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Mickie's POV (Song: End Of The Beginning By 30 Seconds To Mars)

The hallway seems cold, I don't know why. Maybe I should put a jacket on, oh how it seems like months since I've seen her. My mind seems to be moving quickly I can't help that.

It's just the way it, kinda like how she left me here. She told me that I had to keep the women's division strong. I just think she didn't want me to quit I was going to for her.

Only for her, but now carrying around this belt makes it so worth it. Each day it helps me get through the heartbreak. "Stupid blondes" I curse under my breathe.

I stop in the middle of the arena hallway. I need a drink god I have no idea why I'm thirsty. The belt is heavy to carry but I guess it comes with the territory at least it's not as heavy as the WWE championship.

I don't think I could lug that around all the time I wonder how John Cena does it. I open the small water bottle take a sip and then that odd feeling comes across me again. Oh god I know she's coming it's like a sixth sense.

You saw what you get If you take what you take Look in the eye of the test It's all because... Now there's a feeling I get When I look to the left But it should never be sensed

The belt is sitting on my shoulder oh I know she'll take a good look at what will never be hers. I should leave now before she catches sight of me, I still remember that last widow's peak she gave me.

My neck is still sore from it, now I can see why Trish never liked her much. Great I can see her in the corner of my eye she's with that skank Candice. The hair on the back of my neck is standing up she's just so eerie sometimes.

I would run but then I'd look like a chicken. The women's champion can't look like a weak sqwaking little chicken. I can feel her cold glare yep I think it's time I take my leave.

Just as I'm about to leave her soft hand graces against my skin and she stops me cold in my tracks. My eyes meet hers with bitterness. She seems nervous but I'm not backing down now.

Can you feel it? Things are changing Can you see it? Watch as the worlds colliding Can you see it? Can you feel it? Watch as the worlds... Collide into themselves Collide into themselves

Oh how badly I want to slap the teeth right outta her mouth. "Mickie" her voice hushed I think she can sense my anger now. "What do you want?!" I snap the words coming off harsher than I intended.

But It's not like she's never screamed in my ears before. "Can we talk?" her voice becoming slightly louder than before. I'm wondering what she'll do next I can see Candice standing behind her.

Both these women sure know how to push my buttons. It tends to get to me most of the time, but I can't let it get to me now. "Why the hell would I want to talk to you?!" yeah sometimes the words just slip outta my mouth.

"I just think it would be wise if we could talk" there's that annoying voice I hate so much. Oh how very close Iam to slapping her. She gives Candice a look and the skank leaves, now it's a fair fight again.

She steps back maybe she can read minds? Her posture is relaxed a bit now, if she thinks I won't beat the crap outta her she's dead wrong. Her eyes are on my title now if she wants a rematch I don't think so.

I have bigger fish to fry, I mean I beat her fair and square. Her dark eyes meet mine again they aren't so menacing anymore. But you can't trust her she seems so…weak right now. She doesn't seems to angry doesn't seem so…I can't think of the right words.

See them ease out of the circle Watch your friends run and hide Help them fall back in this cycle Here we are searching

I wonder if she knows how to speak? She hasn't said anything or moved an inch. Now its going on three mintues and I don't know if I should say something. Maybe she's thinking game plan? Maybe she's going to-

"Look Mickie…I understand that your not happy with me." She spoke I think I'm going to have a heart attack. I try to hide the small chuckle that wants out. I truly don't want any trouble tonight.

"I get that, I've done a lot of horrible things to you and Trish…and many others." My mind seemed to stop racing at that last comment. Her voice is so soft and I truly have nothing to say at this point.

I can't believe she had dragged Trish into this. God now I want to slap her again maybe I should. My hand raises a little bit but her voice stops the movement. "I just want that title…I just want to prove I'm still meant to be champion."

My eyes narrow on her. I try to capture every curve of her face with my one look. We've been at this for a month now and it's going tired fast. How does she think she deserves this title more than me? How does her mind work? My hand is starting to raise again I can't stop it.

You saw what you get If you take what you take Look in the eye of the test It's all because... Now there's a feeling I get

My hand is unstoppable now I smack her hard across the face. I can feel a slight sting in my hand. I can see her grabbing her hand tracing the spot in which I had slapped her.

