Summary: He stood next to the blonde bombshell, jealousy and envy clouding his eyes. She was on his mind every minute of his life. He could not help it, he was in love with her. But it was wrong, she belonged to his best friend.. AU. TxS, with CxS.

Genre: Romance/Drama:

Rating: T for strong sexual content, language, and violence. Rating may change.

A/N: I know what you are saying right now, again another fic! Well, I can't help it! They just pop into my hand! I can't control it! Someone help me! Anyway, this is my first try at a Troypay with some Chadpay in it! This is just a trailer, hope you guys enjoy!


Bold is Voiceover

Italics are action

Regular is Dialogue

He was his best friend…

Shows Troy and Chad playing basketball

The two could never be separated…

Shows Troy saying, "We'll be best friends till the end."

"Right on."

Shows them doing their handshake

Until now…

Shows Chad introducing Troy to his girlfriend, "This is Sharpay."

Shows Troy shaking Sharpay's hand, not wanting to let go

What happens…

Shows Troy whispering something to Sharpay

When the one thing you want…

Shows Troy pinning Sharpay to a wall

Is the one thing you can't have…

Shows Sharpay screaming, "You can't have me!"

Shows Troy shouting, "Why not!"

"Because I love Chad!


Will love…

Shows Troy sending trails of kisses down Sharpay's neck

Taint there friendship…

Shows Chad punching Troy. "What the hell! I thought I could trust you."

Zac Efron

Shows Troy lying in a bed, contemplating

Ashley Tisdale

Shows a tear-stained Sharpay in a wedding dress

Corbin Bleu

Shows Chad at a strip joint

On February 24...

Shows Troy and Chad fighting

A friendship will be tested…

Shows a wedding ring fall to the ground


A/N: Well hope you guys liked my little trailer! I will post the first chapter of "Mind of an Assassin" sometime Saturday. Also, if you haven't already, check out my Valentine one-shot "J'adore Dior."