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Chapter Fifteen

Joey is now seven months along and he wants this over with now!!! Seto stood in the doorway one day and he had to smile. There was Jeffery and he was teaching Joey how to knit, and he was doing a pretty good. At night as they laid in bed, Seto would lay his hand over their child and the baby would kick. Seto would lay his head on Joey's stomach and he would talk to their son. "This is your father and I can hardly wait till I can hold you in my arms" then the baby would kick and both he and Joey would laugh.

One afternoon while Joey was resting, Seto went outside and watched his brother play with his puppy which wasn't so much a puppy as a small half grown dog. Baby would do tricks and Mokuba had her well trained. As he watched them together he would imagine what it would be like to play with his son and that would always bring tears to his eyes.

Today they are going for their next visit to see Faust and he would let them know when he was going to perform the C-section. As he examined Joey he told them that in one month their son would be coming into this world. Faust could tell that both of them were really nervous and so one evening he and Morty sat down and talked to both Seto and Joey about what to expect as far as the C-section was concerned.

Faust said "we will be making an incision in your abdomen and that's where the baby will be coming out. Then we clean up your son and stitch you up and we will be letting you hold your son."

Morty then said "yes there will be a lot of pain from having your abdomen opened, but when you hold your baby for the first time and look into those trusting little eyes well it's all worth it."

Seto was sitting with is arm around Joey and they would look at each other and then finally Seto said "how long will he have to recuperate from the surgery?" That made Joey want to smack him because he knew why Seto was asking that question. He wanted to have sex again.

Faust and Morty both laughed because they also understood the question and it was Morty who answered the question. "Joey will probably be sore for about one to two weeks but the if you're really careful well you know the rest." Both he and Faust laughed out loud when they turned beet red.

Mary found Seto sitting outside one afternoon and went over to see if she could do anything for him. "Seto, is something wrong?" she asked.

Seto looked into the face of his mother-in-law and lost it. He started crying and she held him till he could get his breath. "I'm so damn scared that I won't know what to do if the baby gets sick or falls down." She smiled at him and said "that's every parents worse nightmare but I'll share a little secret with you, that's what becoming a parent does. It makes you crazy not know if you are doing this or that right and then when it all come down to it you do exactly what needs to be done."

Seto kissed her cheek and said " I'm so damn glad that you're here because I probably would have been a blithering idiot long before now." They both laughed and then they went inside to see what Joey and Serenity were doing.

Mokie was showing them just how smart Baby was. She did all kinds of tricks and when Mokie would say sit and stay she did that too. " He loves that little dog doesn't he?" She said to Seto. "I'm growing fond of her too" Seto said.

As time grew closer to the day the baby would come into the world, Mary made sure that they had everything ready. She made a list of things that Joey would need while he was in the hospital and then things that they would be needing for the baby. Both Seto and Joey were thankful that she was here.

It was one week till the birth of the baby and Joey was getting really nervous. He would sit afraid of moving and making the baby come sooner. Mary would smile at her son and then one day while they were talking Joey got a cramp and it really hurt. Mary immediately called Morty and told him that it was time. Joey stared at his mother and whispered "it's to soon." Mary smiled and said "that baby wants to come into the world early and he's going to come."

Faust was ready when Joey got there and as he and his staff prepared Joey for surgery, Seto was outside waiting till they allowed him into the room. After Faust made the initial incision Seto was allowed into the room. He was dressed in a cap and gown and he stood beside Joey holding his hand.

Faust told Joey "that he would probably feel a little pressure but that was natural" then he went in and extracted their son. Joey felt the pressure and then he heard the baby's first cry or rather scream. They looked at each other and they both had tears running down their faces. Faust asked Seto "do you want to cut the cord?"

Seto walked over to where Faust was holding his son and he cut the cord and then he went back to Joey. "Our son is beautiful" he told Joey. They cleaned up the baby and a Nurse placed him in Joey's arms as Faust and the Staff cleaned up the rest of the stuff and Faust sewed up the incision.

As Joey held their son Seto counted ten little fingers and ten little toes. The baby grabbed hold of his fathers finger and they smiled at each other. "Have you two decided on a name for your son?" Faust asked them.

Seto looked at the man who allowed this miracle to happen and he said "yes we have, but we can't say till after the family is together."

While Joey was getting settled into a room, Seto went to tell the others about his son. He walked into the waiting room and Mokie ran to him and they hugged each other. "He's beautiful, our son is just the most beautiful baby in the world, he weighs 7 pounds fifteen ounces an is 21 inches long and he has a great set of lungs." This caused everyone there to laugh. Then he walked over to Mary and sat down beside her and he whispered "your grandson came into this world screaming and when he saw his momma he stopped and smiled at Joey." Seto lost it then and Mary held him because she remember how her husband was when Joey was born.

Later that day they all were allowed into the room and there was Joey holding his son. "Momma come see your grandson" he said. Mary picked up that baby and sat in the chair next to the bed. Seto then said "we want to introduce you to our son Joshua Jacob Kaiba." Mary looked up at he son and tears filled her eyes.

"Why did you name him that?" Mokie asked.

As Mary wiped the tears from her face she whispered "thank you both, and then she said that is Joey's fathers name." Serenity was crying as she held onto Joey's hand. So now the next generation of the Kaiba family just got larger by one little baby….

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