1 You Keep What You Kill

"You keep what you kill" Riddick muttered to himself and he slouched down into the large ornate throne. Now his throne.

He looked at the body lying at his feet. Kyra. Jack. Friend. Mate? She's gone now; everyone he has ever cared about is gone.

He has defeated an army of half dead men, and made atonements for his people. Millions slaughtered at their hands, now he rules them. What to do? There's no one to share it with and no one to trust to have your back.

He only trusted one, now she's gone. Kyra.

He puzzled at the pain deep inside him. He had no idea he could care so much for someone. He hadn't seen her in five years. She grew up on him, without him, because of him.

She was who she was because of him, because he left her. She worshiped him, and he let her down, again and again, like he always knew he would. He wasn't cut out to be a friend, or a lover or a mate. He was just Riddick, murderer, convict and now, Lord Marshal.

He glanced up at the thousands bowing down to him, waiting his command. They would do his bidding, because he demanded it. Or they would die at his hand. He could see something akin to fear in their eyes. Imagine a legion of un-dead fearing him, it almost made him smile, almost. But he had no one to enjoy it with, to smile at.


She came to him again while he floated in-between sleep and consciousness.

Riddick, you have done well and avenged our people. You have one more task to finish too fulfill your destiny. Your fate was chosen before your birth, as was hers. Come to Furya, meet your mate. The one chosen for you by God, to rule at your side and birth your children. Their very existence will restore balance to the universe.

"No, never. I'm done with this. I won't marry, and I'll never bring a child into this world." Riddick replied adamantly.

It's not your choice, Riddick. This is what you were born to do. You must procreate to restore our race to its former greatness. You are the strongest, the most defiant. You will make strong sons and daughters to continue your legacy.

"Fuck you and fuck Furya!" he roared

Riddick, if you don't come to her, then we will send her to you. You can't escape your fate.


Riddick woke with a start, and he was pissed! He was sick of getting screwed with and being told it was his destiny! He didn't believe in destiny or fate or whatever word they chose to use. He would not be backed into a corner. He had no desire to be tied down with a wife and child.

Yet he found himself striding from his quarters to seek out Vaako. "Set course for Furya."

"As you wish, Lord Marshal." Vaako replied. Vaako had no desire to revisit that planet again. He had seen the destruction they caused first hand. He had been part of the bloodbath. Vaako knew better than to question Riddick's order; he had seen what happened to the last man that did.