Yue and Julian Switched!

(The secret food fight Scene)

Tori began to laugh some more while Yue quietly reached for the plastic spoon and dipped it in the chocolate putting and flicked some in Tori's face. Tori immediately stopped and wiped some off and looked at Yue, who had his arms crossed and eyes closed.

"You didn't…" Tori hissed under his breath. Yue opened his eyes and looked up at him. "I do whatever it takes to shut somebody up."

"Yue don't mess with me alright? I'm not Kero." While saying this Tori took some apple sauce and threw it on Yue's shirt. "That's how I roll mister moon guardian."

Yue looked at the shirt. Technically it was Julian's but still the action was insulting.

"You want to play that way fine with me." Yue groused and picked up the half orange from his tray and squeezed the juice all over Tori's head. (By this time many of the other students were watching the actions taking place)

"Oh man I wish you were in your true form that way this could be more effective!" Tori grabbed Yue's pudding and threw it at him. Yue quickly ducked and it hit another student in the back. It was on. The student picked up a muffin and threw it at Tori's face. Yue began to laugh evilly but then felt Chocolate milk pour all over his head.

"Aaaah!" Yue shook his head and drops of milk flew everywhere. He stood up and grabbed Tori's soda and shook it and pulled the tab at the student. All the other students began to laugh at the scene.

"Anybody else?!" Yue shouted in victory. Tori tackled him down and smeared peanut butter and jelly all over the side of Yue's face. Yue smacked Tori's arm away and got him in a headlock. The students began to cheer since this was the first time they had ever seen Julian fight.

Yue continued to drag Sakura's older brother to the table and he quickly grabbed one of the girl's dessert cakes and smeared it down the front of Tori's face. The girl didn't mind she handed Yue the rest of her lunch to ignite the fight.

Yue took advantage and poured the girl's apple juice all over the victim's head.

"I'm gonna get you back for this!" Tori shouted finally breaking from the headlock. He tried to get up but slipped from all the liquid that had been spilt on the floor. Finally catching himself he began to run after Yue.

Yue jumped up over the table on the other side and grabbed some grapes. He put one in his mouth and spat it back out at Tori.

"Aw man that's just plain gross!" Tori shouted wiping the spit off of his cheek. He took a straw from another students soda and slurped some liquid and held it in and fired it at Yue. Some of it had gotten on Yue's sleeve but he managed to slip and fall before the rest could hit him. The guardian struggled and got back up with his glasses crooked. Tori grabbed a whole apple and threw it at him.

Yue round-house kicked it back at him and quickly grabbed some ramen noodles and took some from the bowl and threw them at Tori's shirt.

(Note: At this time people could care less if their food is used.)

Many of the other students began to choose a side. Yue now had an army of students throwing food at Tori as did Tori at Yue.

The countless laughing and screaming of girls and boys across the cafeteria scared away many of the teachers. Tori prepared to throw some pineapple slices at Yue, who had jumped and run across the table and jumped on top of him and stuffed a blueberry muffin in Tori's mouth. "Like that human?!" Yue hissed evilly in Tori's ear. Tori tackled Yue on the floor and ripped off his glasses and smeared them in milk that was on the floor.

Yue was aware of the disadvantage that this caused and quickly backed up into a girl who was involved in the epic battle of food.

Tori had found a can of grape soda that was half full and had swung it back and forwards to spill it on the enemy. Yue quickly grabbed the girl behind him and dragged her in front of him. The girl was laughing hysterically as Yue tried to hold her in place. He too was chuckling at the fact that his hand was up her shirt and it was a personal amusement. Grape soda splashed on her and Yue quickly grabbed the chocolate ice cream that was in her hands. "Who's side are you on miss?" he asked her smiling.

"I don't know!" she said giggling. Yue began to smear it on her leg.

"EEK! YOURS! YOURS!" Yue stopped and threw it at Tori. Tori had some cracker crumbs in his hand and some strawberry jello. He grabbed a lunch tray and piled it on and catapulted it through the air.

The girl squeeled and tried to get out of the way but Yue continued to hold her back. "No you stay here! I need you!" he snickered. The jello landed on the girl's uniform and Yue finally let go. Tori was now unarmed and it was his turn to attack.

As bits and pieces of food flew through the air Yue grabbed a fruit cup and took out two soft apples and once more tackled Tori down and tried to stuff them in his mouth. Tori grabbed Yue by his arms and sat up and got him right where he wanted him.

It was his time to shine, he had pulled the legendary move. THE WET WILLY!

Tori took his water bottle and drank some. He put his two index fingers in his mouth and then stuck the moist monsters in Yue's ears!


"Relax Yue it's just water!"

"IT'S WATER! THAT WAS IN YOUR MOUTH! THAT MAKES IT SSSSSPIT!!!!!" Yue said shoving Tori out of the way.

The battle continued for a whole hour…Its epic legend is remembered today at Readington High School. We will never forget those who sacrificed their lunches to choose the side that they believed in. We will remember….