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Chapter 27- Epilogue: Somewhere I Belong

It had been a month since Naraku's demise and everything was peaceful and warm for a midsummer day. There were no more worries of attacks and traps for them; no need to always look over their shoulders to see if Naraku is stocking them

Inuyasha and Kagome sat in a large tree on the outskirts of the village and on a hill that looked over it. Kagome lined against her hanyou's chest while he laid his head on top of hers.

"I'm happy Miroku and Sango were finally able to get married" said Kagome in a soft voice her eyes closed.

Inuyasha smirked as he looked down at her. "Yea, Miroku can finally grope her and not get slapped for it," he trailed for a second then a grin appeared on his face. "Or maybe little less often and not as hard."

Kagome snorted a laugh as she remembered that wonderful day and the wedding.

-2 weeks ago-

The wedding was simple but elegant; it was summer and it was arm and no sight of rain clouds; perfect for a wedding.

Sango was dressed in a white silk wedding kimono with pink eye shadow and light pink on her lips. Her hair was done up in a elegant way with hairpins and the whole shah-bang. Miroku had abandoned his monk robes for a wedding kimono of his own that was made of black silk; Kagome shock her head at it. For some reason it just didn't complement his features like his purple robes did. He was handsome and poised as he took Sango's hand that was led to him by none other then Inuyasha who had fought about it, then got sat by Kagome. He agreed after that and not only did he walk Sango down to her husband but was also the best man.

Shippo was the ring bearer who sat upon a transformed Kirara's head who had flowers flowing down her tail and a flower crown on her head. While Shippo wore a fancy kimono with black and a shade of green that matched his eyes; he had stood through the whole wedding proud and strong.

But it was Kagome that caught Inuyasha's eye as she trailed behind Sango carrying the slayers' kimono train. She was dressed in a sapphire and silver kimono; the blue of the silk matched her eyes perfectly and the hanyou just couldn't move his amber eyes from her joyful face all through the wedding.

"Sango child, do ye take Miroku as your lawfully wedded husband?" asked Kaede as she stood before them all dressed in her normal priestess close.

Tears swelled in Sango's eyes as she looked at her perverted monk. "I do."

Kaede turned to Miroku. "And do ye Miroku, take Sango as your lawfully wedded wife?"

Miroku smiled his cloudy grey eyes sparkling with joy. "I do."

Kaede grinned with happiness at the couple. "And now I pronounce you husband and wife; you may kiss the bride"

Sango and Miroku lined in and lad a passionate kiss on each other then turned and walked down the hail that the villagers had created by standing there. Kagome felt a tear leave her eyes as she watched her dear friends go then turned to the God Tree that was at her back as all the others left. Walking up to it Kagome starred up at it the warn spot where Inuyasha had been seal still vivid as the sun shinned down on it. She thought of how fare they had come till darkness had fallen and the moon had risen.

Kagome had thought herself alone for those long hours, but there was always someone near watching over her.

"We fought so hard, and we still have so much to learn but no one else to fight" she whispered her hands clasped before her chest as a tear left the corner of her eye.

She never heard or felt the presence behind her till the arms embraced her in their strong comforting warmth around her shoulders and inhaled deeply telling her who it was. A hand wiped away her tears of joy and she looked into molten gold of Inuyasha's eyes and smiled.

"We've come so fare" she crocked with the raw emotion in her voice she couldn't remove.

He hugged her closer to him inhaling again taking in the sakura scent that surrounded her. "And there's still plenty of time to keep going" he said in her ear as he stroked his cheek against her ebony curtain of hair. "You ready?"

Kagome closed her eyes as she lined into his chest a wide smile on her face. "I was ready a long time ago."

"Then why did you ask me to wait?"

The young miko slowly opened her eyes; they were shining like the stars in the velvet sky. "I wanted us all to share a special day the same way we had shared a dangerous journey."

Inuyasha snorted lightly while he's, 'Feh' was heard over her head. "You always gonna be this sentimental" he said smirking.

Kagome gave her own speck of laughter. "One of use has to be."

"Yea, yea, whatever" he said huffing breathing into Kagome's hair. "You ready then?" he said softly and more lovingly then Kagome had heard before.

"I'm all yours" she whispered very softly knowing that those cute fuzzy ears caught the words easily.

Inuyasha smiled a wide true and rare smile. "She is mine…while I'm hers" thought the hanyou as he released his embrace and removed the coal colored curtain of her hair away from the right side of her neck to push it over her left shoulder. He lightly took hold of her chin and lined it to the side. He heard her shaky intake of breath with her eyes peacefully closed. Inuyasha's fangs flashed in the moonlight night as he lined down as he pressed his fangs against Kagome's soft skin and felt her stiffen and the sharp intake of air at the sudden pain as blood trailed slowly down her neck.

Kagome smiled. "Mmm" she moaned slightly in pleasure as she felt Inuyasha's fangs leave her neck and light the wound and blood away. Feeling him release her and move away Kagome turned and looked up at him while her hands rested on his chest. "Now we can be together for as long as we live."

Inuyasha smirked his eyes flashing with mischief, making Kagome smirk. "Yea" he said and lined in and took he's mates lips with his own while holding her closer as thing went from there in a burning inferno of passion and love.

-End Back Flash-

Kagome smiled at the memory as she felt her neck and feeling the scars from the bit mark.

"Something wrong Kagome?" asked the silver haired hanyou putting his arm around her waist.

Kagome smiled again. "No nothing's wrong…everything perfect."

Inuyasha wasn't convinced as he stared down at his mate. "Yea, sure cause you go that creepy girly grin on your face when girls are thinking about things guys really don't want to know about."

"Then why are you asking" she asked giggling.

"Cause it's……it's creeping me out and I can't stand it!"

"To be honest I was remembering that night" she trailed in a whispered as she watched the sunset the light reflecting in her eyes.

Inuyasha starred at her for a time confused on what night she was talking about, then a light bulb went off in his head and his cheeks turned a light shade of pink. "That was the best night of my life."

"Mine too" she whispered nestling further into his chest. "We've gone through so much and I've finally found my home."

"I'm glad you decided to stay."

She smiled at that and looked up at him. "How could I leave with a mate like you and knowing you'll just wreak havoc; someone has to watch you like a hawk" she said grinning more at the look on his face.

He saw the mischief in her eyes and Inuyasha lined down at took her rosy lips with his own sharing a passionate moment as the sun set and the moon rouse.

Kagome smiled mentally as they kept the kissing going. "I've finally found the somewhere I belong" she thought to herself.

And together they kissed till they had to part for breath and smiled at each other while their foreheads touched; they had each other forever and that was all that mattered.


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