"You know Solan I've been thinking about your advice and I still don't get it, will you please tell me." Solan looked at him and shook his head.

"Dang it see I was hoping you'd tell me what it meant when you figured it out, you're no help you know that." Solan went off to find his Uncle and repeated to him what he had told Hercules.

"Oh that one is easy to figure out," Torres told him smiling.

"Oh and what does it mean?" Solan asked.

"Look Solan women don't like to be wrong especially when they're arguing with their husband. It makes her unhappy and when she's unhappy she's going to make your life I mean the husband's life miserable. Its like the other day with Hercules and Xena's argument, right now she's not speaking to him, but she will be in a few hours maybe less, but he's going to be totally miserable. Now had he let her win the argument she simply would have quote on quote changed her mind and decided that your siblings should learn the sword after all and Hercules would be happy. See now she's never gonna let this go especially when they start training. He's screwed." Solan listened carefully and watched his mother the whole time.

"Women aren't that evil," Solan told his Uncle.

"Of course they are nephew, they all are believe me, you think they can be evil to us, just wait until you see what girls can do to each other. Girls are mean spiteful creatures who never let anything go. So take notice that she is always right and in the end you just may get your way anyway. Be a good boy and she'll be nice that's how relationships work or at least part of it."

"Even Ephiny and Melita?" Solan asked.

"Especially Ephiny and Melita, Xena's a first class bitch and proud of it, so they probably will be too. Nothing to be ashamed of though."

"Torres why are you over there telling my son I'm a first class bitch when you know I'm the Queen of all bitches, the master," Xena told him. He laughed.

"My bad I forgot you moved up in rank a lot," Torres replied. "He just wanted me to explain what a certain piece of advise meant."

"What advice?" Xena asked.

"Do you want to be right and miserable or Wrong and happy." Xena laughed a little.

"You should ask Hercules that," Xena told him. "But obviously he likes to be right and miserable."

"I did ask him first and he hadn't a clue."

"Figures," Xena said annoyed. She sighed. "Well he'll learn his lesson, all boys do just a matter of time."

"You say that as if he's a dog."

"Solan I'm going to let you in on a little secret."

"What?" Solan asked.

"Your wife is going to train you, when she says fetch you'll fetch, when she wants you roll over you will." Solan frowned. "Nothing to be ashamed of honey its just nature's subtle way of letting you and your wife know how much you love her. Because if you don't love her you'll never trained."

"Its true," Torres told him. Hercules walked downstairs.

"I'm thirsty," Xena said and without a second thought Hercules went to the bar and got her drink before bringing it to her.

"Here's your port." Xena took it from him.

"Thanks, but I'm still angry."

"Dang it."

"What did I tell you trained," Torres and Xena said.

"I'm screwed aren't I?" Solan asked.

"By love son yes, yes you are, women wear the pants in ever relationship."

" Never buy into that delusion that you're running the show, because that'll never happen," Torres cautioned. "Never ever."

"I'm hot," Lysia complained.

"Duty calls." Torres walked over to her and picked up her hand fan off the bar. He fanned her and she relaxed with her drink.

"This is a stupid and ridiculous custom its freaking cold out here," Xena told the women as she was bathed the night before her wedding.

"Xena shut up you're ruining this for me," Cyrene told her. Xena fell silent and pretended to love it and enjoy it for her mother's sake. She was grateful to get back into her warm bed an hour later. In the morning she couldn't wait for the wedding start. She was grateful the wedding would be small and private almost like Gabrielle's wedding to Perdicus except more people and children.

"Oh I'm so excited," Cyrene breathed, as she walked Xena down the isle.

"I know I'm actually getting married." Cyrene didn't have time to reply as she kissed Xena's cheek and gave to Hercules. The priest of Aphrodite married them quickly and they kissed. They were finally married.


Stay tuned for improvements.