Her eye's chap 8

( Last time)

" Mom , can you talk to Ron's mom so he can sleep over please please" begged Kim as she hoped she would say yes.

" Ron why are you sleeping over" asked Mrs. Possible as she looked at the boy hoped he would say that he loves her baby girl.

" Kp , was red in the face so I wanted to make sure shes ok" said Ron as he looked at Kim.

" Sure anything you want Kim" said Mrs. Possible as she smiled at Kim and Ron.

" I'll go home and get my stuff" said Ron as he left.


( Ron's room)

" Hmm, I should bring my book and tell Kp about it" said Ron to himself. Ron packed clothes for one day.

" Bye mom , bye dad see you guys later" said Ron as he left his house.

( Possible home)

" No, I don't want him sleeping over there both teenagers she can sleep by her self she doesn't need him" said Mr. Possible as he looked at his wife. He was angry he didn't like how close Kim and Ron where , he hated how Ron was the only thing Kim ever talked about.

" Look , James she loves him and he would do anything for her and he will sleep over" said Mrs. Possible

"NO , HE WILL NOT THIS IS MY HOUSE AND I SAY NO" yelled Mr. Possible as he yelled at his wife.

" James , fine but you have to tell Kim and when she ask you why you tell her the truth" said Mrs. Possible as she left.

" Fine," said Mr. Possible as he walked to Kim's room. As soon as he walked into Kim's room he saw Kim talking Rufus about how much fun it was going to be with Ron staying the night. He frowned and walked away he'll let Ron stay for one night , but thats it.

( Kim's Room)

" So Rufus did you pick the book's for Ron to read for us and you did clean up your mess right." asked Kim as she waited for the mole rat to answer her.

" Yup, yup" squeak Rufus as he looked at his mistress.

" Good, I want Ron to be happy" said Kim as she lied down on her bed and waited for Ron to come.

" Hey , Kp where can I put my stuff down" asked Ron as he climb threw the window.

" Ron, you know you can put your stuff anywhere you want" said Kim as she sat up.

" Thanks Kp" said Ron as he dropped his stuff on the ground and jumped on the bed.

" Ron, so what do you want to" asked Kim as she hugged Ron and snuggled into him.

" Hmm, well eat thats for sure and sleep but we could play a game or whatever" said Ron as he hugged Kim back.

" Rufus picked some books and we could go to Fanfiction..Net and read copyninja Kakashi Fic about Naruto" said Kim as she smiled anytime to be with Ron was perfect to her.

" Yha, sure hey Kp can yha you know let go of me" said Ron as he pushed Kim off of him.

" Yha sure Ron anything you want" said Kim as she frowned and let him go.

" Thanks I'm going to go to the bathroom" said Ron as he left.

" Why won't he see me, I mean I'm the blind one not him" said Kim as she frowned.

" Don't Know" said Rufus as he patted Kim on the cheek.

" All right I'm back so while I was in the can I had a idea let's go to that old ice cream paler and after that we can go back here and I'll read to ya" said Ron as he smiled and hoping Kim would be happy.

" Ok, Ron I like that and then we could cuddle all night." said Kim as she stood up. As Kim got up Rufus went to get his leash so he could go to.

" Sure, umm why cuddle huh we could just go to sleep" said Ron as he looked confused.

" Ron I want to cuddle with you dose that mean anything to you" asked Kim as she waited for an answer.

" No , not really I mean if you want but I don't get what your trying to tell me" asked Ron as he looked at Kim and helped Rufus with his leash and caller.

" No , just forget it Ron ok just forget" said Kim as she shook her head.

" Kay, now let's hit the Road." said Ron as he grabbed Kim's hand and left the Possible Home.

( Scoop's)

" Ok, I'll have a strawberry ice cream with gummy worm's and gum balls" said Ron as he looked at the ice cream lady.

" And for you" asked The Ice cream lady as she looked at Kim.

" I'll have a triple chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate syrup" said Kim as she smiled and licked her lip's.

" Ok and for the little guy on your shoulder" asked the lady as she looked Rufus.

" One scoop of rocky road" said Kim as she patted Rufus on the head.

" Peanut's, peanuts" chanted Rufus as he looked at the lady.

" Hey , Kp you think we should bring some ice cream to your family" asked Ron as he looked at Kim.

" Yha, that would be great" said Kim as she smiled and hugged Ron's arm.

" Ok, I need a pint of Irish cream, a pint of wacky tacky , 1 pint of funky monkey and 1 cheat banana" said Ron as he opened his wallet and took out a fifty dollar bill.

" Ok, on it" said the ice cream lady as she went to make all the ice cream.

" Ron, do you have any money" said Kim as she laid her head on his shoulder.

" Yha, I got it Kp don't worry" said Ron as he kissed her forehead.

" Great" said Kim as she blushed from Ron's kiss.

" Here you go" said the lady as she handed Ron the bag of Ice Cream. Ron handed her the money and left with Kim.

( Possible home)

" Hola Possible family we come with Ice cream" said Ron as he open the door.

" Sweat" yelled the twin's as they grabbed the bag and gave everyone there ice cream.

" Yes, thank you Ronald" said Mr. Possible as he looked at his Ice cream.

" Oh, Irish cream my favorite" said Mrs. Possible as she ate her ice cream.

" Yha, Ron Rock's" said Kim as she ate her ice cream.

" Thanks Kp " said Ron as he smiled.

( that night)

" Good night Ron" said Kim as she placed her head on his chest an held him tight as she could.

" Night Kp" said Ron as he hugged her.

( next day)