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"Peacock string slasher!" The string, rapidly whirling around her pinky finger, shot out towards Chaka, aiming for his chest. He brought his sword up to block and deflected it to the side, only to see the blue haired princess of Alabasta lunging at him attacking with her second string. He just barely ducked out of the way, and Vivi landed on the other side of him, pulling back the first string she shot out and returning to a fighting stance.

On a tower near the field, her father watched on. This was how it had been for the last few weeks, ever since she had come to him, her mind and her heart already made up.


In the streets of Alubarna, the blue haired princess walked through the city streets, observing the people of her city. Peace had finally returned to the land and the city itself was back on its feet. She smiled throughout the entire walk through the city.

However, the more she walked, the more she was beginning to feel somewhat conflicted. Inside she knew that she had a responsibility to this city, to everyone in this city. And yet, a little bit deeper inside, she felt as if she was being called somewhere else. As if her presence was needed elsewhere. She spent the better part of the day thinking on this before something caught her eye. A small black spot on her left arm. She moved up her sleeve and revealed the small black X that she and the straw hat crew had tattooed on their arms. A constant reminder that no matter what, they would always be nakama. That's when it hit her.

In a flash she was running back to the palace and into the throne room, where her father was currently seated. She collected herself a little before entering the room.

Her father was speaking to Chaka when he noticed his daughter walking up to him. He smiled for a little bit, and then noticed something in her eyes. Something different. "Vivi, is everything ok?"

Vivi looked him straight in the eyes. There was no hesitation on her face. "Father, I can't stay here anymore. I know that this will sound selfish but hear me out before you say anything." She took a deep breath.

"I want to return to Luffy-san and the straw hat crew. Walking through the city today I realized that my heart has been longing to go back out to sea and on adventures again. I miss the sea. I miss spending my nights in that boat. I miss waking up never knowing just what the day will bring. I miss hanging out with the crew; even enduring Sanji-san's constant overbearing attentiveness. And….. I miss him. He did so much for me, for all of us. I didn't realize it at first, but somewhere along the line, I began to grow feelings for him. I don't know if he has them for me, and I really don't care. Just as long as I can be by him, that's all that matters."

Staying true to their word, Cobra and Chaka remained silent for the entirety of her speech. When she finished Cobra was the first to speak up. "I see. He really had an effect on you didn't he?" He closed his eyes for a moment, and then opened them back up. "Very well, if this is truly what you desire then I will not try to stop you. So, when would you like to leave?"

At this, Vivi shook her head from side to side. "Not yet. I still have one more thing I need to do. I have to get stronger. Way stronger than I was when I was with them. All I ever did was get in their way during battle. I couldn't fight for myself. No, if I can't battle for myself, then I won't leave this place."

"Very well, then I shall allow Chaka to train with you. You can use the courtyard that was unfortunately destroyed by Crocodile."

"Ok, but can you do me one more thing?" She looked away slightly. "Can you make sure that Kohza doesn't enter the palace? I do not want any distractions while I prepare myself."

He looked down at her, slightly confused. 'Vivi is really taken by that boy if she doesn't even want Kohza here.' "Ok, Kohza will not be allowed in here, though I don't know how much that will help since he always finds a way in."

"I'll take care of that, just as long as he can't get in through the front doors. Ok, I'll see you tomorrow morning, bright and early Chaka. Later." And with that she ran off to prepare herself for some training.


And so that is how she had begun to train with Chaka. And she did seem to be getting better as well. As the days went on, Chaka had to work harder and harder to beat her. Now he was truly giving his all just to keep up with her.

The fight continued. "Peacock snake!" She lashed out one of her strings and Chaka tried to deflect it once again but instead of being deflected, it wrapped around his sword. Chaka looked stunned. "Looks like she's learned to control those things better." When he felt her tug at the sword he held on to it fast.

She smiled at this. "Right where I want you." She pulled one last time on the sword, this time hard. Chaka held on to the sword once, not letting go. However that proved to be a mistake when he saw Vivi come flying at him. "She used my grip on my sword to launch herself at me?!" He realized too late as she came at him.

"Peacock string slasher!" She lashed out her other one at him and it looked like she had him. Instead he dropped his sword and stepped aside. When she landed right where we was standing a second ago, he raised and arm ready to strike her down. She wanted no mercy from him and she was gonna get it.

"Runback!" Vivi brought the string backwards into Chaka's side, sending him flying across the ground. He skidded to a stop and groaned in pain. His rest was short lived when he saw Vivi, standing over him, her strings whirling like two mini buzz saws inches from his face.

He looked up at her. She was sweaty, panting, and still a little bruised from the days that had passed, but her face said it all. "I win."

Chaka let a small smile creep across his face. "Congratulations, Vivi-sama. You are now ready."

Vivi smiled as well. She put away her strings and held out a hand to Chaka to help him up. "Wow, I didn't think I was gonna hit you with that one."

Chaka stood with her help. "Yea, me neither. That one took me by surprise. But how did you do that thing? What did you call it, 'peacock snake?"

"Oh that? I don't really know how to explain it. It's more of an instinctual thing really." He said wiping the sweat from her face. "I just kinda let my body take over while I'm fighting."

"Well I'd say that you have the instincts of a true warrior. That was absolutely fantastic."

Vivi smiled and began to walk back to the palace when her father called. "Vivi!"

She looked up. "Yes father?"

"Are you sure that you want to do this, because the moment you leave, the moment anyone sees you with those pirates, there will be nothing that I can do. I will have to cut you off from the family name. After that there will be no turning back."

Vivi's face went dark. "I was well aware of what would happen when I made my decision. I realized that there would be no looking back once I was there. But, I also realize that this is what I truly want, with all my heart. I want to be with them." In her mind she secretly said, 'With him'. "They helped me so much and I grew to look at them as sort of a family now. I want to go back, no matter what that may mean."

Her father smiled. 'So she is really ready for this.' "Then I will go ahead and get your ship ready to leave. You can go as soon as you are ready." He slowly walked off

She watched her father leave for a little while longer before finally going to her room to prepare. She was really going to be a pirate. A real pirate. Not a temporary one, like she was when she was with Luffy and his crew last time. No, now it was for real and it was forever. She silently packed her belongings and then walked out of the palace. Her last days in this country were upon her. She wanted to properly say goodbye to everything.

And everyone.