Chapter One

"Kagome, watch out!" Inuyasha screamed as he ran to her side. The Snake demon's tail whooshed at her head, missing by a near inch. The snake demon became outraged, and brought it back at her.

"Inu-yyyassshhhaaa!" Kagome screamed as she ducked. Inuyasha ran and picked her up, bridal style, and ran to get out of the way of the deadly tail-weapon. As a result Inuyasha got the full blow on the back, pushing him and Kagome toward a near by tree. Inuyasha used he's demon agility to turn their projectile. Hugging Kagome close he hit the tree, on the same spot as the wound from the snake, making it hurt twice as bad. He let out a low moan of pain as he hit the ground. Kagome landed on the ground next to him, she looked up, and Inuyasha was already lifting himself from the ground. "Are you alright?" She reached for his arm. He shook off her hand, she gasped when she saw the slash marks on his back.

"I'm fine, these wounds are nothing." He smirked. Reaching for tetseiaga he pulled out an old rusty sword, until Inuyasha gripped it, then it turned into a two and a half foot fang, of sorts.

"Sango, watch out!" Yelled their companion, Miroku, as he ran toward her. Sango meanwhile took the advantage of the air, thanks to her two tail cat, Kirara. They flew through the air. Sango raised her Herrikosts, a five foot boomerang, aiming it at the thrashing snake demon. "Herrikosts!" she yelled throwing it at it, hitting the demon in the face. The snake writhed in pain. "Inuyasha, now!" Sango yelled.

"I'm on it, Kagome, where is the jewel shard?" He turned to her. Kagome nodded and turned to the snake, she watched it, looking for the jewels glow.

"There, in its stomach." She told him.

"Got it. Here I come you filthy demon." Inuyasha raised the tetseiaga, wind started to swirl around the blade. Inuyasha smiled as he ran straight at the demon. "Tetseiaga, wind scar!" He brought the sword down hard, instigating the swords power. Everyone held their breath to see if it would make it; it did. "Yeah!!" they yelled, the wind scar split the snake in half. It fell to the ground motionless.

Kagome walked to the snake demon, bending down to pick up the jewel shard, from its remains. "Kagome, be careful, it's still tainted." Miroku stated. He was looking through Kagome's medical kit. They were sitting near the tree where Inuyasha and she had hit earlier.

"I will be." She bent down and picked up the jewel, instantly purifying it. "Got it." She turned her back on the snake, not noticing the rustling behind her.

"Great job Kagome." Sango said smiling at her friend.

"Yes, well done." Miroku stated.

"Kagome, you're so awesome." Shippo said jumping up and down near Inuyasha's side. They had built a fire, and Shippo, a little kitsun, or young fox demon, had gone for water. Shippo was the youngest of their group of five. There was Inuyasha, a half demon, a hanyou. His father was a great dog demon who'd fallen in love with a mortal woman, Isolde. He's an obnoxious, arrogant, jerk who gets very jealous, his sword tetseiaga was a sword made of one of Inuyasha's fathers fangs, given to him after his fathers death. Kagome is a seventeen year old girl, who came through a scared well, that borders between Kagome's world and the Feudal era, a five hundred year difference. Kagome on her fifteenth birthday, over two years ago, fell trough the well on her families shrine ground, finding Inuyasha stuck to a tree by a scared arrow, pinned there for fifty years by a woman Inuyasha loved, her name was Kikyo, a priestess of the Feudal era, but more about that later. Kagome and Inuyasha are searching Feudal Japan for the shards of the scared jewel, the Shinko no tama, the jewel of four souls. Shortly after Kagome had arrived in the Feudal era, the jewel was torn from her body and shattered in thousands of pieces.

Kagome often returns to her time for school and to stock up on supplies. Their other traveling companions, beside Shippo, are Sango and Miroku. Sango is a demon slayer, whose village was savagely destroyed, killing everyone in the village. She searches for her brother Kohaku, the only other living demon slayer. He was kidnapped, and hasn't been heard from for months. Miroku is a very perverted monk, he's funny and nice when he wants to be, but is pretty much just a womanizer. He has a cursed right hand that holds a black hole in his palm. It can suck up anything in its path. Both Miroku's father and grandfather where swallowed up into their hands, and it seems that shall be Miroku's fate, too. They are all searching for the jewel shards so that their wishes can come true.

Inuyasha wishes to become a full demon, Sango's to find her brother and bring back the people of her village, Shippo's to bring back his father and mother, and Miroku's to finally get rid of his wind tunnel, the hole in his hand. Kagome doesn't seem to have one, though she does want the rest of her friend's wishes to come true. Kagome smiled at her friends, she liked spending time with them, but it was time that she got back home. 'I have a lot of stuff to do that just can't be done here in the Feudal era. Like studying, talking to my other friends, and spending time being a normal seventeen year old girl, not a full time fighter, besides there aren't any jewel shards around here.' "Hey guys!" They turned to look at her. "I'm going-g-g-g!" Kagome never finished her sentence as something grabbed her from behind.

