Bobby's Journal #2 Continued


The key was your mom; I needed to get your mom before the Supreme finished making their flume. I had to grab her and go. It's just not that simple.

Okay, every since I sent my last journal to you guys, I've learned more about Phoenix. It was even worse than I thought.

"Pendragon," Notoreous said, "it's time I tell you how terrible Phoenix is."

"Okay," I said.

He took me to a small room with computer monitors and switches and things. I realized it was some kind of monitor room, like those places in hotels where they watch over everything, but this was actually watching over EVERYTHING.

It showed us Second Earth. I saw your dad, Courtney, I saw your dad sitting down, crying. It showed us Zadaa. I saw Loor walking into the flume. I, seriously, saw EVERYTHING.

But there was something Notoreous wanted to show me in particular. He wanted to show me the damage the Supreme had done to everyone, not only his people. He flipped some switches and showed me a screen.

I saw dozens of tank that were overrunning the land, moving toward a small town. The tanks shot large beams of energy into the town and then many town buildings exploded. They were in flames. I saw people, running around, screaming. They knew their loved ones were dead. I turned away.

"Is that it?" I asked, over my back.

"No" was my reply, and it wasn't a happy one either.

"The Supreme take these destroyed towns and build weapon factories over them. Then, the Supreme take the survivors in these attacks and use them to make the Supreme weapons," Notoreous said, "My town was very lucky and were able to evacuate before the Supreme attacked."

"Why hasn't any traveler helped this territory?" I asked.

"Because some people here learned something they shouldn't learn, all our flumes were destroyed," Notoreous said, "Our great ancestor couldn't do anything, so he started designing on of his own, but he didn't have the right materials to make it; only human sacrifice could make up for that."

"That's why you wanted me here," I said, "To help your territory."

"Yes," Notoreous said, "but there is more."

"What?" I asked.

"I have learned you still have another way to contact the outside world," Notoreous said.

I held up my ring. "You mean this?"

"Yes," Notoreous said, "If you can contact your fellow travelers, then my people can make a perfectly stable flume. We could leave this territory forever."

Bobby's Journal #2 Continued


"Leave the territory?" I shouted, "That is not the nature of the territories! It could crumble many other territories as well!"

"But, if you don't help us, you will never return to your home," Notoreous said.

I knew he got me in a situation where I had to except.

"Fine, but I will only allow my acolyte to take only one material for the flume," I said.

"Fine," Notoreous said, "That's all I need."

As you guys know, I sent you that message to obtain the kyzar, but you really didn't give it to me at the right time, here's why…

Notoreous landed the ship and showed me the path to the place your mom was kept. And guess where they were keeping your mom? The main headquarters of the Supreme.

Yep, this was going to be easy.

"I'm coming with you," Notoreous said.

"YOU!?" I exclaimed, "You're pretty short for a guy who is going to help me save Courtney's mom."

"Trust me," he said, "I know how to fight."


"I heard that," he said.

We were given these guns these people called Energy Cannons. They were huge and could shoot large masses of force, surrounded by energy. There's one, maybe two, drawback though. You can only use it five times, and the other drawback is that it's heavy.

The headquarters was huge. It was a big, metal city with skyscrapers reaching into the sky. A wall stretched around the city, protecting anything that was coming near. The same type of tanks as the ones that destroyed the city in the watch room was parked in front of the wall.

There was a huge plain surrounding the walls of the city, so there was no way we could have a sneak attack. We had to go, head-on.

We sped through the plain, making ourselves as invisible as possible. There was no attack. We either were in a trap, or were being lured toward the headquarters, so that we could get killed easily. I hoped it was the first one.

We sped behind a rock that was big enough to hide both Notoreous and I. I peeked out to see they had brought out the tanks. We were going to fight.

Bobby's Journal #2 Continued


"Okay," I said, "When we jump out, we run as fast as we can."

"There's tanks," Notoreous said.

"Yep," I said, "maybe a dozen of them."

"Ouch," he said.

I took out my Energy Cannon and aimed for a tank. I made sure it was very precise because I never learned a lot about guns on Second Earth, so I really had to be careful.

I pulled the trigger and missed. That was actually good because I had just blasted a big hole in the wall. We had found our way in.

"I meant to do that," I said.

"No, you didn't," Notoreous replied.

"Let's see you try," I said.

"Okay." Notoreous lifted up his Energy Cannon, aimed, and pulled the trigger. It blew up two tanks.

I was so envious, that Notoreous had to drag me across the plain. Well, half the way. Once we were back on track, I ran through the hole in the wall.

Inside the city, I saw people. They were walking around, laughing and acting like normal people. These people were having a normal life, but what about the other people? They are dying just so that these people can have fun.

These people wore the same, comfortable clothes as Notoreous and I did, so we could lose our enemy in the crowd…


…If we didn't have the Energy Cannons.

I saw men with helmets and cannons similar to mine run through the crowd. They were the security force and we were the enemy. Not a good combination.

Notoreous and I raced through the city streets, headed for the center. The center was where the headquarters were. That was where we would fight our real enemy.

The city streets were crowded, but somehow the security force was moving faster than us. They were going to catch up real quick. We had to block their path. That was when I saw the headquarters.

The headquarters were huge. It was a tower. It was a really big tower. I tried looking up, to see the top, but I saw none. There was only light. I realized that the Supreme had control of all light in the planet and without them, Phoenix would be nothing.

I had to get to the top and get that energy source. I could help change the territory. I could even use it to make these people stay in their territory. It was brilliant.

"That could work," Notoreous said, as if he was reading my mind… Oh. I got to get used to that.