"Samantha I told you to start unpacking an hour ago!" Her mother stood box resting on her hip, hair tied back messily and a frown on her pretty face.

"Frowning causes wrinkles," Sam remarked drawing a heart on the window's dust with a finger, "Why unpack? We'll be moving again soon anyway,"

"No this is the place for us honey i can feel it, now unpack,"

Sam sighed dropping from the window sill where she had been resting since they had moved in and kicked the nearest large box. Ellie raced around excitedly. The poor naive little girl still enjoyed moving. Where as Sam hated it, never setteling long enough to make friends. Her mother always split up with another useless bloke and ran away in her mature fashion. The blokes were always her "pet rescue" boys. Men with problems that her mother thought she could solve. It drove Sam mad.

"Or..." She called after her mothers retreating back, "I could take Ellie out, give you some space?"

With a roll of her eyes she agreed, Rushing Ellie out of the door Sam began to walk hoping there was a park nearby to keep Ellie occupied. Ellie was six, energetic and chatty, now she ran ahead of Sam enjoying the new scenary.

In a garden near by a 2 girls and a boy of around Sam's age were sitting chatting. Taking a deep breath Sam walked over to the wall.

"Excuse me," She smiled nervously, "Is there a park anywhere around here?"

"Yeah we'll take you," the boy stood up and climbed over the wall. He held out a slim hand and smiled, "Zain,"

"Sam," She smiled back, he was good looking, very good looking.

Rolling their eyes the girls followed his example.

"Sweet," one of the girls, with fiery red hair said patting Zain's arm playfully, "He wants his sister taggin along while he hits on a new girl,"

"Shut up Cindy, we're not related," The other girl swung her long black hair backwards sending cascading down her back, she pouted slightly, "Right Zain?"

"Of course Jess," he nodded, "In fact i don't even know you,"

Sam let herself be led keeping her eye on Ellie carefully. The girls chatted none stop, it was something Sam wasn't used to and she was slightly uncomfortable joining in. Zain however was much easier to talk to. Unlike the girls he didn't giggle, she would have worried if he had, he talked slow and he always had this kind of knowing smirk yet not quite arrogant. She liked it. He asked questions and told her about people in a much more useful fashion than who was fit, who was a freak and who she would go well with.

However reaching the park a boy, topless and sweating playing football caught her eye. She could tell she wasn't the only one, he had quite a fan club, but he was hot.

"That's Phil hunter," Jess said noting Sam's gaze, "Hands off he's mine,"

Sam nodded and seeing Zains almost hidden hurt look quickly added,

"He's not my type don't worry. I don't go for the arrogant kind."