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II: Intricacies

By xannychan

Disclaimer: I do not own characters.

Short A/N: It was kind of inspired by how Byakuya never beat Yoruichi at tag and flew from there. None of these fics will be related to each other, as a side noteā€¦Theme 9: Hide and Seek. 221 words.

Warnings: One-sided Byakuya x Rukia.


It was a game; that was all it was.

An intricate game of hide-and-seek, in which persons involved ran in endless circles through multiple dimensions, scattered by battlefields of blood and justice and fear, the ever-dwindling time limit counting down the last of his chances of redeeming what was left of his empty life of work. A game in which there would be a thousand things worth losing to keep playing if it meant that he had one more shot at a bizarre off-chance with fate.

With her.

Even so, none of it really affected the game in the end, he pointedly noted to himself.

It was only a game, a small amusement in the grand scheme of things that kept him occupied. She was only a passing phase in his life full of the aristocratic lifestyle. He didn't regard her as anything more than that.

Regardless of the fact that she really did closely resemble his late wife.

Regardless of the fact that it made his skin crawl when she called him "Nii-sama," like he was waiting for her to call him something else, something more.

Regardless of the fact that every time she turned away he found himself floundering, confused and dazed.

Regardless of the fact that when he looked at her he didn't know what to do or think or say or feel.

A game was all it was, where she hid and he could never find her.