Lady Razeli

Gabrielle's baby

"Xena, can we slow down already?" Gabrielle asked she was tired. Xena had forced her to get a horse, because she got tired of Gabrielle complaining about riding while she was right next to her ear. It was enough to drive a girl crazy. Of course she didn't tell Gabrielle that, she told her she merely got it for her as a early birthday gift. Gabrielle thought she was as sweet as the horse she had when she was a girl. Xena also happened to know that Gabrielle was pregnant, but she didn't tell her that, she wanted to wait and let Gabrielle tell her.

"Gabrielle we can slow down in another mile or two and we can stop when we reach town, besides we're not even going that fast a pregnant woman could keep this pace and not have to worry about her child." Four miles later they were camped only a mile from town. Gabrielle proceeded to complain about wanting a bed instead of another night on the cold hard ground. Yet she had complained so much that Xena had, had to find a campsite.

"You know Gabrielle if you hadn't been complaining about the ride we would have made it to the town and you'd be sleeping in a bed right now." Xena said dropping two rabbits next to her. She always hunted for more food than was necessary for two women who weren't pregnant, but the fact of the matter is one of them was.

"I suppose so, but still." Gabrielle said.

"Yea." Xena said. Later as they sat enjoying another good meal by the fire and under the stars Gabrielle's thoughts went to children and more so the child she carried. She thought Xena had no idea

"Xena, do you ever think of having more children?" Gabrielle asked.

"What?" Xena asked confused as her hand paused just before putting a piece of meat in her mouth.

"Do you ever think of having more children?" Gabrielle asked. Xena shrugged and knew Gabrielle was probably trying to set her up to break the news to her.

"No, not really I mean what kind of life would he or she have with me." Xena asked.

"A great one," Gabrielle said."Don't you think between us we could raise a child to be good and kind."

"Sure, I'd be the mean one and well you'd be the mother," Xena said putting the meat in her mouth. She chewed and asked for seconds enticing Gabrielle to eat more, because she knew Xena would start asking questions if she ate less than her.

"You sure are eating a lot." Gabrielle said chickening out.

"I don't know, I guess my appetite has just increased tonight we did travel a lot today."

"Yea, I guess we did." Gabrielle said eating more food.

"So why did you bring up children?" Xena asked when she came back from washing dishes.

"Oh no reason." Gabrielle said.

"Come now there had to be a reason."

"No, no reason." Gabrielle said. Xena sighed.

"Alright if you say so."