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A Beautiful Lie

'It's a lie' you try to convince yourself. 'It's just a game that the both of you are playing until the opportune moment to strike' you think to yourself as you stare up at the night sky, waiting.

Finally, you spot what you were looking for. A bolt of lightning pierces through the sky and towards the bright full moon.

You rise to your feet slowly being sure not to wake the others, and quietly make your way towards the darkness of the forest. Just as the lightning flashed through the sky, memories flash through your mind. Bewitching eyes, bruising kisses, sharp nails, skillful fingers. It's enough to make your heart skip a beat.

'It's just a game.' You remind yourself, pushing the memories away. It doesn't matter though because you know that they'll be replaced with new ones by the end of the night.

You cross a slow flowing stream before continuing deeper into the woods. It isn't long before you spot a small clearing ahead of you. Your heart begins to pound and you have to take a moment to calm your rapid breathing.

'It's just a game.' You mentally chant as you walk into the clearing. The moonlight is brighter here and you close your eyes. You turn your face towards the sky, soaking in the rays and feeling the chi swelling within you.

Your skin begins to prickle but you know that it isn't because of the moon. You can feel the presence of someone standing behind you.

'Just a game, just a game, just a…' you repeat in your head as you open your eyes and turn around. Your eyes lock with another pair gazing at you and suddenly you're lost in two golden pools, sinking into their depths.

As they come closer, you find that you can't move, nor do you want to. Arms wrap around you and pull you into a warm embrace. Your eyes slide shut and soon enough, you can feel soft lips caressing your shoulders and neck. You're slipping but you can't bring yourself to care as one single word makes it past your lips in a soft whisper,


Then her lips are on yours and the world falls away. There's no fire nation, no water tribe. No Avatar, no fire lord. There's just you and her. Her passion takes you away in waves of burning ecstasy. You're aware of everything and yet, nothing at all. Entangled legs, meeting hips, linked fingers, lasting kisses. All in a gloriously slow ascent to that one moment that convinces you this is more than just a game.

You make it back to the others just as the sun is coming up, her last kiss still lingering on your lips. Aang is the first one awake and instantly notices that you've just returned from the woods.

"Katara?" he says, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Where did you go?"

You look at him and smile. " I couldn't sleep so I went to practice some bending exercises at a stream not far from here." You say as you tell yourself that the truth is just a game. If you are going to survive this war, you have to believe that all of it is a lie.

A beautiful lie.

The End

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