Akatsuki: Renamed


'Leader-sama, what is it?'

All the Akatsuki members were gathered in Cave 666 aka the meeting room. The Akatsuki leader treated each and everyone of them to a death glare because talking.

'I have found out…'

He paused for dramatic affect.

'Akatsuki is no longer an original name.

At this point, all the members of Akatsuki gasped. Well all except for Itachi.

'Well, duh, we all knew that. Akatsuki are Japanese naval destroyers. I can't believe you guys thought it was an original name.'

'I didn't know, un'

Deidara piped up, before shooting one of his most winning smiled at Itachi. Itachi was just about to sharingan Deidara when the leader treated them all to another death glare.

'The point is, what are we going to do?'

'We could rename ourselves.'

Tobi added his thoughts to the conversation.

'Well no bloody duh'

Itachi really was in a bad mood that morning. Normally he just didn't talk, which many preferred.

The leader signed. This was going to be a long however long it took.

'Ok the question is…what do we rename ourselves?'

'Tobi has an idea'

Tobi had recovered from Itachi's death glare and was now waving his hand in the air in the most idiotic fashion.

'What about 'the evil villains who are amazingly powerful but will never succeed because they never do'?'

'No, no an triple no'

Kisame screamed

'How the hell will we scare people if every time we meet someone we have to say 'Mwhaha we are 'the evil villains who are amazingly powerful but will never succeed because they never do'. By the time we've finished with that mouthful we're be dead!?!'

'Ok, so maybe that's not the number 1 candidate…'

The leader pointed out the obvious


'How about the Nazi's? They were really evil and killed loads of people, un?'

Hmm, this one was sounding promising, the leader reasoned. But, just one question…

'Did they succeed?'

'No, un.'

Itachi sighed, they were all so stupid.

'If any of you hadn't realized, if we called ourselves the Nazi's the only member we'd have left is Deidara. How many other blonds do you see here?'

Deidara treated Itachi to his best glare, well it was really a 'you know you want me even if you pretend to hate me' smirk.

'So, the Nazi's are out…Anyone else?'

'I heard of a group called the Deatheaters'

Zetsu stated, in a rather mono voice.

'Are you even stupider than Tobi?!?

Kisame screamed again

'Oh do please enlighten us to why it is so stupid Kisame'

The leader was starting to get annoyed with the lack of helpful name suggestions.

'Ok, let me put it this way, the leader of this evil organisation is basically Orochimaru in less drag. I mean, this Voldy guy talks to snakes, looks like a frickin snake and even has super evil pet snakes. And this guy got beaten by a baby.'

'Anyone else?'

Hidan was about to speak when Kakuzu forcible stopped him.

'LordJavenrules will defiantly not do Hidan'

Kakuza growled.

'Idiot I wasn't going to suggest that, I was thinking more along the lines of LordJaveniscool. But if that's so bad, what do you suggest Kakuzu? If you had your way we'd all be called the bounty hunters anyway'

At this point Kakuza leapt onto Hidan and started trying to kill him. Trying being the keyword.

The leader looked around. Why did he spend his days with such idiots like these? They weren't even paying attention anymore. Itachi was glaring at a rock and muttering curses. Deidara was trying to inch his way closer to Itachi without the former realising. Tobi was well, sleeping. Hidan and Kakuzu were rolling around on the floor…and the rest...were plotting to kill someone. Someone by the name of…Hang on, they were plotting to kill him. Why? The leader was not sure, but he'd bet a fair amount of money on the fact that it had something to do with this whole new name thing. Right, he had to act quickly if he wanted to make sure his hair got out alive.

'Ok, evil S rank criminal. I may have an idea. An idea so cool and evil, it may be more evil than evil it's self. Why don't we name ourselves, Akatsuki!'

At once there were applause and comments of

'Wow, what a cool name'

'Why didn't I think of that'

And the occasional

'Haven't I heard that somewhere before?'

Apart from Itcahi who was know leaning against a rock.


He muttered, before walking off to find his hair spray.

Ok, tell me what you think…Actually, its probably awful, but I had the idea.