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"Everything is just about ready Harry" Remus Lupin stood just inside the doorway of Harry's room, telling him that everything was set for the big event, now mere moments away. Harry stood in front of the large window of his room, gazing down upon the scene below; the chairs, the walkway, the alter, everybody waiting for the wedding to begin. Harry and Lupin had gone over a few of the differences between muggle and wizard weddings the night before, hopefully he wouldn't make a mess of this.

"I, uh……I'll be down in a minute then I guess." Harry said nervously, Lupin nodded and shut the door and his footsteps died away in the hall and down the stairs. Harry turned away from the window and walked over to his nightstand, reaching for the picture of his parents on their wedding day, they smiled and waved cheerfully up at Harry.

"How do I look?" He asked the nervously to the little figures in the picture, his parents both gave him a thumbs up as he set the picture back down and turned toward the door. He grabbed the doorknob and froze for a moment, looking down at his hand grasping he knob, shaking from how nervous he was. Harry almost laughed, it was absurd that anything could make him nervous anymore; he steadied his hand and turned the knob, opening the door and heading downstairs to what would be one the most memorable days of his entire life.

-----Moving the wedding to Godrics Hollow had definitely been a stroke of genius, thanks to the new, rather inaccessible location, the wedding had not turned into an enormous event to be shared with the entire wizarding world. There were still more guests than Harry had expected though, everybody from the Order was there of course, Harry had given them an open invitation. Hermione and the entire Weasley family was there; Bill, Charlie, and Percy had arrived very early that morning, much to the delight of Mrs. Weasley whom immediately dragged Bill into another conversation about cutting his hair. Several Aurors were there as well, only a few that Harry had met before, most of them were friends of Tonks; and still more ministry witches and wizards were present, friends that Mr. Weasley had met through the years.

There was only one unwelcome guest to speak of, which was, to the surprise of everybody else, Rita Skeeter; in the interest of keeping her from printing some scandalous article about Harry out of spite he decided to let her come to the wedding, on the condition that she didn't print anything ridiculous about the wedding.

Harry was standing at the end of the walkway, at the alter with Remus and the elderly wizard minister who was to conduct the ceremony. Harry could feel his nerves very slowly fading as he was continuously reassured by the minister that there the ceremony would be quick and painless; though Harry was certain he would still do something wrong.

'Take it easy Harry' He thought to himself, 'There's nothing to be nervous about, come on, you've faced Dragons, Dementors, Death-Eaters, and even Voldemort, this wont be so bad. A few words from the minister, slip the ring on Tonks' finger then…then……' The full weight of what was happening suddenly dawned on Harry, he looked up and saw that everybody had risen from their chairs and were no long staring at Harry, but at the opposite end of the walkway.

Harry's eye lit up, his nerves vanished all at once, a small "wow" passing through his lips as he watched Tonks slowly making her way down the aisle; her pure white dress practically glowed in the sunlight, it was almost certainly magically charmed to shimmer as it did. Several small flowers adorned her dress, as well as being placed in her lightly curled mahogany brown hair, her light blue eyes focused on his own, as she slowly marched down the aisle; nobody else besides Harry knew that this was her true beauty showing through, he shouldn't have been surprised she would do this for their wedding.

Everything else, all the decorations, all the other guests, everything melted away from Harry's mind as Tonks took her place beside him, their eyes still focused on one another. The guests all took their seats and the minister cleared his throat and began the ceremony, reading from a book he held open; though Harry and Tonks didn't hear a single word, they were still focused on each other, and the fact that in only a few more agonizingly slow minutes, they would finally be……

"Harry!" Lupin whispered rather sharply, Harry blinked and turned his attention to Lupin who was trying to hand him something. Harry nearly jumped out of shock, he had been so focused on Tonks that he had missed nearly everything and Lupin as already handing him the ring to place on Tonks' finger. Harry quickly took the ring with a grin and turned back to Tonks and the minister who had a stern look on his face, knowing they hadn't been paying attention to a word he had said.

