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"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" The horrifying shriek echoed through the house and sent chills down everyone's spine as they turned to see the cause of the sudden commotion. Harry, his friends, and all of the Order were back at Grimmauld Place having a rather enthusiastic party to celebrate the fact that so many things were going right for once. Mrs. Weasley, however, seemed to have found a reason to bring a stop to the celebrating, she was standing there, sending a death stare to Harry and Tonks, who were both undaunted by the look.

"Molly, what's all this, this is supposed to be a happy time." Arthur Weasley, the Minister of Magic, had torn himself away from the office long enough to join the party with the others. He stumbled through the crowd of guests with a wide grin on his face that quickly disappeared as he reached his wife and saw the glare she was now giving him.

"And that's no way for the minister of magic to behave Arthur." She said accusingly to her husband before she turned her attention back to Harry and Tonks.

"These two," she started as he pointed a finger at them threateningly "Do you know what these two just told me!" she practically shouted again as she looked around at everybody, apparently nobody knew. "Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks seem to think that they are going to get married……"

There was a slight pause as everybody at the party simply stared at the two of them before a everyone suddenly started cheering and shouting. Everybody at the party quickly rushed forward to congratulate the two of them, and to ask how it had happened, everybody at the party, except for Ron and Hermione, had no idea that Harry and Tonks had been seeing each other for some time now. Mrs. Weasley wasn't taking the shock quite as well as the other guests were.

"I absolutely forbid it, you two barely even know each other, Nymphadora is much to old for Harry, I wont stand by and let such a………" Mrs. Weasley continued on with her ranting as Fred and George exchanged a look with each other before rushing forward to Harry's aid.

"What are you talking about Mum?" Fred started as he shifted infront of Harry to protect him from his mother, "Harry isn't that much younger than Tonks, I mean she's only………"

"What, seven years older than Harry?" George spoke up as he glanced back at Harry and Tonks to see if he was right.

"YOU TWO STAY OUT OF THIS, I'LL GET TO YOU WHEN YOU ANNOUNCE YOUR WEDDING PLANS!" Molly Weasley's angered voice out did even that of the portrait of Mrs. Black. The grins disappeared at once from the faces of Fred and George as they glanced at one another and then back at Harry.

"Sorry Harry, your on your own." The twins quickly stepped away from Harry and out of the line of fire from their mother.

"Molly, honestly now that's enough, lets at least give Harry and Tonks a chance to explain how this happened." Arthur Weasley put his arm around his wife in an attempt to calm her down, he guided her to a chair and sat her down before turning his smiling face back to Harry. Everybody at the party was watching Harry and Tonks now, waiting to hear how it was possible two people who hardly knew each other could be getting married. Harry glanced around the room at everybody watching him, he caught eyes with Ron who just grinned at him and turned away, he seemed to be paying attention to Hermione.

"Er, well, what happened was………" Harry proceeded to tell the story of everything that had happened since the previous summer, Harry briefly explained the discovery of their relationship by Dumbledore and the reason they kept it a secret, the rather brilliant plan to between the three of them to place Tonks at Hogwarts as 'protection' for Harry. Harry was very careful to leave out a few intimate details for the sake of humility.

"………And then she just showed up at the dance at Hogwarts and I found she was alive. On the train ride home I just sort of, asked her to marry me." Harry finished off the rather lengthy story as everyone started whispering to each other, virtually everybody was grinning at either Harry or Tonks, everybody except for Mrs. Weasley of course.

"Well I still don't approve of this, I mean, there's just no sense to it, Harry isn't even out of school yet, and when he finishes he'll still need to go to Auror training, they'll need to find a suitable home; this dreadful house is no place for a married couple, they'll have to worry about money and oh goodness I cant even start…………" No one really seemed to be listening to Mrs. Weasley, except for Mr. Weasley, but she was in her own little world now, it seemed one of the things that made her happy was to list all the things that people didn't seem to be thinking about or considering. Everybody else turned and went back to celebrating with renewed enthusiasm due to the promise of a Harry Potter's wedding.

"Mrs. Weasley!" Harry said sharply, snapping her out of her daze, "You really don't have to worry about any of that, and neither to do we," Harry exchanged a grin with Tonks. "We've already worked everything out with Dumbledore and the Minister of Magic."

Molly opened her mouth to explain that Harry couldn't have gotten everything worked out, as was her nature, but she stopped and turned her gaze instead upward at her husband who was now shaking with suppressed laughter.

