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"You know this is a battle we won't win!" Tifa shouted after just dodging an incoming attack.

How about you stop complaining and start trying to kill him!? Cloud thought to himself, though he did privately agree. The way the battle was going against Sephiroth was not how he had anticipated it. Perhaps he had been careless, thinking that eight of them alone were enough to match his extraordinary power.

He looked over at his companions that were on his left. A halo had just appeared over Yuffie's head, she then fell to her knees, completely weakened. This was quickly remedied by Vincent, who cured her immediately.

Cloud ran up to Sephiroth and struck, for all the good it did he would have had more luck casting some form of magic at him. Red XIII seemed to read his mind, as a second later a giant cloud of green mist engulfed Sephiroth.

The spell seemed to stun him, but it did not do enough proper damage to make any real difference to the fight itself. God damn it…

"Cait Sith!" Cloud called as Sephiroth struck at him with his blade. "Summon!"

He did not need telling twice, he summoned as soon as he was told. The ice queen Shiva came out of nowhere and used her diamond dust attack against him. Cloud was at a loss to work out why Cait Sith had use such a weak summon, but it seemed to do a little bit of good, even if it wasn't that much.

Cloud looked down at his wizards bangle, only to be met by a sight that he wished he would never have to see. His materia was starting to vanish right before his very eyes, which was definitely not good, as he was sure the only reason he was able to hold off Sephiroth's sword was because of his strength plus materia.

Sephiroth cast heartless angel on Tifa, who fell to the ground seconds after the halo had appeared above her head. Vincent was on the case immediately, he went to heal her, but then saw that his restore materia had vanished.

Gimme a break! Things are already bad as it is and now we have to fight with no materia!? This explained why Cait Sith did not summon something more powerful like bahamut, which would have turned the tables somewhat.

The fight was now going much worse than it was previously, if that was possible. Everyone was on critical health, and Sephiroth appeared to be toying with them more than anything now.

He seemed to be getting very bored with the fight if anything now. After a few more minutes of pointless fighting, during which the most damage they actually dealt to him was with Yuffie's Shuriken when he wasn't looking, Sephiroth seemed ready to end things.

"Give in to the darkness…" He said. His sword then pierced clouds heart.

This is the end…Cloud thought to himself, all of the fighting they had done to try and save the planet, and he couldn't even save himself.

He could hear his name being called from what seemed like miles away. Blackness started to blur his vision, and the last thing he could remember seeing before his vision was gone completely was Sephiroth's cocky smile.

"The end? I don't think so…"


Sometimes even the strongest of men can be reduced to nearly nothing. One way to save yourself from death is to share somebody else's life, live a half life. Live like a mere parasite…

Chapter One- The Tournament

"Hit! Points stand thus; the defending champion currently trails two points to three." There was applause from the audience. "The match will resume after a short break, please feel free to get refreshments from the bar."

Most of the audience members got to their feet and left the arena, only a few stayed where they were. The two contestants now had a chance for a short break, which was good because both of them were just about ready to pass out.

The shorter of the two removed their mask, revealing the face of a teenage girl. She had long brown hair which almost looked black and a relatively pale skin tone. She was sweating like mad from all of the fighting, and even though they were currently having a break she still looked as though she was in deep concentration.

The taller person did not remove their mask, so the girl did not see the glaring eyes that were hidden behind it.

"Not bad Alex…" The person who's voice this belonged to was that of a teenage boy, "…don't let it get to your head though, still a long way to go yet."

"Thanks…" She had a look on her face that quite clearly said. Do you really think I'm that stupid? Then she went on to say, "…but you know me Josh, I'm not someone who lets a little victory go to their head."

Josh was a little bit taller than Alex and around the same build, which was slim yet strong. His hair was brown and all over the place, which was exactly how he liked it.

There was a snort from behind them. Looking round they saw the defending fencing champion. Evidently whoever it was wasn't used to losing. Josh looked as though he was about to go over to him and shout at him, but he was stopped.

"Don't bother…" Alex said, trying to keep the atmosphere friendly, "…he's not worth it."

"Goddamn son of a bitch…" Josh muttered so that only Alex could hear him, "…I swear I am going to…"

"Leave it…besides, do you really want to do something I don't want you to when I have a sword in my hand?" She raised the fencing sword so that it was pointing at Josh's face. It was clear that he definitely wasn't going to argue with her given the circumstances.

"Shame your parents couldn't come and see you in your hour of triumph…" Josh said, as though Alex had already beaten the champion and was receiving the trophy already, "…mind if I record your victory speech on my phone?"

"You know that if you do that you are going to need to buy a new phone don't you?" Josh did not need telling twice, if Alex didn't want you to do something and you did it just to annoy her she would retaliate.

People were starting to come back into the arena. Looking over at the clock on the far wall, Josh saw that there was only a couple of minutes left of the break. Alex seemed to notice this as well, yet she was so focused it did not seem to bother her, even though she was the one who was competing.

"I'm nervous for you…" Josh admitted, "…I think you've just about pissed him off enough for him to want to kill you, not beat you."