"Hahahaha!! Fools did you think slicing me in half could get rid of me. I don't think so." Kagome was now tight in his grasp. She kicked and squirmed trying to free herself. "But I think that it might work perfectly on this wrench. Die human." The snake's scales protruded from its body making hundreds of sharp knives, all the way around Kagome's body. As the scales dug into Kagome's skin, they began to bleed badly, she let out a yell of pain.

"Kagome!!!" They all yelled, then grabbing for their weapons, rushed to Kagome's aid.

"Let her go." Inuyasha pulled out his sword again. "Windsca-."

"Wind tun-, Heri-." Miroku and Sango yelled.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you." He held Kagome up, they stopped. "You don't want to hurt her, now do you." He squeezed her again, pushing the scaled more deeply into her. Kagome screamed and then whimpered when he loosened his grip.

"Inuyasha." Kagome looked at him, tears clogging in her eyes.

"Kagome." Inuyasha looked at her, he could see the blood staining her white shirt, and dripping down from her many wounds. The smell was making his throat clog up with emotions that he refused to show. All he could think of was to get her away from the demon. He tightened his grip on tetseiaga.

"Weak fools. Maybe I should just kill the girl, yes I think I will." He tightened his corals around Kagome cutting her deeper and deeper, Kagome's screams tearing into Inuyasha's heart. The snake made them tighter and tighter, Kagome's screams ceased. She stopped struggling, and her body became limp. "Hahahaha. It seems she couldn't handle the pressure." Giving her one more squeeze he threw her away from him.

"Kagome." Inuyasha ran to catch her. It was like watching everything in slow motion, Kagome's body arching gracefully as she fell toward the ground. Inuyasha pushed himself to get to her faster. He got closer and closer to her and the closer he got the more oblivious he became of his surroundings. He caught her, skidding to a stop, holding her to him. He could feel the pulse of her heart and the blood poured with its beat. It was slow and un-rhythmical. 'She's still alive, for now.' "Wind tunnel!" Inuyasha heard Miroku yell, then the familiar sound of the wind tunnels release. Inuyasha turned, seeing the snake being sucked up. That was it, it was over. Just like that.

"Inuyasha, Kagome, are you alright?" Shippo came running towards Inuyasha, you could tell that he'd been crying. Shippo stopped short as he saw Kagome's bloody body. "Is, is she alright?" Shippo asked again.

"She's still alive, but we need to get back to Kieda's, she'll be able to help." Inuyasha picked up her body, being careful not to jostle her. He walked slowly over to Sango and Miroku. "Kirara, can you transform, again, we need to get Kagome to Kieda's as fast as possible." Kirara growled in reply transforming in a ball of flames into her flying form. Sango climbed up and Inuyasha passed Kagome to her. "Miroku and I will meet up with you soon, just hurry up and get Kagome to Keida's as fast as you can. Shippo, you go with them."

"Okay." Shippo jumped up behind Sango.

"Right, I'm on it." Sango nudged Kirara, Kirara pushed up and they started to soar through the air heading straight to Kieda's hut. The journey took an hour before they reached the small village. Sango and Kirara guided them towards the ground. The villagers were still up and knowing something was wrong they rushed to get Kieda ahead of them. They landed in front of the small hut, and were immediately greeted by Keida.

"What's wrong where are the others?" She saw Kagome in Sango's grip, "Oh my, hurry bring her inside we need to treat her as soon as possible. Hurry." Kieda held open the hut's door flap, for Sango and one of the village men.

"How can I help?" Shippo asked getting as close to Kagome as possible.

"There's not much you can do, these wounds are serious for a human, now if it had been Inuyasha I could just put on a plain suave to his wounds, but poor Kagome, I'm not sure what I can do." Kieda's face grew pale when she checked Kagome's vital signs. "This isn't good; she's lost lots of blood. Sango tell me everything about what happened, and how long has it been since she began to bleed. Shippo, you can stay but you'll have to move out of the way."

"But Kagome needs me." Shippo cried.

"I know but we need to undress her so we can treat her wounds better, and you'll be in the way. Just sit there by the wall until we're finished."

"Okay." Shippo nodded and went to the wall as he was told. He sat there and watched as Sango and Keida pulled off Kagome's clothes, almost fainting when they pulled off her shirt and her stomach wounds began to bleed more badly.

"It seems the fabric has entwined itself in the wounds, we'll have to be more careful or she'll die of blood loss before we can even treat her." Kieda and Sango worked tirelessly, Sango applying pressure to Kagome's wounds and Kieda treating them. "I can tell right now that this is going to take a long time to heal, and treat." Sango nodded her agreement, they worked all night. By dawn they had Kagome's wounds cleaned and dressed; the bleeding was under control, and she was sleeping, Shippo lying next to her.