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Chapter One

Happy Birthday, Bella!

"Shoot," I muttered when the paper sliced my finger, I pulled it out to examine the damage. A single drop of blood oozed from the tiny cut.

It all happened very quickly then.

"No!" Edward roared.

He threw himself at me, flinging me back across the table. It fell, as I did, scattering the cake and the presents, the flowers and the plates. I landed in the mess of shattered crystal.

I felt searing, stinging pain that ran from my wrist to the crease inside my elbow.

Dazed and disoriented, I looked up from the bright red blood pulsing out of my arm-into the fevered eyes of the six suddenly ravenous vampires. Jasper was the first to attack, next Emmett. Then Rosalie, Alice, and Esme. Finally my precious Edward.

Carlisle was trying to pull everyone off of me. But it was too late. I was scratched.

And bitten.

The pain in my arm was nothing compared to this. I felt as if my body has been tossed into flames. I also felt cool hands under my flame-licking body, carrying me somewhere.

Being laid on a bed (I think it was a bed), I heard sobbing and somebody call me.

"Bella, my angel, I am so sorry,"

That was the last thing I heard before going into darkness.

Pain. That's all I could feel. I tried to scream but my throat was too dry, too raw. Finally the pain died down a bit. My ears must have been already heightened, for I heard the Cullens talking downstairs.

"No, we can't leave! She won't know what to do when she awakens! We can't!" an angelic voice whispered.

"No, Rosalie! We have to! I, ME, WE attacked her! I don't care if she is now going to be a vampire, I couldn't bear it if she will, no, she has to be mad at me!" I immediately recognized the voice of my Edward.

"Rosalie's right, Edward. We can't just leave her and this is what she wanted. Bella wanted this ever since James came." That had to be Carlisle. A growl came and went at that name, James.

"Jasper! What do you think about this?" Edward growled.

"I attacked her…I don't know what to do…She must hate me for it…" Jasper mumbled.

"Jazz, you did nothing wrong. I on the other hand should have seen this coming, but I was too caught up in the preparations for the party. This is my fault," Alice said, wallowing in self-pity.

"No, this is my fault. She told me she didn't want a party, I didn't listen though. I made her come here," Edward said.

"But we can't leave! We just can't." Rosalie said.

"I agree. We can't leave her. Even though Rose might be…wrong at some points"-WHACK-"Well you are! She is right about this, though," Emmett said.

"I also agree. I already think of Bella as my daughter, and this makes nothing less, but we can finally give a hug without holding back. We can do other things with her without holding back. We cannot leave. She already knows she is part of our family and if we leave, she might doubt it," sweet Esme said.

"If you don't leave with me, I'll leave by myself," Edward said all too quietly.

"WHAT?!" everyone said in unison.

"You heard me. Just before her heart stops, I'll leave. You can come or you can stay, but I'm going," Edward's voice was dripping in sorrow. Jasper must have been taking this all too hard. Even with his self-pity. Not to mention my pain also.

"I will go too. She has to hate me. I came at her first! I know she is so forgiving, but I don't think she'll forgive me," Jasper said.

"Wherever you go Jasper, I'll go with you," Alice said. I could feel the hug she gave him.

"I'll go, too. But I really won't like it. She is like a little sister to me," Emmett said.

"I can't bear having all of you go, so I'll come, too, I guess," Esme said with her motherly tone.

"I can't live without you, my dear wife. I'll go with you all," Carlisle said.

"I am not going," Rosalie said.




"You can't be SERIOUS!!"


"You can't!"

"I am and none of you are going to change my mind!" Rosalie roared. Rosalie, she was defending me. She is staying with me. Wow.

"I am not leaving! I am actually trying to be nice! I would want to be friends with her and if I leave, I wouldn't know if she would want to! Since the way I have been acting, I wouldn't be surprised if she wouldn't want to be my friend! But I won't know unless I stay!" Rose shouted.

"Is this how you feel, Rose?" Carlisle asked in his kind fatherly voice.


"Is it really?" Emmett asked.

"Of course,"

"Are you sure?"


"You really are doing this?" Esme whispered.

"Yes, Esme I am."

"Oh, baby. I can't see both of my daughters stay. But since your staying for Bella, I guess I wouldn't mind it too much. That way Bella actually has someone for her here. I will miss you when we leave," Esme said. I think they are hugging.

"Well, I am proud of you, Rose," Alice said. Her pepped-up voice was there.

"Thank you, Alice,"

"You're welcome!"

"I am proud of you, too, Rosalie," Jasper said.

"Well, Rosalie. I am proud of you too, but I still cannot stay. If you all are having second thoughts about going, you can stay with Rose," Edward said.

"We are still going with you too Edward. No matter what," Carlisle said. I can tell everyone (except for Rosalie) nodded.

"So we all agree? Before….Bella's heart stops, we go?" Edward asked.

"Yes," They all said.

Everyone is leaving. I couldn't believe it. The pain was slowly returning. A small gasp came from my lips.

"Bella's pain is becoming stronger. We should go see how she is doing," Jasper said. Everyone was coming up the stairs, then. Just when I thought my heart was already pounding, it was going faster.

Then the door opened slowly, as if I was sleeping. Chairs scraping across the floor told me they were all sitting. I opened my eyes to slits. Everyone's eyes widened at my movement.

My time before the pain came back was slipping away. I turned my head slowly to Rosalie.

"Thank you, Rosalie," I said. It was so quiet that I thought no one heard. But I heard them gasp and knew they all did.

"Bella-" Edward began. But that was the last thing I heard before I was consumed in hot, boiling pain again. I was falling into the darkness.

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