"...So symbolized by the exchange of these rings…" the minister continued on as he nodded to Harry who took Tonks' hand in his own and gently placed the ring on her finger, Tonks then doing the same to him.

"…The bond is formed that shall never break…" Harry and Tonks turned to face one another, still holding each others hands as they gazed deeply into each others eyes, listening carefully to the minister, waiting for him to finish.

"…Through the bond of time is the magic secure, and so is the spell forever set, through a kiss." The minister closed his book and nodded to the two of them, Harry eagerly leaned forward and unleashed his waiting lips upon Tonks, taking her into his arms and holding her to him as the kissed and felt the world melt away once more. A warm, tingling sensation running through his entire body as Tonks pressed her lips against his own. The difference in the wizarding wedding ceremony, it was one giant spell that would forever bind them to one another, and just as the minister, the spell was set by their kiss.

Harry felt his lips being pried away from Tonks, he opened his eyes and saw that they had actually been forcefully torn apart by both Lupin and the minister, they turned toward the crowd of guests as the elderly ministers voiced boomed forth.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present, Mr. and Mrs. Potter" the crowd erupted into deafening applause that was shock for such a small group, everybody had leapt to their feet, cheering and shouting their congratulation to the new couple as they made their way arm in arm down the isle, through the crowd of guests.

-----Harry, Tonks, and all of their guests had retreated to the opposite side of the hour where several tables had been set up with a large feast for the occasion, prepared by several house elves from Hogwarts that Dumbledore had brought with him when he arrived. Harry and Tonks sat at the head of the table, spending most of the feast gazing at one another, a silly grin on both their faces as they continued to stare at each other and down at their rings, they were still in shock that they were finally married. Most of the guests eagerly ran toward the end of the table toward the end of the feast, thrusting presents toward the new couple to open.

Harry was now extremely thankful that they had kept the wedding as small as it was; even though there weren't that many guests it seemed as though they spent hours shaking people's hands and tearing open the gifts they had brought.

It somehow took several hours but eventually the last present was unwrapped, all the food was gone, and guests were finally beginning to leave in groups by portkeys. The last group to leave was Hermione and the Weasley family, much to the protests of Mrs. Weasley who was insisting they stay another few nights; Mr. Weasley and the others eventually managed to drag her toward the portkey and they all waved goodbye to Harry as they disappeared. There were only two guests left, Remus and Dumbledore were still standing on the soft grass in front of the house, Dumbledore having wanted a quick word with Harry.

"Congratulations again to you Mr. Potter," Dumbledore turned tipped his hat to Tonks, "and you as well Mrs. Potter." Tonks gave Harry's arm a squeeze as she grinned, she already loved being addressed like this. She gave Harry a kiss on the cheek and told the other goodbye as she headed inside, wanting to sort through the gifts once more for something.

"I just have one quick matter of business with you Harry before I leave you to celebrate with your wife." Dumbledore said as Harry grinned broadly. Dumbledore reached into his pocket and retrieved a letter for Harry, placing it in his hand and giving him a quick wink. With that Lupin placed a hand on Dumbledore's shoulder as the headmaster tapped the ring portkey on his finger and the pair of them disappeared, finally, all the guests were gone.

Harry turned and darted inside the house to see where Tonks hand gone, not finding her in the kitchen where they had placed all the boxes of gifts, he quickly headed up the stairs to their bedroom and rushed through the door. Tonks was in the room waiting for him in the bed, Harry briefly wondered how she had managed to remove all her clothes that quickly before he leapt into bed and pulled her into his arms.

Tonks gazed into Harry's eyes, softly tracing her fingers over his lips, her gaze dropped to her ring then back to Harry's eyes.

"I love you Harry…" she said in a soft almost unbelieving tone "…my husband."

Harry gently touched his lips to hers in a tender, loving kiss, wrapping his arms around his wife and holding her tight to his body.

"I love you too Tonks, my wife." He whispered back to her as they pulled the blankets over them and spent their first night of marriage in each others arms, eventually falling asleep and dreaming of the family they would have so soon.

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