The Darkened Mirror #1

The Secret of the Supreme

Bobby's Journal #1


That's where I am, Phoenix. Not the city, the territory. I know, it's weird how someone would name a territory Phoenix. Who names these territories anyway? Maybe the same person who named the city Phoenix. Maybe...

Anyway, in my last journal I had gotten a message from this territory. It was a hologram, not even a slip of paper; it was just an imaginary note that was walk-through. This is what it said:

Dear Pendragon

Greetings, this message is from Phoenix, we are in terrible danger. A race of humans known as Supreme is attacking our city, Cretorus. We are in desperate need of assistance, please Pendragon, we need help.


Notoreous, I guess Phoenix is another one name territory, I mean; they can't just come up with a different name for everyone. I'm also curious about the territory, I thought there were only 10 territories, maybe it isn't a territory, maybe it's a city, and well it is a city...

I decided to test my theory. I went to the closest flume and shouted, "Phoenix!" Suddenly, the flume came to life. Man, I was hoping this wouldn't happen.

The flume ride was sudden, I didn't see anything, and it was different. Suddenly, I saw cracks jag across the top of the flume. Then, my worst nightmare suddenly came to reality. The flume was collapsing...

Both sides of the flume were going down. I started running toward Phoenix, hoping there was another flume there. Large shards of the flume crashed down even before I was halfway through. I tried my best to dodge the flume remains and, while a large piece was falling off, I jumped. Big mistake. The piece fell straight onto my leg, defiantly cracking a bone or two. I staggered toward the other side and before another piece fell off, I was gone.

I found myself in a small room. The ground and the ceiling were covered in carpet. A single light bulb dangled from the ceiling and lit up the whole room. The walls looked as if they were made from marble and the most noticeable thing was the big hole in the wall I had just ran through. That, defiantly, used to be the flume.

I saw a pile of clothes in the corner. Traveler clothes. They were a stretchy suits; it was like a scuba diver suit. The only thing different was there was no gear. I got dressed and, of course, left the boxers on, even though these clothes looked comfy.

After getting dressed I decided to find a way to get out of there. Just after taking a step forward, the marble in front of me slid open. I jumped back, surprised. Then the marble slid closed. Oh, automatic doors. I knew that. Just a second ago I was in a life or death situation and know I'm scared of a freakin' door! What's wrong with me?

I waked forward and the doors slid open. I stepped inside with wonder. Now I was in a large pitch-black room. Why didn't I notice I was going into a pitch-black room again? Oh, yeah. I was too scared of automatic doors! The doors behind me slammed shut. I walked toward those doors, retracing my steps. They didn't open.

Now, I was really scared. What if I was being held prisoner? What if I was trapped here forever? What if I was being an idiot falling for such a stupid message? What if-

"Hello, Pendragon," a dark whispering voice said.

I turned around and found myself face-to-face with…

"Loor?" I asked.

"No," the whispering voice came from her mouth.

She transformed. No, it wasn't Saint Dane, but very close, it was a quig. I turned and ran…

Second Earth

It all started when Courtney got a call. The phone rang while she was watching movies and waiting for her parents to get back home from work. She had no idea what was going her way. Something bad. Her life was going to tear apart.

Courtney picked up the phone. When she heard the words she thought she heard, she ran. Ran down the stairs, ran through the door, ran through the grass. She had to get there; she had to. She ran through the trail that led to her school. She ran straight past the volleyball courts.

She ran as fast as she could, but it was too late. Her mom was dead. She ran toward a crash scene with policemen all guarding it. She saw two wrecked cars. One was her mom's and the other was a black car. It was obvious. Saint Dane. He was there. Now he was gone. It was over.

"No…"Courtney whispered, "No…"

"Oh, yes," said a cop.

"Huh?" Courtney looked up and looked into his eyes. "Saint Dane…"

"Yes, Courtney," Saint Dane said, "I did."

"I'll get you for this!" Courtney screamed.

"No, you won't." Saint Dane walked away and got onto a police car. The car screeched and left.

The message had said, "Pendragon is trapped. This gives me an advantage and, of course, I'll take it."

Courtney and her dad cried. Courtney's father cried for his wife. Courtney cried for more. She cried for Bobby. Bobby had been there to help her make everything good again, but now he was gone, off doing the traveler stuff. He had no choice. She cried for Mark. Mark had been there to read the journals he had gotten from Bobby. They came through his ring, a gift given to him by a traveler. Now Mark gave that ring to Courtney and left, in the flume. She cried for her mother. She was the nicest mother a girl could have and now, she was dead.

When she finished crying, she wanted to cry some more, but her ring glowed. When she noticed, she told her dad that she needed to do homework and dashed upstairs. She dropped the ring on the floor and watched. The ring grew and grew. Soon the flume sequence began. When the amazing sequence was over, she found a scroll of hologram paper she looked at it and started reading.

Bobby's Journal #1 Continued


I ran. That was the biggest mistake I made since I got here at Phoenix. I forgot that there was a sealed door in front of me. I slammed straight into that wall and it hurt, pretty badly. I thought my nose was bleeding, but I couldn't tell, it was pitch-black.

I could clearly see the quig; its shadow was darker and its glowing hungry eyes were showing me where it was looking. Then, the quig transformed, it transformed from a human shape to a bird shape, a raven, actually. I stared at it, as its form changed like a flame.

When its transformation finished, it flew high to the ceiling of the structure. Then, it dive-bombed. I only had a little time to react and even less time to complain about my foot, so I staggered away, trying to escape the quig's grasp.

I got away from impact in time. The quig rammed straight into the door and broke it to pieces. I saw the quig was a shadow, and in light, they were defenseless. The quig moaned as the light in the room disintegrated it. The quig didn't disintegrate. The quig wrapped itself around the single light bulb and fused with it. It became a lantern, and also became my way out.

I grabbed the lantern and looked around the dark room. It was cylinder shaped and was made of a dark, hard metal (I think it was dark or maybe it was because the room was pitch-black).

I found another door, and this one was unlocked. I stepped toward it and it automatically opened. The door led to a hallway. This hallway had carpet on the floor and there were lights, covering the ceiling. The walls were tiled with, uh, marble.

"I'm glad you made it out alive, Pendragon," someone said.

"Huh?" I turned around. Standing there was a child, about 10 or 11 years old. He had blond, shaggy hair and was wearing the same clothes as me. His eyes were bright blue. They weren't icy sold like Saint Dane's, but more relaxing and safe.

"I said 'Hi'," the boy said.

"Oh! Yeah. Uh… hi?" I said.

"Thank you," he said.

"Who called me here?" I asked.

"I did," the boy said.

"You?!?!" I said, "You called me here?!?!"

"Yes," he said sternly, "Is that a problem?"

"No…" I said, "Not at all."

"Good," he said, "Follow me. You will get answers to the rest of your questions."

He showed me to more automatic, made-from-marble-that-scared-me-half-to-death doors not far from the "quig realm" (I call the dark room that). The doors slid open and we walked in.

The door led to a room, like a room you get in a hotel but with only one room. There was a bunk bed with white sheets that were all messed up. There was a short table, which reached to as high as my knees, right next to the beds.

"Sit down, Pendragon," the kid said, "Sit down."

We sat on two cushions right next the table (which I learned is their dinner table).

"Now," he said, "I will answer your questions."