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4. Friend

Vincent stared out the window at the starless sky. He could hear Solomon and Calvin, their newest team member, arguing in the other room, but he tuned it out.

"Vincent," Solomon's voice came from the doorway and Vincent turned to face him.

"I thought it best not to interrupt," Vincent said. Solomon nodded. He motioned to the couch that sat in the center of the room and the two men sat.

"I have to go to Nikko's school tomorrow," Solomon said. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed wearily. "I need you to make sure things run smoothly."

"So the job is still on?" Vincent asked. His voice was even, not hint of surprise or worry. Solomon nodded slowly.

"Yes. If we call it off now we'll never get the artifact," Solomon said. He still hadn't told the team what the artifact was, but Vincent knew better than to ask. He would know when it was time.

"I've got Cal recalibrating some equipment and Maggie's going over the maps again," Solomon's voice grew quieter as he spoke, exhaustion catching up with him. "I just need you to make sure that nothing else goes wrong."

Nothing else meant Dorna.

"I'll do my best," Vincent assured him. Solomon smiled and clapped Vincent on the back.

"I know you will."

Vincent watched as Solomon left the room, then he returned to the window. Watching clouds filter past the moon, obscuring it for a moment before continuing their journey, Vincent allowed his thoughts to overtake his mind. Memories floated through him like the clouds above floated on the wind. Images of the past few months, beginning with Hayley Cayce's death and ending with his joining Solomon Zond, stormed within his head.

And he let them. It was the best way to deal with them, because there was no one he could tell them to. He had often wanted to tell Solomon that he had been their when Hayley died, but he knew he couldn't. He couldn't do it and still keep the friendship they had built since the day in the tomb. It had taken them too long to make that bond, and Vincent wasn't about to break it down.

Finally, he took his breath and began his meditation. He kept his eyes on the clouds and began to count. Starting at one, and returning there every time his mind wandered.

"One. Two. Three."

"Take care of them, Vincent."

"I am."