her head toward Booth. "Plus we know that you could hurt him if you wanted to. But go, I have to check in with the boys. They probably didn't get much sleep."

"Okay…" Bones replied before turning and following Booth out of the room. "What…" Booth shook his head no, before nodding toward the end of the hallway. Bones turned to see Parker standing there, looking very sad. "I…"

"Bones I'm sorry," Parker cried out as he came rushing forward and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I didn't mean to say…"

"Shh, honey," Bones whispered to him, as she ran a hand through his hair. "I know that you didn't mean it. It's okay." She felt a hand along her back and glanced up to see Booth. He slid an arm around her and she finally got the chance she had been waiting for, and simply broke down into tears. Booth held her as did Parker as she cried.