Chapter one: 'Movie night gone bad'

"Friends!" Yelled the unmistakable voice of Starfire bursting through the tower's doors, shopping bags in hand. "I have returned from the mall of shopping and purchased a movie which I believe you will be-."

"New record! In your face Cy!" Yelled Beast Boy leaping up from the couch and doing a small victory dance in front of the half man half machine.

"No way!" Exclaimed Cyborg his mouth dropping. "You little grass stain, you cheated!"

"Nope, it was purely skill," Beast Boy bragged.

Starfire sighed and walked further into the main room, "I believe the movie is-."

"Could you please turn that pointless game off…it's giving me a headache just listening to it and I can't concentrate on my book," Stated Raven monotonously.

"No way Ravy," Said Beast Boy sitting back down on the couch. "I'm on a roll now…there's no way I'm stopping."

"And there's no way you're going to win the next game," Stated Cyborg pressing the start button.

"Um…excuse me for interrupting friends but I-."

"I could always stop the game myself," Declared Raven.

Beast Boy laughed sarcastically and Cyborg chimed in a small laugh too, "And how do you plan on doing that?" Asked Cyborg.

Raven sighed and snapped her book shut, "Easy, I blow the gamestation up."

Beast Boy and Cyborg turned to her looking horrified, "You wouldn't…"

"I wouldn't?" Asked Raven giving an evil looking smirk.

"Friends?" Attempted Starfire again.

"Don't even think about it Raven…you blow up the gamestation I'll…I'll um…never mind," Squeaked Beast Boy watching as the dark girl's eyes began to glow a bright white color and the gamestation becoming enclosed with a black aura.

"Man…she's gonna kill it," Squeaked Cyborg. "Get her to stop!"

"How!" Yelled Beast Boy.

"I don't know…think of something!" Cyborg yelled back.


"That's not going to get her to stop you need to-."

Beast Boy quickly leapt up from the couch and pounced onto the dark girl disrupting her concentration. Cyborg watched intently as the gamestation's newfound aura disappeared and it began falling to the ground. Taking action Cyborg quickly leapt off the couch and dove after it, catching it in his arms just before it was about to hit the ground.

"Beast Boy…" Came a low growl from the opposite side of the room. "Get off…NOW!" Yelled Raven.

But before the changeling could move she quickly surrounded him in a black aura and catapulted him across the room, next to Cyborg, who was still clutching onto the gamestation.

"Is it okay?" Asked Beast Boy looking at his friend.

Cyborg looked down at the object in his arms, "Yeah I think so."

Beast Boy let out a sigh of relief, "That was a close one."

Starfire groaned and stepped closer to them, "Friends may I please suggest that we watch a-."

"Yeah in a minute Star just let me beat the green bean's score," Said Cyborg setting the gamestation back down and picking up the controller.

"Yeah right…like you can-."

Suddenly, before anyone had time to thinks a green light flashed through the room and zapped the gamestation making it reduce to a pile of dust.

All eyes turned to Starfire looking confused and shocked. "You killed it!" Yelled Beast Boy looking amazed.

Starfire smiled innocently, "Yes, I am sorry about the gaming station…but I-."

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU KILLED IT!" Yelled Beast Boy staring at the television astonished.

It was at this time Robin ran into the main room looking frantic, "Titans, what's the trouble?" He asked looking at each of them confused.

"She killed the gamestation!" Complained Beast Boy pointing at Starfire.

"You're obsessed with that thing," Stated Raven opening her book back up.

"Um, Star? What did happen?" Asked Robin.

Starfire laughed a bit nervously, "I may have killed the gamestation…but friends I have purchased a movie from the mall of shopping and wish to share it with you!" She exclaimed happily changing the subject completely.

Robin looked at her more confused then ever, "Uh…what movie is it?" He asked fearing it may contain some sort of unnatural topic.

Starfire smiled brightly and flew over to the bags sprawled across the floor and pulled out a movie, holding it up for all of them to see, "I believe it is called the Titanic."

Raven blinked looking up from her book, "Great." She said sarcastically.

"Star, are you sure you want to watch that movie?" Asked Beast Boy.

Starfire blinked dumbfounded, "There is something wrong with this movie?" She asked confused.

"Uh…" Came a simultaneous response from the guys.

Starfire shrugged and popped the movie in anyway, picking up the remote and sitting down on the couch. Robin sighed and took a seat beside her, sending a glare to Beast Boy and Cyborg that clearly stated they'd better sit down and watch the movie or they were going to die.

They obeyed and took a seat next to Robin letting out small annoyed-like sighs.

"If I'm being forced to watch it so are you," Mumbled Robin to Cyborg and Beast Boy, just low enough so Starfire couldn't hear him. Robin glanced back over at her as she studied the remote, as if puzzled by something. Robin quickly leaned towards her and pressed play. Starfire smiled brightly at him and then turned her focus to the movie.


About thirty minutes into the movie the boys were already looking quite bored, Starfire was watching the movie intently as if her eyes were glued to the screen, and Raven was looking vaguely interested. It's not like the dark girl didn't know what was going to happen at the end, she read tons of books and she'd come upon books about the Titanic before…all ending the same. Ship goes down, some survive, and some don't. None the less she was actually feeling absorbed in this movie as of right now. That was until Best Boy came up with a brilliant idea to keep himself occupied when he got bored with the movie.

The green boy on the opposite end of the couch as the dark girl looked around curiously, trying to find something to hold his attention for the next two hours. Then he had a brilliant idea. While everyone else was watching the movie he quickly transformed himself into a rat and scurried off and over to the opposite end of the couch next to Raven, who took no notice of this action at all.

Then in a split second he transformed himself back into his human form and exclaimed happily, "Hiya Ravy!"

Raven let out a loud squeak so unnatural from her normal exterior. She turned towards the green boy and glared menacingly at him, "Beast Boy…" She hissed her eyes beginning to glow a bright white color.


Before Beast Boy could finish his sentence the aura surrounded the room and the titans were transported from the room into a vortex landing them in a totally different type of world.

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