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Ministry of Magic, London, England, June 15th 7:30am

Harry yawns. The Ministry of magic is filled with witches and wizards pretending that they are going about their daily business. As they pass, they sneak what they believe are inconspicuous glances at the face of their 'saviour', and in return Harry looks straight through them. But as nonchalant as Harry looks, the noise is hurting his ears, too used to the silence of the Chamber of Secrets where he often spent his days, and the light hurts his eyes. And as he watches these ordinary people chatter away about mundane things, he can't help but scan their bodies for a weapon, read their faces for any suspicious emotion. For everyone is an enemy, and no one can be trusted. That's what they told him. That's what they made him believe.

He's bored, but doesn't particularly mind the waiting, for he's not looking forward to being dumped on the doorstep of some random person. Though of course, that doesn't mean he'll act any less annoyed when the Minister finally invites them into his office, tone patronising and sickeningly sweet, eyes shifty and hands red and sweaty. He'll glare and sneer and tap his fingers irritably on he table whilst scanning the room and pointedly ignoring everything the Minister says. And when the man invites them in, five minutes later, that is exactly what he does. Needless to say, the man only grows more red as the seconds tick by torturously slow, and Harry can almost hear the mans heartbeat in his head, pumping furiously with fear, blood so easily spilled keeping alive a decrepit body so easily felled.

Harry doesn't notice when his eyes begin to glow and his mouth twists and he begins to fall into the mindset where in the sum of Minister Killing curse, morals don't even begin to enter the equation. It's only when he feels a sharp kick in the shin by McGonagall's boot that he realises, and he calms himself, turning his eyes to the view of London outside the window. But the multitude of sky scrapers and screeching cars are nothing near therapeutic, and the chaos only agitates him more. The Ministry building makes him feel caged, and his fists flex and unflex, legs almost twitching from restlessness. He's used to a massive castle with wide, open grounds, gigantic manor houses with acres of land, battle fields that seem to stretch for miles…Not cramped, box like offices filled with a desk, chairs, filling cabinets.

But all the forms had been filled in advance, all the arrangements made, so the Minister could find no excuse to keep them any longer. Both Moody and McGonagall shook his hand, but Harry only looked at the red, sweaty limb with disgust marring his face, and the man hesitatingly withdrew it, casting nervous glances to the other two. They both looked amused. Finally, they made their way to the fireplace, and Moody called out the name of their first destination: "Waldhaus!"

Hokage's Office, Hokage Tower, Konoha, June 15th, Morning

Okay, so maybe Naruto needed to learn to sit still, but come on, he's excited. It's not everyday he gets to meet someone new, someone his age, someone who doesn't a) hate him or b) know about the kyubbi. Sasuke has no right to be glaring like that. The stupid teme needs to lighten up a bit. It wouldn't kill him to smile once in while! And really, the Uchiha isn't actually that great, contrary to what Sakura used to think (though lately she's as annoyed with the boy's attitude as everyone else, and anyway, she's grown up). It's not like he has a patent on angst or anything. And could Kakashi stop reading that damned orange book for five minutes! Seriously, Tsunade needs to have a word with Jiraiya about making use of his spare time. Spying on women's bathhouses and writing seedy novels are not appropriate pastimes for old men!

Sometimes, Naruto wonders if he's the only sane person in Konoha. His weekly sparring sessions with Rock Lee do nothing to convince him differently.

He doesn't really know why he's so excited. This is just some random boy, who he's never met before. But Naruto is still rather lacking in friends, (family, acquaintances, unhateful looks,) so he supposes it's not strange that he feels hopeful. But really, he should know better. The boy, Harry, will find out the truth in the end, everyone will, and it'll be just like old times. Alone and lonely. With a demon in his head. At least these days, he knows he's not hearing voices. He used to think he was insane. Sometimes, he's still not sure which he'd prefer.

Sakura, too, seems to be looking forward to the new arrival, Naruto observes as the seconds tick by torturously slow. New arrivals are rare in Konaha, what with all the arduous paperwork required to be filled to accept a new citizen. And Tsunades inefficiency with paperwork is already legendary. As expected, his pink haired friend had chosen the path of a medic-nin, and with the mentorship of the Hokage she's exceeded all expectations. Yet the healing of the mind has always intrigued her, and she senses something deeper that what the Hokage is telling them. She won't mention it though. Tsunade always knows what she's doing.

Sasuke, in contrast to the others, does not look at all like he is intrigued with the thought of a visitor to Konoha. Indeed, there is not an iota of interest on his face, mouth set in a stoic line and his eyes familiarly blank. Yet of course, one should never judge a book by its cover, and inside that pretty little head, Sasuke is curious, and sick of (im)patiently waiting.

There's a knock on the door.

Tsunade looks up, and shouts "Come in" as Team 7 shift on their feet, Kakashi's book mysteriously disappearing. A black clad ANBU enters, the door creaking closed, and bows to the Hokage. "The civilian has arrived hokage-sama."

"Bring him in."