Now I've started something again I can almost feel it. She looks gives me a soft look I can tell she hadn't been expecting that. Her eyes meet mine once more and she steps closer to me she's not so weak after all.

I can feel her warm breathe against my cheek. "You prove to me day in and day out you don't deserve to be the champion." Her words nearly breaking as she pushes them out. It sounds like shes crumbling from the inside.

Maybe she'll hit me now? "I respect you…but everytime I try to change things here you go again. Taking away any chance of it." Her voice is still a whisper I can feel her coming in closer she's near my neck now.

"Victoria" I breathe I want to back down right now. I want to take back everything I did now. She's stronger than me I know that. Using her strenght she pushes me up hard against the cement wall.

Her head still near my ear her breathe still against my skin. Now I'm in between a rock and a hard place. "Do you really think you can beat me?" she whispers I can hear the old Victoria coming back.

Her hand moves up slowly against my bare leg. It keeps moving I feel like I can't breathe now. I can't power outta this she's got me right where she wants me. I should have never slapped her.

I try to push any kinda words I can find out but all I can do is choke on them. Her hand is soft and it moves up my red shirt…it keeps moving up at a slow pace. "Vic- her hand is now on the small of my breast.

I close my eyes tightly trying not to seem…excited. "I only wanted a shot…" she whisperes I can barely think. Her hand soon clenches onto the title. My eyes open hers meet mine we are quiet for a few moments her grasp is strong.

Both her hands keeping me still, a small smirk comes across her features. Now I'm shaking, I can't control it. She's pressed hard against my body I can feel ever inch of her, one of her legs makes its way in between mine.

My breathing is increasing I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little turned on. But those thoughts of her giving me the widow's peak always seem to crawl back into my head.

The thoughts of her trying to give me the beating of my life. All of those horrible thoughts kept creeping into my head. Her soft hand let go of my title and her lips found their way against my neck.

But it should never be sensed Our searching for a sign

I tried to stop my nervous shaking but with no luck. Her lips so soft as they graced my neck. I let my left arm drop and the women's title slipped off my shoulder and fell onto the ground.

I barely noticed it, as both of her hands strongly grabbed my legs she pulled me up. My leg's wrapped around her waist as she held me up against the wall. "Victoria…please- her lips quickly crushed against mine stopping my words.

I could feel her tounge descovering new wonders inside my mouth. I could barely make out what was going on in those heated seconds. Her lips pulled from mine for a second.

"We…are going to get caught." I spoke pushing those words out as hard as I could. She simply grinned at me, her right hand left its place. It softly tugged at my black skirt I wanted to whisper something to her but couldn't.

Her dark eyes shined in the light from the hallway. Her lips met mine once more, and all my worries seemed to slip away. I didn't want to be sleeping with the enemy but I couldn't help it.

Her kiss seemed irresistible and she was far from being an eye sore. She quickly pulled from my lips and looked down at my black skirt. I could feel the annoyance flow off of her.

Victoria glared at my skirt and using her strenght she sat me on the wooden table from where I had gotten my water bottle. She obviously didn't seem concerned with anybody catching us.

I mean we were only in the middle of a large hallway in a large arena. I smirked at that thought now I was thinking what she was. At least I hoped I was, I wonder why she's just standing there eyeing me.

I could feel her eyes burning into me. She stepped closer to me, that smirk still on her lips now she was the only thing on my mind. Just looking at her made me want more.

Victoria was now towering over me, I took a deep breathe. "I like that name Victoria its kinda…" she came closer to me "kinda what?" she asked in her ever so seductive tone.

My words stopped flowing she kissed me passionatly on the lips I kissed her back harder. My hands began to wander without my own permission I couldn't help myself.

My WWE championship still sitting on the floor a few meteres away from us. I barely thought about it, it barely crossed my mind. I could feel her growning more aggressive with every touch.

I knew she wanted more, she wanted much more than just some title shot. I could see and feel that now, she wanted me. She quickly pushed the water bottles off of the table.

I layed back against the hard wood, her hands wandering around my body. Her right hand was feeling my left side, and her left hand…seemed to be moving downwards.

I breathed hard as all the mixed emotions began to shake through my body. Her left hand was now up my black skirt, I closed my eyes waiting for her. Her lips once again pressed against mine, as her hand tugged lightly onto my short pink panties.