"You what? You've worked it out with the Minister of Magic," She leaped up from her seat and rounded on Arthur, "You mean to tell me that you already knew about this and you didn't tell me!"

The Minister cleared his throat and managed to keep himself from bursting out with laughter as he spoke.

"Well, Dumbledore and Harry dropped by my office a few days ago to work out a few things with me and Harry may have said something or another about Tonks." Arthur Weasley just gave his wife a knowing grin as she turned once more to shout at Harry and Tonks; Harry quickly decided to cut her off before she could get started.

"Mrs. Weasley, really, I swear, we've got it all worked out; there is nothing, nothing! That we haven't thought of." Harry said forcefully, trying to end the conversation, though he knew better then to think that Molly Weasley would be so easily deterred. Mrs. Weasley just gave a sniff and glared at Harry for a moment.

"Oh really?", she asked quietly, "Well then tell me Harry, if your really ready for this, where your going to live, what your going to do about money, what is your job going to be, what will you do until you finish school, and what about Auror training?" Mrs. Weasley crossed her arms and stared at the two of them, a smug look on her face thinking they wouldn't be able to answer; she might have thought wrong.

"I don't have to worry Auror training at all, the Ministry committee that approves the appointment of Aurors received special permission from the Minister," Arthur Weasley had a slight smile on his face, "And appointed me as an official Auror. The pay an Auror receives is already good enough, not to mention the gold in my vault, and the gold in my parent's vaults. Dumbledore already passed me as a fully qualified wizard, the only class I'll be in, besides the one's I'm teaching, is a private class with Dumbledore and few of the other professors one night a week."

Dumbledore had indeed signed all the necessary documents that registered Harry as a fully qualified adult wizard, though he had asked Harry to remain at Hogwarts for his final year for a few more private lessons; and also to stay on as the Defense professor.

"Well, that's all well and good Harry, you seen to have thought this through, but I don't recall you saying anything about plans on where you and Tonks are going to live," Mrs. Weasley said smugly, "Surely you don't plan on staying here at the Black Mansion."

"Obviously not Mrs. Weasley," Harry said quietly as he and Tonks exchanged a tiny grin. "The house my parents lived in has been rebuilt, Tonks and I will be staying at Godrics Hollow." Mrs. Weasley let out a small gasp at this, several of the partiers turned and stared at Harry, having overheard the mentioning of Godrics Hollow.

"But…But why would you stay there, surely you'd be more comfortable somewhere else, somewhere a little closer to Hogwarts or to the Ministry, or just somewhere a bit closer to the wizarding community." Godrics Hollow was indeed a completely muggle free area, it was completely isolated from any muggle connection of any kind. However, it was also very isolated from the wizarding world as well; Tonks gave Harry a very nervous look and actually shifted behind him, as if shielding herself from Mrs. Weasley.

"Um……Well, you see Molly, we'd rather stay out of the way of the wizarding community for a little while………" Tonks seemed rather nervous for some reason, as if she were hiding some from Mrs. Weasley. "Besides, Godrics Hollow would a wonderful place to live, its absolutely beautiful, I'm sure that's Lily and James went there in the first place.

Mrs. Weasley gave them both a furious look, Harry took one look at the expression on Mrs. Weasley's face and decided he'd rather be fighting Voldemort again.

"There's something you two aren't telling me……" Mrs. Weasley said suspiciously, she glared at them both as if she were an owl eyeing a tasting look mouse. Harry gulped hard and tried seem unafraid of the look Mrs. Weasley was giving them.

"Don't be silly Mrs. Weasley, why would we bother hiding anything from you, Voldemort's gone, there's no more need for secrets." Harry's voice shook slightly as he spoke, Mrs. Weasley's keen sense of hearing easily caught on to this and it only doubled her certainty that Harry and Tonks were keeping something from her.

"Alright you two, I know your keeping something from me and I want to………" Mrs. Weasley started up in a rather threatening voice, Tonks decided to cut her off with the first thing that came to mind.

"Molly!" she practically shouted, "Er…….didn't Ginny……uh……take her O.W.L.'s this year!" Tonks asked anxiously; Mrs. Weasley just blinked for a moment before a wide smile spread across her face. Ginny, who had been hovering near by trying to overhear the conversation between her mother and her friends suddenly decided it was time to leave. Ginny quickly turned to rush into the crowd but her mothers hand suddenly caught the back of her robes in a vice grip and yanked her back to her side.