The Shinobi turns and walks out the door. They hear heated words, frantic hurrying, and the ANBU re-enters. Alone. "Our sincerest apologies hokage-sama, it seems he has… momentarily disappeared. My men are searching for him now."

"You lost him!" Naruto exclaimed, with a laugh. "You lost a civilian, and you're meant to be the best shinobi we have!"

"NARUTO!" He flinches and turns to Sakura. "Watch your manners."

"There is more to this than meets the eye, is there not hokage-sama?" Sasuke. Suspicious as usual.

She sighs, but doesn't answer the question. "Kakashi, Team 7, I want you to help with the search. Report back here when he's found."

And so they are gone.

The Forest of Death, Konoha, June 15th, Morning

Harry stares at the metallic fence surrounding a forest. A fence implies people are either not allowed in, or not allowed out. Harry doesn't really care which it is. Whatever is in there, it won't hurt him. Even if it did, he isn't too fussed really. This is all just a test.

He concentrates on the forest behind the fence, and with a large crack he apparates inside. He doesn't silence the noise, it's only fair to give them some kind of lead.

It's a pretty place, this Konohagakure. The sun is searingly bright, with grass of the deepest green and happy smiling people. He had slipped invisible through the bustling streets until he found this place, and now he walks sedately through the poisonous forest, waiting for them to find him. He's even counting.

He touches a plant, and pulls his hand back quickly, holding it in front of his eyes with fascination. Little red spots emerge on the scarred skin, itchy and hot. Harry ignores it and carries on.

An hour passes.



Then there's a tower in front of him, large and imposing, so he changes course to walk towards it, legs weary and mind sedated in boredom. But he still hears a slight rustling, barely there, that only ears trained by war would hear. He makes no noticeable change in his demeanour, yet he widens his awareness of surroundings, taking comfort in the wand in its holster.

He draws closer to the tower. And sat on a boulder, with a look of utter boredom, is a boy. He's…almost pretty, yet with an indomitable air of masculinity. On his forehead is a band bearing the sign that's scattered around the village of Konoha. The boy catches his eyes, and they both freeze.

The Shinobi speaks first.

"You've done well to get here. For a civilian at least. You're lucky. The Forest of Death takes many victims."

Harry shrugs nonchalantly, leaning against a tree, a hand resting next to his holster.

"You seem perfectly unscathed," Harry comments, looking him up and down.

The other boy smirks minutely. "I'm not a civilian. The perils of this Forest are far beneath me."

Harry is reminded of an older, more controlled Draco Malfoy, and he finds it vaguely amusing that even in this quite basic, immaterial land, there are still people consumed by their own arrogance.

"Yet it still took you three hours to find me?"

The dark haired stranger frowns, and there is the smallest hint of unease in his eyes.

"That's irrelevant. You've kept the hokage waiting, a great slight."

"Then why are we wasting more time?"

Hokage's Office, Hokage Tower, Konoha, June 15th, 13:12pm

Tsunade and Team 7, minus Sasuke, are back in the Hokage's office. Naruto looks a little petulant, annoyed that the first person the new kid met was moany old Sasuke. Sakura is almost bouncing with excitement, yet Tsunade is subdued, forehead creased. It is not often a supposedly untrained boy can escape the ANBU and lose them in their own village. There is more to this than Alastor has told her, though she'd always known that. It will be…interesting to finally meet him.

A knock at the door, than Sasuke is walking in, scowling heavily. Behind him walks Harry, deathly pale skin tinted with dirt, obsidian hair messy. His emerald eyes flick around the room, a move the Shinobi recognise as that of a trained warrior. They are suddenly on edge.

He makes the smallest of bows in Tsunades direction, then looks her straight in the eyes. "Konnichiwa hokage-sama." His voice is soft and silky, yet there is no emotion in his voice, and his eyes are blank. It finally sinks in that Alastor had not once exaggerated. This boy was completely apathetic. This is going to be harder than she'd thought.

"Potter-san, welcome to Konohagakure. May I introduce Kakashi-san, Uchiha Sasuke-who you've obviously already met, Haruno Sakura and Uzumaki Naruto."

Sakura smiles, and Naruto waves with a small grin. Sasuke makes no move, and Kakashi merely nods. Harry repeats the gesture.

"Now, I've arranged for you to stay with Uchiha-san until you feel comfortable with daily life here."

"Meaning you're having me watched into you're sure I'm not going to go psycho and destroy your village?" Harry asks rhetorically. Tsunade glares, as the others shift, unsure of where this will lead.

"I do not want a repeat of this morning Potter-san. We have neither the time nor the man power to chase you around the village whenever you feel like playing games. If we have any reason to believe you a threat or nuisance to Konoha there will be consequences. Do you understand?"

"Perfectly." Harry sneers, mentally cursing Mad Eye.

"Good. Then we should have no problems."

"Quite." He agrees.

"I shall leave you to settle in. Team 7, you are all dismissed."

As soon as the door closes behind them, Tsunade brings out the sake.

It's going to be a long day.