A/N: This is based on the American version. So please don't bash it I know both versions I just chose this one because it was easier. So enjoy!

Warning: I have a WEIRD style of writing; I don't go into detail that much I just leave it to the imagination.


Sakura flew over Readington looking for the Star card that had decided to misbehave. It wouldn't have done that if Kero hadn't had tried to stuff a peep down its throat but oh well at least he was helping chasing it. Yue followed them as he was Yukito when the whole mess had started at Sakura's house.

"Sakura I see it!" Kero shouted pointing down at her school. "Right!" shouted Sakura swooping down in the courtyard. Kero and Yue followed. Landing on the ground Sakura approached it slowly. "Come on Change! Everything's gonna be okay! Kero didn't mean to hurt you!" Sakura hollered out at the card who was a few yards away. The Change hissed and started to back up. Sakura" It'll be alright! I'll be sure to give Kero a big lecture and he will be punished! "

The Change Card, Unsatisfied, charged at them and ran past Sakura and Kero approaching Yue. It leaped over and collided into Yue who landed on the ground and held it down. As Changed squirmed around Sakura and Kero ran over to Yue who was struggling trying to calm it down.

"Is it alright?!" Sakura asked with a worried look on her face. Yue nodded still holding it. "Yes I think so---o!" A wave of energy bolted through Yue's body and for a moment he had an expression on his face as if he was being stabbed in the stomach. Sakura screeched and Kero jumped. "YUE!" Sakura pulled out another Star Card and waved her wand around. "SHEILD!!! SURROUND CHANGE!" she shouted activating it's power. The Change began to glow red as it leaped out of Yue's arms and took off.

Kero was about to run after it when Sakura stopped him. "No Kero…Let Change calm down for a bit until it feels ready…Right now let's worry about Yue….YUE!!!" she turned around and saw the guardian lying unconscious on the ground. Sakura and Kero ran over to his side.

"Yue! Yue are you alright?! Oh No! Please say something! YUE!" Sakura cried out shaking Yue's shoulders to wake him up. "Yue come on man make some noise! Please be alright!"

Yue's eyes began to move and slowly open. He sat up and looked over at Sakura. "S-Sakura?" he said in a voice more innocent than usual. "YUE! You're all right!" she said hugging him. "Yue? What do you mean?" he asked in a tone way too familiar. Sakura let go and looked up at him. "OOOOH NO!!!!!" Kero cried with his jaw dropped.

"Sakura? Oh! Hey Kero! Yue told me about you!" Yue said smiling.

"AAAH! IT SMILED! GET IT AWAY FROM ME ITS CREEPY!" Kero shouted turning into his false form and hiding behind Sakura. Yue smiled and giggled but then gave an innocently confused look. "Sakura? What am I doing here anyw…." He stopped talking as he noticed the strange outfit he was wearing. He reached back to scratch his head and felt the long hair that went down the ground. A look of horror came across his face. "I …I…I'm not…Me… am I?" he asked turning to them.

"Julian I can explain everything! Yue was holding down one of the Star Cards a-and we kind of..." Before Sakura could finish giant wings enclosed and the magic circle appeared and the wings opened again revealing Julian.

"Cerberus what just happened?" asked Julian only it was Yue's voice that was coming out of the mouth. Julian gave a grumpy look and crossed his arms. "AAAH! THIS IS TOO WEIRD! IT'S SCARY!" Sakura shouted. Sakura pulled out her phone and dialed Madison's number. "Madison? We got a biiiiiiig problem…" she sighed.

Madison had her video camera on filming the moment of silence that had been taking place in Sakura's room.

"Julian has school tomorrow I hope you know that…" Kero stated looking up. Both Sakura and Yue nodded. (Yue is still in Julian's body)

"Should we tell Tori?" Madison asked looking up from her camera. Sakura shook her head. "No! If Tori finds out what we'll he think of all this? He would get mad! I know how he is." She said in a slightly panicky tone. "She's right I saw the look he gave me when he knew I wasn't a stuffed animal…It wasn't pretty." They all looked over at Yue who had a stressed look on his face.

"……..So I guess this means…I have to go back to school…." He mumbled. He thought he had gotten out of the Hell-Hole hundreds of years ago when they still lived in Hong Kong. But lucky him would get a chance to experience the whole nightmare all over again.

