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Chapter 1:

As Cloud's car neared the five-story building know as 'St. Michelles school for the mentally unstable', he felt that his parents must have lost their minds. Okay so he was a little suicidle, and okay he did try to kill his teachers, but thats no reason to send him here.

The front door drew closer he wished they had taken the child lock off his door. At the bottom of the steps stood a women and two security guards, 'Let's go make some new friends' he told himself sarcastically.

"Ah you must be Cloud Strife. My name is Anna-Maria DeSteir, I'm the vise-principle. These two are Reno," points to the red head on her right, "and Rude," to the bald man on her left, "they'll be incharge of keeping you from doing anything. Now if you'll follow me." She and the two walk into the building with Cloud following behind.

She brought him past the principle's office, where three teenager's stood, two men and a woman. He could hear male shouts coming from the office, which he came to the conclusion were the principle's.

The girl was wearing a leather mini-skirt, a skimmpy black shirt, she wore huge black biker boots, her hair was black with a bubblegum pink fringe and the ends of her hair were bubblegum pink, her eye's were a strange magenta colour.

The man nearest the front door, had black hair in a crew cut, a baggy white victorian shirt, tight black leather pants, and black healed boots, he had mako blue eye's.

The other man wore a crimson tunic type top, black denim jeans, black trainers, his hair was also black but it reached his shoulders his fringe was purple, he had rusty- red eye's.

Suddenly the girl looked at him with a glare that said 'what the hell are you looking at?'. Then Cloud felt a hand press down on his shoulder, " You might want to stay away from them. Their as bad as they come. Pyromaniacs, phyco's, schisophrenic's, the works." He heard Reno behind him.

"Really? Thats interesting." Cloud commented as he continued walking after Reno. They arrived at room 365.

"This will be your room, you'll be sharing it with two people. I'll let you introduce yourself." She opened the door and led him in, reveling a three bedroom apartment.

"Vincent! Zack! Please come here for a minute!" She called. Out of the small kitchen a ravan haired man walked out, his hair reached mid-shoulder, he wore a black Metalica t-shirt, black cargo pants and black Dr.Martin boots,his eye's were crimson, "Cloud, this is Vincent Valentine, Vincent this is Cloud Strife." She motioned to the tall teen who nodded.

After a few seconds a second man ran out of one of the rooms, "Sorry I'm a little late, I was getting dressed. Cool! We get a new room mate!" the man named Zack exclaimed.

He walked up to Cloud and whispered "Please be more fun than, Mr-depresed-as-heck over there." he pointed to Vincent, "By the way, I'm Zack Donovan. What's yer name?" Zack statend up and placed his hands on his hips.

"My name... my name's Cloud Strife." Cloud answered.

"Right then... I'l leave you to get to know each other better. Anyway I have a problem to get sorted." Mrs.DeSteir said with a sigh.

"Is it the Six Devils again?" Vincent asked in a monotone voice.

"Yeah. Lucius set the staffroom a light. And Cetus set a bomb in the third floor bathroom." Mrs.DeSteir sighed. "Well I'll leave you to bond. Bye Cloud." With that she left the room.

'Okay this was going to a long trip.' cloud thought to himself.

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