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There's a lot a woman like me can do. Surely the world knows it, surely she knows and I'm pretty damned sure I know it!

I pull my eyes away from the monitor wasn't to happy hearing Melina's obviously stupid entrance music blaring throughout.

It's so very slowly getting on my nerves. Just like she is… stupid Melina what a waste of my talent and my time.

I know Maria could have whipped her badly in a ring but I'm not the one who was wrestling her now was I?

I shrug my shoulders and head down the hallway, it's been a few weeks since me and Maria started this little dating game stuff.

I'm not a pro at dating never claimed to be I do enjoy games though. Maria is really good at games. Not that I need to get into that and work myself all up.

I really wouldn't know how to explain it at all anyways some things need no explanation. They just are the way they are…and Maria.

Is…perfect and I don't need to explain why neither. So I'm not going to even bother it'd be a waste of my time among other things.

Besides what's the problem if I'm secretly dating Maria? You know I'm starting to dislike that term…dating.

It makes me feel trapped, down for the ten count. It's distracting as well me and Melina have lost all of our matches this month besides maybe one or two.

Well I'll just blame Melina for those everyone knows I'm too good to lose like that! Or at least they should know maybe I should make a public service announcement?

Nah why waste my time I can always just prove it to everyone at least if I wasn't so concerned and obsessed with the word dating. That word leaves a bad taste in my mouth makes me feel sick to my stomach.

I don't believe in dating…or do I?

Once again I shrug if someone had been watching I'm sure they would be able to tell I was thinking and answering my own questions.

Although the last question I asked didn't matter or did it? I'm at this point in time where I'm completely stuck.

Hmpt getting stuck is for weaklings…or Randy Orton. I smirk that's one of my own little jokes. I'm sure no one would be able to get it well it's a damn good joke!

My feet stop moving and I can feel my blood pressure rising. I wonder if that made sense. I suppose it doesn't matter there they are…Mickie James, Ashley and Maria.

I wasn't sure how long I had been thinking to myself for but it must have been a little while because Maria is talking with her friends.

Her very annoying friends I might add I can feel a little ting of jealously pulse through my veins. I wonder if Maria would get mad if I walked over there and did some physical harm to those other two.

Letting out a sigh this is pointless. I turn down another hallway, I don't like this feeling. It makes me feel less like Victoria…but who was Victoria? I mean really who was she? Why did she act the way she did?

I shake the bitter thoughts from my mind. Hopping up onto a metal crate I relax a bit and close my eyes.

I don't want to feel this way; I don't want to be this way anymore. Being bad it doesn't feel good anymore.

Love…other me aside that word scares the fuck outta me. It's the only thing that really makes me quiver with pure fear.

Pretty much the only thing that makes me want to puke whatever I last ate all over the floor. It's a sickly feeling, and that word or that thought of that word gives me that feeling.

Maybe I'm allergic to love? Maybe love is allergic to me? Maybe love shouldn't exist? Cause it surely doesn't deserve to!

Always causing pain to the world, always reminding people of what they got, what they lost or whatever the hell they want! It makes me mad! Makes me sick! It makes me act like a buffoon!

I clench my fist together tightly. The thought of love is stupid, and Maria is just another waste of my time.

Odd not so perfect feelings seem to be forcing their way up now. Victoria breathed in hard these thoughts and feelings were confusing as fuck.

But yet…what was she supposed to do about it?

"Victoria?" I pull my eyes open I must be in a dream. Or something maybe I knocked myself out without knowing it or something?

I'm not fully sure but for some reason Trish Stratus is standing in front of me. I groan I'm outta my mind I have to be.

"What are you doing here?" I can't seem to think of anything better. This is nuts! Trish FREAKING Stratus retired left this business why is she here now?

She shrugs "I'm here visiting I suppose." I nod my head although I'm not sure what to say but I might as well say something.

"So why are you talking to me then?" I lean against the crate, another crate is on top of the one I'm sitting on if you hadn't noticed.

"I'm just going to say what I came here to say Victoria. I'm sorry for the way things ended; I know you were trying to be nice…" I hide a snicker I am the only one around here who remembers what happened that day?

I surely wasn't trying to be nice…or at least I wasn't trying to-

"Maybe one day we can be friends again." Her sentence seems to end with that last line. Maybe one day we can be friends again?

She's delusional she must be or maybe I am? This is no time for doubt Victoria!

"I doubt that can ever happen Trish." I slid off the metal crate and stand to face her. She gives me a nod full knowing this had been a waste of time.

I can see it written all over her face no matter how hard she tries I still know. Turning people down, hurting them it's what I do.

Its apart of me, "enjoy your visit Trish I'm sure a lot of people in the back are missing you." I walk past her and head down the hallway that surely wasn't a dream.

"Victoria…" I can hear her voice, I pull my eyes open.

Shit it was, "yeah?" I look at her she's standing in front of me with her arms crossed.

"What?" she took my hand and pulled me off the metal crate.

"You shouldn't be falling in sleep in odd places like that." I chuckle she worries to much. Maria leans into me, her arms wrap around my neck.

"So when do you want to tell the world about us?" there is that us business it's kinda weird for me to be even thinking like this.

"Whenever you want to I don't really care." I shut my mouth I shouldn't be talking like this. But I kinda like it, it makes me feel whole.

"How about today?" I shrug I don't really care anymore. I just adore having her in my arms as odd as it sounds.

"Why not, I don't see a problem with it." She smiles at me before leaning in closer and placing her soft lips upon mine a few long moments pass on by.

It felt like forever to me, we pull from each other. Taking her hand in mine we head down the hallway together.

"You know Trish is here tonight for a visit. Wanna visit her?" I smile at Maria it's not one of those teasing smiles. This one feels real and I'm sure she can see it.

"Nah…I don't need any Trish." I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her close. You know what I think I could get used to this whole dating thing.

Yeah…I think I could, after that messed up dream. I don't know love doesn't seem as scary as it did when I was facing it down.

Funny how that works hey?

lmao this is sounding to be more of a story! THATS NOT GOOD! lol or is it? damnit I need to like...play xbox...yeah xbox...