That morning Yue heard a huge loud beeping sound in Julian's room. It was his alarm clock. Yue looked up. "Wha?" he saw the red numbers flashing in the black box. Counting on his fingers he finally realized that this was the time Julian would get up and get ready for school.

Yue groaned and got up and walked over to Julian's closet. He opened the door and saw a bunch or organized outfits and uniforms all folded and hung neatly in the closet. "Feh…This kid has way too much time on his hands…Organizing his closet…Pfft!" Yue mumbled to himself as he pulled out what looked like the uniform that Julian wore. Stepping outside partly dressed, (His tie was over his neck instead if tied to it.) Yue looked around; Praying to God that Sakura would look for the Change card and find it soon. A familiar voice darted from behind Julian's house. "YO! Julian!" Yue turned around to find Sakura's older brother. Standing still, Yue lifted an eyebrow. "Oh hey you…TORI! Yes Tori now I remember." Tori stopped his bike. "You feeling alright Julian? You seem different." Yue gave a confused look. "Yeah I'm just having trouble seeing…I knew it was you because of the voice…" Yue said tapping his head.

"Well duh that's because you don't have your glasses on…" Tori said pushing on the kickstand.

"Glasses? Ah yes I had forgotten!" Yue said running back into Julian's house. He ran back to Julian's room and found where he had put them the night before…Or more like where he had thrown them because he was so tired. He looked in the corner by the nightstand and grabbed them. Looking in the mirror he put them on and took them off and then put them on again and took them off with an expression of wonder on his face. "My GOD this kid is blind!" he said to himself.

"Julian! You ready?!" Yue looked back into the mirror. He knew Tori was a sharp human and could notice anything even without magic. If Yue was going to pull this off he had to think back and remember the steps of Julian's routine. Clearing his throat he tried to make his voice higher and more cheery sounding even though it killed him.

"YEAH I"LL BE RIGHT THERE!" Yue rolled his eyes and sighed at the pathetic attempt he had just made. "This is going to be a loooooong day…" he mumbled to himself.

Being Julian was much more difficult than Yue had predicted. First he had to play soccer with Tori. This is what sparked off the list of troubles for the poor moon guardian for the day.

"Alright Julian you take defensive this time, since you were on offense last time." Yue nodded thinking he knew what Tori were talking about. At this point he had not really paid attention to what happens in a game of soccer and he would soon find out that what he thought of "Defense" was way more different than what the others meant. They all clapped (except for Yue who had no idea what the point was) and ran out to the field. Yue ran into the middle of the field and looked around. "Time out!" Tori yelled at the reff. He ran over to Yue. "Julian what are you doing? You're on defense go protect the goal…" He whispered pointing in the direction that he was supposed to be standing.

"Ooooh…Oh!" Yue quickly ran over to the spot and stood still. As the whistle blew he watched as he saw several boys kick a ball around and pass it to each other. Looking towards the fence, he some high school girls cheering and watching the guys play. He noticed that some of them were looking at him waiting for him to do something.

Yue winked at them with a smirk on his face and they all flushed red and started to giggle.

"Julian! Look out!" Yue looked back and saw one of the players on the other team heading strait for him with the ball. "Right…Defend the goal…" Yue thought to himself. Right when the player came into range Yue made a fist and punched him in the stomach.

"OH GOD!!!!" The player fell to the ground and the reff blew the whistle. "Time out! What in the world are you doing?!"

"Defending the goal…" Yue replied simply. He looked over and saw Tori running towards him. "Julian what happened?!"

"Um…" Yue mumbled looking over at the injured player. All the other players were glaring at him except for the goally who was laughing his butt off.

"Julian what is wrong with you?!" Tori yelled. Yue looked away as if to pretend he didn't do anything. Tori grabbed him by the arm. "Sorry I'll talk to him it won't happen again." Tori replied to the reff and dragged Yue off the field.

"What was that?!" Tori asked once they were near the school entrance.

"He was running towards me and you sa.."

"Have you lost your mind?!" Tori asked interrupting. Yue was about to say something but then forgot.

"Grrr never mind second period is about to start we'd better get to class.