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"It's Raven, Beast Boy," she mumbled.

"Raven right! Sorry, I'll remember!" He exclaimed still keeping his eyes locked shut.

Raven rolled her eyes once before closing them and posing her thumb and index finger together. And they chanted, "Azerath Metrion Zinthos."

Chapter Five: 'There's a spark'

"Are you guys sure we shouldn't go look for B?" Cyborg asked as he plopped himself down on the elegant couch that had been placed inside of Starfire and Raven's room.

"I'm sure he's fine Cyborg," Robin answered. "He's probably with Raven somewhere."

Cyborg rolled his eyes. "Well, I realize that. I also realize that by now she could have thrown him off of the ship by now. You know how they hate each other."

Starfire gasped. "Friends Beast Boy and Raven do not like each other?"

"Well, I doubt she likes him very much right now, considering he was the one who freaked her out and made her powers go crazy which made us end up here," Cyborg paused for a brief moment. "To think about it I don't see why any of us would be happy with him right now but I still don't want Rae to kill the little guy!"

Robin signed as he paced around the room. "We can't really worry about what Raven's doing to Beast Boy right now. We need to think of a way to get out of here if Raven's meditation doesn't work. Does anyone know what year it is?" Robin asked.

Starfire and Cyborg stared at him as if he was delusional. "Robin," Starfire began softly. "You were not informed of which ship we have been placed on?"

Robin looked back and forth between the two. "No one told me anything, I was so busy looking for you and Raven I didn't have any time to go sight seeing," Robin answered as he sent Cyborg a glare.

"What?" Cyborg asked. "B and I were the ones who found them!" He chuckled a bit. "Although I guess you're right, we were slacking, the only reason we found them was because B thought Raven was the hottest thing since sliced bread! Hey, do you think they have sliced bread in this time zone?"

"Cyborg focus!" Robin snapped. "What time zone are we in? I've deducted that it has to be sometime in the early nineteen hundreds but-."

"Robin we are on the Titanic…" Starfire answered slowly as she tapped her two index fingers together and tried to avoid eye contact with the boy.

Robin's face paled. "The Titanic? As in the real ship from the movie we were watching? As in if we don't get out of here in five days we could all perish in the ocean!" Robin seemed to be getting more worried by the minute. "How did…why did…I think I'm going to kill Beast Boy."

Cyborg let out a nervous laugh to relieve a bit of tension in the room. "I guess it's a good thing we can't find him then huh?"

"Yeah," Robin mumbled. "Good thing."

"Friends we must not have such little faith in Raven. I believe she will come through for us and we will be home in a short time!" Starfire chirped happily.

"It's not that I don't have faith in Raven," Robin said as he took a seat next to Cyborg. "It's the fact that Beast Boy is probably irritating Raven to no end and she can't get any meditating done and because of that we're going to be stuck here."

"Robin does have a point," Cyborg began. "Maybe I should try to find him, we can go hit the dinner buffet or something."

Robin highly doubted that they had dinner buffets at this time in history but he decided to ignore that comment as he watched Cyborg run off. The only thing he was concerned about was getting the titans home safely.

"Now what shall we do friend Robin?" Starfire asked innocently as she took Cyborg's place on the couch.

Oh, right, Robin was also concerned with that…because that's what a fearless leader should be concentrating on of course.

"I don't know Star," Robin said as he glanced up at the beautiful alien princess. He could feel his heart melting at the mere sight of her saddened eyes. "Why don't we go check out the deck? It'll get our minds off of all this for awhile."

"Oh friend Robin that is a most excellent idea!" Starfire squealed as she grabbed hold of his hand and practically drug him out the door.

Raven opened one of her brilliant violet eyes to look at her teammate sitting across from her. For awhile now it seemed as if she had been the only one chanting, though she figured Beast Boy had just gotten tongue tied with the Azerathian words and had decided to stop. But when she opened her eyes it seemed as if her former green teammate had actually fallen asleep.

Raven rolled her eyes. "Typical," She mumbled as she reached over and shook his shoulder in a small attempt to wake him up.

"Five more minutes Robin that's all I ask. I promise I won't be late to training again," Beast Boy mumbled swatting Raven's hand away.

"Beast Boy, wake up!" Raven snapped getting a tad angrier.

The boy raised his hand in the air as if telling her to hold on a minute. This did not bode well with the dark girl. Quickly and quietly Raven lifted her hand into the air and smacked his head which in return jolted him awake in less than two seconds.

"Dude! What was that for?" Yelled Beast Boy grabbing his aching head and wincing in pain.

Raven shrugged. "You fell asleep and you wouldn't wake up. I was checking to make sure you were alive," Raven answered smirking at him.

Beast Boy sat up slowly. "Was that a joke?" He asked.

Raven shrugged and smoothed out the front of her dress. "We should go find the others."

"Fine," Beast Boy answered grumpily. "How long was I asleep?" He asked as he stood up and stretched.

"I have no idea. I tend to lose track of time while I'm meditating," Raven replied boosting herself up off the ground and continuing to smooth her dress out.

"Oh, okay well I-oomph!"

Beast Boy seemed to lose his footing as he took a step forward towards the door which happened to send him straight to the ground. Luckily for him something soft caught his fall.

"Beast Boy you idiot!" Raven screamed. "Get off me now!"

Beast Boy could feel his cheeks flushing. He had managed to pull Raven down with him as he fell thus leaving them both in a very interesting and awkward position. "Sorry Rae I didn't mean to…"

"Yo, I thought I heard you two in here!" The unmistakable voice of Cyborg exclaimed from the door. "Robin sent me to get you BB I…oh am I…interrupting something?" He asked giving the two teens a look somewhere in between confusion and amusement.

"Cy it's not what it looks like!" Beast Boy defended quickly.