I was almost ready to beg her now she was only teasing me. She softly pulled from my lips, her hand lightly escaping into the depths of my little pink panties. She came closer to me near my ear her breathe warm and heated as was mine. "I'll see…" I breathed hard as her voice entered my mind.

Another time, another place Another time, another place

She softly pulled her hand from my panties "…you in…the ring Mickie." She pressed her lips against mine once more before softly pulling away. I closed my eyes pulling myself up.

I opened my eyes watching her walk down the hallway. I kept her picture in my head I can still see her small black tight top pressed against me. I can still feel her smooth soft leg in between mine.

God I love her black see through shorts. What a way to mess with someone's mind. "She has a perfect ass though" I whispered.

Before sliding off the table and picking up my WWE women's championship.

Victoria's POV (Song: Wow By Snow Patrol)

"You know Vick. I don't wanna burst your bubble or nothing. But Mickie already beat you…what makes you think she'll let you challenge her again for the title?" I can here what she's saying.

I simply just don't care I'm Victoria…Queen Victoria. Who the hell is Candice Michelle? Just some Playboy slut I roll my eyes at her. Now she's gone all quiet at least she knows her place.

"I can make Mickie James do anything I want." I reply to her my voice is strong and confident. Oh how wonderful I know I can be. Sometimes I like to make myself feel high and mighty.

It makes me feel more like…Victoria. I stop seeing her in the distance. Smiling I know what I'm going to do to get my title. Candice is dead quiet I can tell she's not sure about what I'm going to do.

I find that a good thing it keeps her in fear.

You can't be scared of anything at all All the spotlights streaming into angry skies Say the first thing that Comes into your mind when you see me If it looks like it works and it feels like it works Then it works

Oh looks like shes trying to walk off I know she knows I'm watching her closely.

Mickie James mmmm I like the way that sounds. I quickly but softly grab her arm. I'm truly not going to try anything. I just like playing little mind games with the brunette. She is truly eatable in my book.

Just the way that little black skirt of hers hugs her every curve and her lovely red top. Mmmm how tasty she can look sometimes, but she is the enemy. Anyone who wears the title but me is the enemy.

She turns around to face me, she doesn't look so peachy today. It must be because I came by to say hello. As her eyes meet with mine. My demeanor quickly changes I feel like my lunch is about to come up.

I can barely breathe barely think. Her eyes are so strong so filled with some kinda belief about me. "Mickie" I let slip outta my mouth I wished I hadn't spoke. "What do you want?!" I can feel the cold bitterness slipping off her tounge.

I tried to find my composure I and I soon find a little bit of it. I let the words slowly come to me "can we talk?" I don't understand why it came of so weak. "Why the hell would I want to talk to you?!" ooo this girl's got punch.

All her words are so angry and bitter, she really doesn't know what's she getting herself into. She maybe pretty but I'm not afraid to mess up her pretty little face. Never was and never will be.

"I just think it would be wise if we could talk" I find my voice again. It's strong and confident like it should be, I turn to Candice and narrow my eyes on her. She quickly gets the picture and takes off no need to turn this into a threeway.

I try to hide my smile, I try to keep Mickie quessing. I step back I can tell by the way Mickie is standing theres a good chance she'll try to knock my out with a punch. I relax a bit maybe she'll notice, I strip away the emotion from my face.

I'm really getting good at that. Mickie is still glaring holes through me, her anger is like the waves of the ocean they are hitting me hard. I must really be the last person she wants to see today.

Oh well I can't seem to find the words I'm looking for yet. Mickie sure is getting impatient I can tell she looks all tense. The time is passing by I gotta say something "Look Mickie…I understand that your not happy with me."

Yeah I know not the best thing. But I was trying to sound all sorry and shit. Victoria is never sorry for the people she destroys. It looks like she wants to laugh, hmm I'll let that one go.

"I get that, I've done a lot of horrible things to you and Trish…and many others." I think bringing Trish into this topic is wonderful. I know how much that little princess meant to Mickie. Boy do I love these mind games.

"I just want that title…I just want to prove I'm still meant to be champion." Oh yes I want something more then just that lovely title. I must have really gotten to her that last- I can feel the strong stinging in my cheek.

She slapped me! My fingers lightly trace the spot where the impact had been laid. I wasn't expecting that from her.

