Title: Her eye's

What if Kim were born Blind. How much would that change? Who step is up and become a HERO.

(Middleton Hospital room 109 b)

"I don't, know how to say this but your daughter was born blind Mrs. Possible," said Dr. Reynolds looking at the young couple holding there small bundle of joy.

"What! She'll never see us or anything," cried A young Anne Possible looking at her little girl sleeping and then at her husband.

"I'm sorry to say this but yes I must go good day," said the Dr. Reynolds leaving the family by it self.

"Oh, James how are we going to handle this" ask Anne looking at her bundle and crying.

"We will, were Possible's and any thing is possible for a possible" said James with a small smile and hugging his wife and child. "What are we going to call her" ask James

"How about Kimberly Anne Possible my little kimme" said Mrs. P looking at Mr. P filled with hope that her husband is right.

"I love it Kimberly," said Mr. looking at the little red head child in his wife's arms.

(Time skip no Jutsu Pre- school)

"Ok, Kim why don't you play by the tree" said Miss. Flower she had strawberry blond hair and light green eye's with a school outfit.

"Ok, Miss .Flower," said Kim with her eye has closed sitting down. Kim had herd the teacher leaving and hope nobody notices her.

"Hay, look it's the blind girl" said Tommy a little bully point at Kim for his friend's to see.

"Let see if she cry's" said Bobby running up to Kim. The group boy has started to poke, pull her hair and kick her.

"Sniff leaves me alone, pleas" cried Kim wishing some thing would happen so the boy's leave her alone.

"Why should we?" said Tommy laughing cuz Kim is crying.

"Hay! Leave her alone that is not nice your supposed to be nice to girl's "yelled a little boy.

"Go away, or I'll send Bobby to get you," said Tommy looking at the weird boy who had stopped his fun.

"No, not till you leave the girl alone or, or else" said the boy. Kim stops crying because she thought she was being saved. Wow, he's brave like theses knight mommy reads about taught Kim.

"Bobby, Harry goes get em and make him cry for his mommy" said Tommy to his friend's. The boy's ran to the weirdo boy but the boy fought back, then jumps on Tommy, and bit him.

"Ahh that hurt! You, you weirdo freak" yelled Tommy running away with his friend be hind him.

"Are you ok, miss" ask the boy looking at the girl.

"Sniff, sniff ahh you saved me from those boy's thank you" said Kim with a small smile.

"Huh, oh yha I did save you … umm why were they picking on you" ask the weird boy sitting by the red head.

"Cuz, I'm blind," said Kim thinking this boy was going to pick on her too.

"What's that … oh is that when you can read peoples minds," said the little boy jumping up and down with joy.

"No! It's when you can't," yelled Kim thing this boy was making fun of her.

"Huh" said the boy

"You don't know what blind is," ask Kim waiting for a response

"No, never herd about it… you sure you can't read mind" said the boy looking at the girl.

"No, I don't so think umm what's your name mine's Kim Possible." said Kim

"You'll laugh at, me if I tell ya" said the boy looking at the ground. Kim felt for the boy's hand and found it.

"No I won't I promise" said Kim holding the boy's hand.

"Promise cross your heart sticks a poodle in yee eye," ask the boy.

"Yup, cross my heart and put a poodle in my eye," said Kim giggling cuz the boy was weird but she like that.

"Umm, my name is Ron, Ron stoppable," said Ron smiling.

"He he, its cute name" said Kim.

"Hay you said you wouldn't laugh said Ron getting mad.

"I'm not I just like your name Ronnie," said Kim still holding Ron's hand.

"Oh ok Kp," said Ron smiling at his new friend.

"What's a Kp" ask Kim with a weird look on her face.

"Oh it's a nick name cuz you're Kim Possible," said Ron hugging his new best friend.

"Oh, ok Ron," said Kim hugging back.

"So you're blind …. Can I see your eyes" ask Ron.

"Um ok but don't laugh ok," said Kim opening her eye's showing green eye with a white fog over them.

"Wow there really cool and pretty said Ron looking at them.

"Really" said Kim.

"Yup" said Ron. A great friend ship had been built with the two kid's