"I don't even want to know," Cyborg answered holding up a hand, indicating that he wanted Beast Boy to stop talking.

"But…" Beast Boy tried again.

"Beast Boy! Get. Off. Now!" Raven shouted.

He quickly turned to the girl underneath him, their faces about only three inches apart. "Oh right! Sorry Rae-."

Suddenly the four bunks beds in the little room were surrounded in a black aura before being torn apart and zooming across the room towards Cyborg.

"Whoa Raven knock it off!" Cyborg shouted.

Beast Boy quickly leapt off the girl and ran towards Cyborg in an attempt to save him. Although he wasn't sure what he could do. It wasn't like he had powers. But as soon as he retreated from Raven's side the dark energy disappeared, leaving the pieces of the torn apart furniture to fall to the floor.

The two boys looked back to her in confusion and shock. "Dude, do you have your powers back Raven?" Beast Boy asked hopefully.

Raven's eyes darted around the room. Her powers had worked but now she felt nothing. "I…I don't know," She whispered. "I don't know what just happened," She confided her voice a littler louder this time.

"Try it Rae…ven." Beast Boy chuckled nervously. "Maybe we can go home!"

Raven nodded and quickly stood up. The two males watched intently as she took a deep breath and shut her eyes tightly. "Azerath Metrion Zinthos," She said quickly.


"I'll try again," She stated. "Azerath Metrion Zinthos!" She yelled this time emphasizing the last word.

"I don't get it!" Complained Beast Boy. "You totally just had your powers back but now they're gone! What gives?"

"I think I need to meditate more," She stated.

"Well you can do that tomorrow. I think you've done enough meditating today. Come on, come with me and Cy to explore the ship," Beast Boy said as he reached out to grab hold of Raven's hand to drag her along.

She pulled her hand away from him. "You don't understand I really should…"

"You know Raven, maybe B's right. Your powers were kind of going crazy before maybe you should lay off a little bit today," Cyborg added.

Raven let out a frustrated sigh. "Do I really have a choice?" She asked.

"Nope!" Chorused Cyborg and Beast Boy together before they each reached out and grabbed one of her arms.

"Fine then I'll go. Just don't-ahh!"

It was too late. Before she knew what was going on her two friends had already taken it upon themselves to drag her down the hall. They ignored the horrified looks of the people they passed of course. After all forcefully dragging a woman down the hallway was probably frowned upon in their century.

"Oh Robin it is most beautiful out here is it not?" Starfire asked giggling as a cool breeze blew through her hair.

Robin smiled at the girl as he tried to contain himself from reaching out and brushing the Auburn colored hair out of her eyes. "Yeah, it really is." He obviously was not playing any attention to the ocean.

Starfire turned to the Titan's fearless leader and gave him a smile that almost caused Robin to reduce to a puddle of mush. Of course leaders didn't do that so Robin controlled himself. "What is there to do now?" She asked innocently.

"I don't know," Robin answered truthfully. "We can do whatever you want Star."

Starfire tapped her chin with her index finger thoughtfully before her eyes became wide and there was a visible spark of her alien beauty back in her eyes. "I believe I learned something from the movie that I want to try!" She exclaimed as she giggled and grabbed a hold of Robin's hand.

Robin was slightly worried about what she had planned. How far had they gotten in that movie again? Robin didn't know he was too busy glancing at Starfire to notice. "What do you have in mind?" He asked.

She stopped at the bow of the ship and looked expectantly at Robin. "Please, may we try the feeling of flying from the front of the ship?" Starfire asked.

Robin knew she was referring to the scene in the movie where Rose and Jack were standing on the bow of the ship but he didn't know how safe that really was. "Starfire," Robin began a bit unsure how to say what he needed to say. "I don't really know if that's a good idea. I mean you could get hurt without your powers and I wouldn't want anything happening to you."

Starfire sighed, seeming slightly deflated by this comment. "Oh, that is okay Robin."

The boy wonder knew there was something wrong by the way she spoke. "Star…what is it?" He asked hoping she would confide in him.

"It is just…with the powers of our team gone it feels…strange to not be able to fly. I thought that perhaps it would feel the same as the feeling I receive when I am truly happy and can feel my feet doing the act of lifting off of the ground," she answered truthfully.

Robin didn't know what to say. It would have been so much easier if Starfire had only wanted to do it because she saw it in the movie or because it had 'looked fun'. But this had actually hit home with her and Robin didn't enjoy the fact that she was so upset. "Alright, but I want you to be very careful. I'll hold on to you so you don't fall okay?" He asked nodding towards the front of the ship.

"Oh thank you Robin that makes me most happy!" She rejoiced as she scooped him up in a quick but strong hug before be grabbed onto the railing of the bow of the ship and hoisted herself up. She giggled excitedly as she felt the cool rush of air floe through her hair blowing it wildly behind her.

As quickly as he could Robin snaked his arms around her waist before smiling and replying to her. "Okay Star, you can let go now, I've got you."

Starfire could feel a tingle ripple throughout her body as the boy wonder's hands came in contact with her waist but she quickly did her best to shake the tingle away and let go of the railing slowly. Very carefully she spread her arms so they were raised in the air and let out a loud angelic laugh. "Robin this is glorious!" She yelled over the whipping wind.

Robin could feel his smile becoming wider as he watched Starfire act so amazingly happy. Maybe Raven sending them here would bring something good about for him. Just maybe he would be able to admit his feelings to Starfire. Maybe.

Oh, this is only the beginning. I have a lot in store for these Titans. Teehee! But I felt that you all needed an update so here you are. I hope you guys enjoy, because I'm definitely ignoring my poetry homework to do this right now. Kay, lemmie know what you think and maybe I'll update faster? *wink wink*