Now I'm getting pissed off.

If you'd just take ten more steps to me I won't ever ask you again Just because I couldn't say doesn't make me a liar I noticed a change in the tone of your voice It's so clear

I meet her eyes once more I think my lunch is going to come up. I feel…weakend all of a sudden. I can't help it now, I have to say something. Something to prove I'm not weak.

"You prove to me day in and day out you don't deserve to be the champion." I step closer to her I'm so close I'm sure she can feel me now. Although its not the way I want her to feel me.

I had to hide that small chuckle. I speak in a low whisper to her "I respect you…but everytime I try to change things here you go again. Taking away any chance of it." I still have to try and mess with her little mind.

I move closer to her, I'm near her neck my breathing is heavy. I'm sure she hasn't noticed. "Victoria" she calls my name in her small little un-important voice. Now I have to make my move, I quickly shove her roughly against the cement wall.

My head still near her neck I can feel her, she knows she powerless against me now. With a soft but powerful whisper I speak to her "Do you really think you can beat me?" I ask.

She's quiet I want to touch her, get into her head. So she knows she can't resist me. She can't beat me, my hand begins to trace slowly and softly up her leg. I can feel her trying to resist me, but she can't.

My hand keeps moving up her red strapped top. "Vic- her voice stops as my hand cups her breast softly. Right where I want her. "I only wanted a shot…" I whisper trying my best to get into her mind.

I clench my title tightly her eyes open she's looking at me deeply. I'm slowly melting…but I gotta remember what I have to do. I smirk at her letting her know I'm in control, I softly press myself against her.

My leg softly moves in between hers, I can tell shes getting turned on. She's almost shaking within my grasp. Now it's time to really mess with her, I press my lips softly against her neck.

I can tell she wants to moan but still she forces herself not to. She only lets herself give in a little, her arm drops and as does the title. I'm just getting started though, I grab her legs and she quickly wraps them around my waist. I can feel my ownself giving into this held in passion. I can't help it.

All these worries will soon disappear (yea) Swallow me now Just follow me now It seems you did come round but changed your mind

"Victoria…please- my lips crush hers quickly. God I hate it when she talks, my tounge enters her mouth. Her's fights with mine, oh yes she's giving into it. I pull from her for a second just to read her mind.

I want to know what's she's thinking I can't though she only forces her words out. "We…are going to get caught." I grinned at her my plan is working. I tug at her black skirt my plan it working too well.

She wants to say something but can't. I can read Mickie like a story book, I kiss her once more. I pull from her looking at that black skirt of hers. Boy do I really hate it now. I place her on the wooden table where we had stood in front of before this all had started.

I glare at her skirt once thinking quickly about how I'm going to get in there. My eyes soon meet her form and that thought slips away. She's looking at me now, maybe she's worried about getting caught?

No…no we won't get caught. My plan enters my mind again I want her, but she is still the enemy. I step closer to her, I'm towering over her. I love that feeling of power. I hadn't noticed the smirk on my lips until she spoke.

"I like that name Victoria its kinda…" I step an inch closer to her. "Kinda what?" the words coming off as seductive as I could make them. I kiss her hard she's kissing me back just as hard.

Her hands are wandering around my body she's trying to feel me everywhere. I'm trying hard not to lose control, but I can't help it. I push the water bottles off the table our lips seprate from each other.

She lays against it, I'm losing control faster and faster. My hands are wandering to much. I can't control it now, I think I'm losing it. She's the enemy I try to repeat in my head.

As my hand slowly moves up her skirt. Her eyes close I think she wants me now. So I kiss her, my hand begins to lightly tug at her panties. God I'm feeling the heat now. I move a little closer to her my hand is slowly sneeking into her panties.

I breathe hard she knows how to shave my hand brushes against her skin. My plan fly's back into my head. I have to stop this, I begin to whisper to her. "I'll see…"I breath hard her hot breathe against mine.

It's so clear My role in this mess Is not something that I can be proud of But it's all going to change

"…you in…the ring Mickie." I whisper as my hand leaves her panties. I kiss her passionatly once more. Before pulling competely away from her, I quickly leave her and head down the hallway.

"That can never happen again" I whisper although I can still feel her eyes on me.

I take a deep breathe at least I know my plan worked.

There you are always loved. Hope you enjoyed!! lol