Galinda looked at her nails, her hair, her outfit, anything and everything not centered towards the man at the head of the class.

Her attention was snagged and held, however, by a small object landing in the bodice of her dress. She smirked at first, thinking it to be Elphie, who would frequently flick small pieces of paper between her breasts. Elphaba, of course, denied such things, her throat obviously straining to keep in laughter.

Galinda's laughter wasn't properly restrained: she found a silly and immature Elphie to be extraodinarily endearing Elphie.

Galinda's mind was brought back to the current moment as she plucked a piece of blue paper from her dress, unfolding it and reading it quickly. Her eyes widened and a bright blush rose to her cheeks.


Elphaba leaned slightly out of the dorm's window, eyes narrowed to tiny focused slits. She aimed carefully, her suspended hand almost shaking.

This was it. This is what her pride, her very honor depended on. If she failed...the consequences were bleak. goes. YES!!!

The piece of coal she had nicked from the fireplace landed directly in Pfannee's drink below. She swept in quickly, closing the window silently. She unreleased the tension in her body and one slight guffaw escaped before she became as impassive as before.

Hiding in the dark corner, she peered down to the courtyard.


Pfannee bent to retrieve her drink, not taking her eyes off the boy of Crage Hall she flirted with shamelessly. She sipped it daintily, immediately coughing it up in a great glut. She looked at her drink, now noticing the small black lump that had begun to dissolve in her expensive, elitist drink. She howled her furies at the skies. The boy she had been flirting off looked at in horror, making a mental note to NEVER speak to Miss Pfannee again.


The door behind a smirking Elphaba opened with a crash, and Galinda entered the room in a pink storm.

Elphaba turned around quickly. "What in heavens are you doing bursting in like that? There are easier ways to rid yourself of me than giving me a heart attack, my sweet."

Galinda looked less than amused. She, instead, brandished a piece of paper in Elphaba's face, a look of absolute devestation pasted on her face.

"Read this," She shrilled. Elphaba was sure that somewhere in the near vicinity, dogs were dropping dead. "This, this..."



"Oh. Very well, then."

Elphaba looked at the note quickly, then closer still. She couldn't stop the slightly evil grin from lifting her lips and dimpling her cheeks.

"You and the frog had ought to close your window at night. Not everyone accepts your malady." The note read.

Elphaba chuckled. "I think Shenshen finally got a hold of a dictionary, Galinda! Let the Unnamed god be praised."

Galinda was still blanched.

"Do you know what this means, Elphie?? They saw us, or heard us, or..."

"Tasted? Felt? Smelled?" Elphaba offered.

"Oh, bother it! Why do I even bother with you?!"

"Because you love me?"

"Well...yes. But that's hardly the point!"

Elphaba sat down beside Galinda on the bed. "What is the point then, pray tell?"

"That...I'm embarrassed? Do you think people will think me a harlot?"

Elphaba raised an eyebrow. "Why, have you been with people I'm not aware of?"

"No, of course not, Elphie."

"Well, don't feel too bad, my pretty. I got some preemptive revenge for you."

"What, did you drop another piece of coal in Pfannee's drink today?"


Galinda giggled, snuggling herself in Elphaba's arms. "You're incorrigible. And I love you."

Elphaba kissed her forehead. "I love you, too."