Alex shrugged of this comment, she didn't really seem to care at the moment. The only thing that was on her mind was winning the match and becoming the new champion. Every year she had tried to claim the title, yet until now she had never got into the final match against the reigning champion.

The referee took his place once more so he could see the match clearly. The commentator stood over by the scoreboard and picked up his microphone again, ready for the match to begin. Josh hurried off back to his seat.

The match was out of nine points, but since the two that were fighting were such accomplished swordsman each point went on for quite some time. Alex replaced her mask on her face and took her position, ready for the match to resume. To win she only had to score two more points, which sounded easy enough, but was certainly not easy when trying to accomplish it.

"Begin…play…enguarde!" Called the referee.

Alex wished that she would have listened to Josh's 'I think you've pissed him off' and took it in a much more serious way. Her opponent was attacking her so fiercely she was surprised that she lasted the twenty seconds of the point that she did. All of that concentrating doesn't seem to be doing me any good now… This point went to the defending champion, but it was not going to throw her off.

"Everything is level!" Called the commentator.

The referee set the next point going. Again however she was defeated by a very hard blow to the stomach, which winded her despite the armour that she was wearing. She was losing, and in order for her to win she would have to get the next two points. Starting to doubt herself she already had thoughts coming into her mind of Well, there's always next year… Then however, another thought came into her head, which was completely unrelated to what she had just thought previously. He's weak on uppercuts, so use that to throw him off-guard…

Alex thought she was going mad, this had not been one of her own thoughts, or at least she didn't think it was. She was deciding whether or not to try this idea out, but then there was nothing to lose and everything to gain, so she may as well try this tactic.

"Enguarde!" The referee called, and before Alex knew it her opponent was yet again attacking her fiercely.

Alex started attacking furiously back at them, blocking all of the incoming strikes of her opponents. When the opportunity came, she uppercut him as hard as she could then lunged at his chest. This point was hers, leaving the ninth point to be the deciding one.

He knows your tactic, the best thing to do now is to hit him with a variety of different attacks, then counter attack him when possible… Alex never usually thought like this, which meant that the fact that she was now was positively unnerving.

The defending champion was now more pissed off than ever, but instead of fearing this Alex instead used this to her advantage. The fact that he was annoyed meant that he was becoming careless in his defensive strategies.

This point went on for at least two minutes, which was far longer than any other point had gone on for in the whole tournament. In the end however, all hope seemed to be lost for Alex as fatigue was now taking over. Out of nowhere however, she managed to muster up some sort of strength and using it managed to knock her opponent off guard. Seizing the opportunity she lunged at his upper torso. Somehow, miraculously, she had won, after years of trying to become the champion, she had finally done it.

"We have a new champion ladies and gentlemen!" The commentator shouted. There was a huge round of applause from the audience. Many of them got to their feet to applaud her, it was evident that she was the one the audience were backing, not the champion.

Alex took of her mask, revealing a very wide smile plastered on her face. The defeated champion threw his sword at the floor in frustration, the hilt broke because of this. Something then came across Alex's mind, she didn't know why, but she felt like she had somehow cheated.

"Way to go Alex!" Josh ran up to her and gave her a very big hug. The smile on her face had faded somewhat. "Game, set and match!"

"That's tennis you idiot!" She said to him in a joking way.

"Whatever, my brother now owes me money…" He then realised what he had said, "…because I knew you would win of course, he was saying how a girl would never make champion."

Alex smirked. "You can tell your brother that I am not your average girl now am I?" She raised her sword to a threatening sort of pose.

The commentator then walked over to her presenting the trophy that she had longed to have ever since she started fencing. Josh went so that she could savour her moment of glory, then snuck his phone out and set up the camera. She did not feel like saying anything to the crowd though, so refused the chance to use the microphone when offered it.

Josh was very disappointed at this, it would have been good to get a recording of the speech. Little did she know however that he had got a recording of her winning the match point.

The applause died down eventually, no-one else seemed to be as disappointed with the lack of speech, they just seemed happy that she won. The referee walked over to Alex and shook her hand, then whispered to her "Good game, I knew you could do it." Then he walked over to the defeated champion and shook his hand.

The audience started making their way out of the arena. Alex and Josh however stayed behind, Josh didn't want to stay however, it was Alex's idea.

"Why can't we just go?" He asked, though he feared that he already knew what the answer to this question was.

"Just hold on a minute…" She made her way over to the had-been champion, "…good match…" She held out a hand to shake his.

The person removed their mask. It was boy about the same age as Josh, only he didn't look nearly as happy as Josh currently was.

"Yeah, only next time you should let me know where you got the steroids so I can OD on them like you did!" Alex looked very hurt at these words, she would never cheat. Then without warning instead of shaking her hand he simply spat at it.

Josh seemed to lose his temper completely at this disgusting thing. He ran over to the sore loser and threw all of his force into a punch, only for it to be blocked by Alex's spit free hand.

"I told you he isn't worth it, if he wants to be a sore loser then let him…" Josh hated it when he was over powered by her, it made him look like such a weakling. This was not the case however, Alex was just very strong for a girl. She wiped her hand on her fencing outfit to get rid of the phlegm.

