A/N: This story is going to be a series of oneshots based around Vincent. For this chapter, it's my take on why/when (mostly when) Vincent completely left Dorna.


1. Traitor

"She must be dealt with."

"I understand."

Vincent shivered and he drew his coat tighter. The men behind him him exchanged glances, but both were too afraid of Vincent to say anything.

"Wait here," he said. He descended the cracked stone steps and entered the ancient cavern that Hayley Cayce had uncovered.

"Hello, Vincent," her voice came from across the room, and Vincent could barely see her where she had crouched down behind a pillar, no doubt copying down the intricate carvings that adorned its base. She rose, brushing the dirt from her knees. This action, however, only served to add another layer of dirt. She didn't seem to notice. Vincent nodded to her and she smiled.

"Am I that close?" she asked.

"I can deter them for awhile," Vincent said, avoiding her question. "But I can't say for how long."

"How close?" she asked. "How close do I have to be for them to send you?"

"I can't," Vincent glanced behind him. "I can't tell you that. But I can say that you are in great danger. Stop now, for your family's sake."

"I can't stop Vincent. Not until I have the answers," she strode across the cavern to stand before Vincent. He saw a flash of earnestness in her eyes. "For their sake, I can't."

She stepped around him ans slipped quickly up the stairs. Vincent raced after her, but a shot rang out just as he stepped into the winter sunlight. Vincent looked from Hayley's fallen body to the two men he had brought with them. It was obvious which one had take the shot, he was trembling.

Vincent slowly moved around the body to where the men stood. He wrapped his hand calmly around the gun that had given the fatal shot and slipped it easily from the shooter's hands. He quickly lashed out with his foot, hitting the other man in the chest. He fell to the ground with a grunt and his gun flew from his grasp. Vincent quickly incapacitated the shooter and then, with a swift kick to the side of the head, he knocked out the other one.

"Don't kill them, Vincent," Hayley's voice was quiet and choked. Vincent knelt down next to her and she gripped at his coat.

"Hang in there, Hayley," he whispered, reaching for his phone. She shook her head.

"Take care of Solomon," she coughed. "Keep Nikko out of trouble. Keep them away from my family."

"I can't promise-" her grip on his shirt tightened.

"Take care of them," she let go and her head fell back. He watched as she took a final, calm breath.