"Oh yes," Mrs. Weasley said proudly, "Ginny did take her Ordinary Wizarding Level tests this year didn't she, how could I have forgotten, thank you so much for reminding me Tonks." Ginny gave Tonks a deadly glare.

"I actually spoke with Dumbledore just the other day, I was rather anxious to find out how Ginny did, thankfully since Arthur is Minister now it was easy enough to get him to cooperate." Mrs. Weasley gave her husband a proud smile, Arthur's face got rather red as he looked down at the floor, he was still as humble as ever. "Well, Arthur wouldn't tell me exactly how she did, but he did tell me that each of her instructors during her O.W.L.'s were very impressed with her, as I understand it her scores with Defense Against the Dark Arts were almost as good as yours were Harry."

Mrs. Weasley seemed to be glowing with pride at the wonderful marks that her daughter had most certainly received, Ginny only blushed as the praise of being compared to Harry. Ginny tried to ease away from her mother but Mrs. Weasley still had a very firm grip on Ginny's robes and kept yanking her back to her side.

"Isn't it just wonderful Ginny, oh I simply cant wait until its time for your N.E.W.T. tests, obviously you'll be taking all N.E.W.T. level classes next semester, you'll need to be read for that, I suppose we should stop off at Diagon Alley and pick up a few extra books for you to study over the summer, maybe I could get a private tutor for you so that………" Ginny suddenly looked terrified at the prospect of her entire summer being ruined with extra school work and studies; Ginny gave Harry and Tonks an apologetic.

"So Harry!" she said just loud enough to catch her mother's attention, Harry suddenly realized what was coming and he had the strangest urge to flee from the room, "Did you and Tonks ever sleep together at Hogwarts?"

Tonks looked as though she were ready to murder Ginny on the spot, though any such action would have been impossible to do now with Mrs. Weasley bearing down on them. Her eye actually seemed to be twitching with suppressed rage, Harry was terrified to think of what she might do if they admitted that they had slept together.

"Er, uh, I………well the thing is, uh………." Harry managed to stutter out incoherent babble for a minute before Mrs. Weasley finally spoke in a furiously quiet voice.

"Harold James Potter, did you, a Professor and student, sleep with Nymphadora Tonks while you two were at Hogwarts?" Her voice was barely over a whisper, though Harry and Tonks had no trouble at all with hearing every word.

"We uh………" Harry's mind was racing for either a good lie or some happening with her children or husband that would take her mind off of them; nothing came to mind. Tonks, who had been cowering behind Harry, now stood up and step out from behind Harry, her head held high as though she were proud of something. Molly shifted her furious gave upon her.

"Yes Molly, Harry and I slept together at Hogwarts," Molly's whole body started to tremble with suppressed anger as she sucked in a lungful of air for what was sure to be the worst row ever.

"Several times," Tonks added as Molly was about to start shouting, Mrs. Weasley's jaw nearly crashed through the floor as the shock poured over her face; Harry was fairly certain that they were both about to die.

"Now Molly," Mr. Weasley begged desperately as he grabbed hold of her wife as if it was necessary to restrain her, "Molly their both adults, it was entirely their decision it has nothing to do with you." Mr. Weasley's voice was rather desperate as he tried to restrain his wife.

"He's still only sixteen Arthur!" she shouted in an outraged voice at her husband as she glared at the two of them, Tonks retreated into Harry's arms.

"I'm no child Molly," Harry said in a suddenly serious voice, "I've already been through more in my life than most adults, I've been through more than you or anybody else here at this party." Harry gently leaned his head against Tonks's.

"I really think I've earned this Mrs. Weasley, My Parents earned it for all that they did and now its my turn." Harry said quietly, Mrs. Weasley slowly calmed herself and stared at the two of them. She gave Harry a questioning look, wondering just what it was he was talking about.

"I've done enough for the wizarding world Molly, I deserve a rest, after my final year at Hogwarts I'm leaving for Godrics Hollow." Harry had a far away look in his eyes as if he'd been dreaming of the day for a very long time now.

"It'll be nice actually, Tonks will be waiting for me………" Harry paused for a moment before he spoke, "So will the little one."

Molly, Arthur, and everybody at the party was suddenly starring at the two of them, the quiet little announcement attracted to attention of every wizard and witch at Grimmauld Place. Hermione and Ron had been making their way over to Harry and Tonks, they were now starring wide eyed at the two of them.

"Your?" Hermione asked in a stuttering voice, "Your………pregnant!" Hermione asked in a shocked voice, Tonks gave a small nod, a tiny smile on her face.

There was now yet another reason for celebration at the party.