They left so they didn't have to endure any more accusations of cheating thrown at Alex. The two of them talked about the match, though Alex did not dare mention the fact that she had suddenly become very good at reading peoples weaknesses.

Josh was currently rambling on about something that Alex wasn't paying attention to. She was trying to work out just what exactly had happened. Usually when stuck in a situation where she was too tired to carry on she would have just given up, but this time was different, yet she did not know why.

"…and then when you nearly knocked that guy out in the semi finals…classic!" Alex grunted to let him know that she had heard him produce a sound. "You aren't listening are you?"

She did manage to understand this phrase, and thought that honesty would be best. "No, I'm not, well spotted Einstein." Alex was always known for her very bad sarcasm.

When outside the arena they started walking in the direction of their homes. There did not live very far away, it was only around a ten minute walk. The tournament had finished later than had been anticipated, meaning it was darker out side than they had expected it to be.

They reached Alex's house first. "I suppose I will see you tomorrow then?" Josh asked her.

"If I recover…" She joked back, giving a small chuckle, "…see ya Josh."

She turned and went up to her house, then entered. Nobody was home at the moment, they were all visiting relatives for the weekend, which meant that they would be home later that night. Alex was a little upset that she couldn't go with them, but the tournament meant everything to her.

The first thing she did when she got to her room was place her trophy on her shelf. It had taken her years to get it there, but now that she had she felt surprisingly sad, the feeling that she had cheated, even though she knew she couldn't have, was still with her.

Alex went and had a shower, she always did after either training or having some sort of match or tournament. The water seemed to help clear her thoughts of cheating and help her think more rationally, there was after all no way she could have cheated.

After her shower she then got undressed and went to bed. The trophy gleamed in the moonlight. She was so exhausted that it took no time at all for her to fall into a peaceful sleep…


Where the hell am I? Alex thought to herself. She had never been to this place before, and she was always uncomfortable with being somewhere that she was not familiar with. Come to think of it, she did not know how in the world she had got there…

She was sitting on what appeared to be some sort of large well. Studying her surroundings carefully, she saw that she was in a village, at least that was what it appeared to be. There were several houses, and an enormous mansion.

Alex looked for a way to get down off the well as it was quite high up off the ground. There was no way however, so she had no choice but to jump. The landing hurt her heels a bit, but not too badly.

"There's no place like home, is there?" Alex jumped, whoever had said this was very close by and it took her completely by surprise. "I'm sure you know what I mean, you go away for a bit and you do tend to get homesick…"

"Who's there!?" Alex called into the night. She started to shiver due to a mixture of the cold and fear that she was feeling. There was no answer, she wondered whether or not to call out again, but it was late at night and she would surely wake the people who were trying to sleep.

Suddenly, the voice spoke again. "Does that really matter? You wouldn't believe me if I told you anyway…"

The voice belonged to a woman. She sounded as though she was about to start crying at any moment. "Try me." Alex called, now not caring if she woke anyone up or not. "Or better still, why don't you show yourself!?"

There was the sound of footsteps approaching, but Alex could not tell which direction they were coming from. She looked round wildly to try and see who this woman was, yet she saw no-one, it was as though they must have been invisible.

Suddenly she felt something on her shoulder, a hand. Alex wanted to turn round and look at whoever it was, but for some reason she could not move, it was as though she had been rooted to the spot as if by magic.

Whoever it was started walking very slowly round to the front of them. Alex could not even turn her head to see this person, she could only wait until they were in her sight. Then the woman to whom the voice belonged to came into her view, but who it was was definitely not who Alex was expecting.

This is impossible…She thought to herself.


Alex woke with a start. Cold sweat was running down her forehead, and she could remember the dream she had just had as though it was her most treasured memory. She looked over at her radio alarm clock on her bedside table. It was two in the morning. They must be back by now…

She got up and went into the bathroom. Going over to the sink she started to run the cold tap, and then splashed some water on her face to clear the sweat. Alex studied her reflection in the mirror, she looked absolutely dreadful, as though she had just seen some sort of ghost.

"It was only a dream…" She muttered to herself, "…why am I acting like this?"

She turned off the tap and went over to the door to leave. Little did she know that a pair of brown eyes were watching her sympathetically as she left.

Alex did not manage to get back to sleep again for a very long time that night, even though she was absolutely knackered. She just laid there awake, replaying the dream over and over in her mind. It had been so real, yet she knew that it couldn't be real, it wasn't possible for dreams to be reality. Alex decided that the best way to get back to sleep would be to listen to her Ipod, music usually did help.

It did not help this time however, if anything it just accompanied the film-like thoughts in her mind like a soundtrack to a movie. She looked over at the clock, she only had 2 hours before she had to get up again. This is so stupid! It was just a dream…I've had worse dreams than that! These thoughts did not ease her suffering at all.

After another ten minutes she finally drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

A thought came into her head during her sleep which was definitely not hers. Why is this happening to me…?

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