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I: Almost Away

By xannychan

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters.

Short A/N: First installment of thirty for the 30 Angsts community on LJ. It's my first Bleach fic on FF, with a daring relationship to say the least. Theme 18: Photograph. 206 words. Experimentation with second-person perspective.

Warnings: One-sided Byakuya x Rukia, spoilers for the end of Soul Society arc.


"Why is this here? How long were you holding onto this?"

It's there because I still love her, you almost say. I've held onto it for years.

"This is my sister, my sister, and you never told me. How could you how could you I am your love, aren't I? Am I not enough? Don't you love me?"

You will never be enough. You will never be Hisana. You will never understand; I will never love another.

These are all the things you almost tell her when she is standing there in the dark, the glass at her feet shattered and bloody, the wooden doors behind gaping wide, an empty space where her sister's picture once stood. These are all the things that are the truth, all the things you almost never had the heart to tell her. Things you almost forgot.


The question is almost unheard, and the answer is almost unknown.

But almost is never enough, just like Rukia will never be enough for you when your late wife captured your heart and displayed it behind glass and wood frames.

You almost keep your word to Hisana, but you walk away away away away away

…until almost is enough to tear you apart.