Goodbye Kagome

Chapter 1-Prologe

"Oh, this feels good" and Kagome stretched her arms reaching for the clear blue sky.

"Oh yes! That's right" said Miroku as he trailed behind the others. He sped up to step into Sango's stride and standing in front of her. "Sango, we should fallow suit" and Miroku the perverted monk lined into to kiss Sango.

Gasping in surprise Sango turned bright read in the face. "Aghh" growled Sango pushing back Miroku. Kagome and Inuyasha turned around just in time to see the demon-slayer slap the monk viciously across the face. "What do you think you're doing!?" screamed Sango as she held a hand over her mouth still blushing red.

Miroku let out a groan of pain as his staff fell from his hands. "What do you think? Kagome and Inuyasha did it, so why not wreck the benefits of intimacy!"

"Ahh!?" gasped Kagome blushing wildly. "I don't know what your talking about!! I'm not listening, lalalalalalala" she cried out in embarrassment and covered her ears in the process.

Inuyasha with a little shock and embarrassment as well eyed Kagome he when remembered when she had kissed him to stop his unwanted transformation; "It wasn't like I wanted to do it to yea!" He was way more embarrassed then he needed to be.

"Mmm!?" questioned Kagome glaring up at him her hands still covering her ears; it looked like she was spitting fire at him.

"Ahh!?" moaned Inuyasha shying away from the look that Kagome was giving him.

"And what's that supposed to mean!?"

Miroku and Sango stood side by side eyes downcast and shacking their heads in disappointment. Shippo and Kirara looked on knowing just what was going to happen, and Inuyasha trying to get out of it like always.

"Err…it's just that it wasn't my idea" he said trying to get out of the situation without injury. "Besides you were the one that forced yourself on me remember!"

Kagome snarled enraged and thrust her finger to the ground everyone knew what was going to happen. "Inuyasha! Sit!"

"Arghh" yelled Inuyasha as the power of the magic necklace plummeted him into the ground in a cloud of dirt, dust and rocks in the middle of the path they were walking.

"Inuyasha," said Shippo shacking his head, "grow up would'ja."

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