Finding Happiness

Part Two

It was another boring day in the Koneko… Girls came by to buy flowers; Yohji flirted. School let out and teenagers came by to buy flowers; again Yohji flirted. More girls came by and yet again Yohji would flirt.

But toward the end of the day Yohji's flirtatious attitude had dimmed. There was only so much flirting one man could do in a day, right? He sighed as he sat there leaning on one arm as a few customers were looking around. Yohji looked at his watch and knew that in a few more minutes it would lull to no one in the shop but him and Aya.

Aya was perched atop a stool by the work bench while he worked on arrangements; Omi had the day off working on something for school, Ken was out making the deliveries that Yohji was suppose to be doing but got out of doing them after he whined he had a long night.

When the few customers had finished and either picked some flowers or left Yohji rang up the few purchases and thanked them and bid them come again. He sighed as he looked at his watch again, only two minutes later then the last time he looked at it. Why did time pass by so slowly anyway? It was like everything was against him having a leisurely day today. He pondered the idea of getting Ken to take over for the rest of the day while he and Aya headed back to his place.

He looked Aya's way, to the black clad form as he worked on a pretty lily arrangement. He couldn't wait to get Aya into his arms later for a leisure day watching TV, or in Aya's case reading a book. Eventually it would spiral into another hot make out session with a few expertly placed touches here, and his sexiest kisses there. Granted that he hadn't explored all of Aya's erotic zones yet, it had only been one night between the two of them, he was bound to find them sooner or later.

Yohji stood from the counter, snagged one of the freshly cut red roses from the display, and walked over to the workbench. He grabbed one of the other stools and sat down right behind Aya. "Beautiful." He whispered in his ear as he put the rose in front of Aya.

Aya sighed some as he took the beautiful rose. "Yohji, you can't just take flowers like this to throw around."

Yohji faked a hurt expression. "I'm hurt; you think I wouldn't buy you that rose for you? As a matter of fact I already put the money in the till for it, thank you very much."

Aya looked at the rose some as Yohji wrapped his arms around him from behind. He couldn't help but let the smallest of smiles touch his lips. "Thank you, Yohji."

"Oh, my God, you said thank you! I'm speechless." Yohji kissed his ear as he spoke and smiled, "Only the best for you, kitten."

Aya laid his head back against Yohji's shoulder, allowing himself to fall victim to the predator's supple kisses and whispered words of endearment. "Yohji, we shouldn't do this in the shop. A customer could walk in or…"

"Ken could walk in" They heard Ken's voice from the door as he stood there watching with the biggest grin they had ever seen. "Oh please, don't mind me." Ken was only barely holding back the laughter he so wanted to let out. "Here, I thought you two had hit the jackpot last night with a couple of girls!"

Yohji sighed as Aya snapped forward and continued to work on his arrangement as though nothing had happened, and Yohji sat his forehead against the orange shoulder in front of his face. "Could have been worse… Could have been Omi who walked in on us." For that Yohji got an elbow to the ribs with an 'oomph.'

"No wonder Aya's high strung nature has been absent as of late; you managed to get that crab apple out of his ass!" Ken laughed as he stuck the money he made into the till. "It was about time you two got together…"

Both Aya and Yohji looked back at him with half confused half angry look. "What do you mean, 'about time we got together'?"

"Oh, I and Omi saw it way before you two did. How Yohji would stay up late to watch over your room, Aya, and pretend to all of us he had a date or was going out to smoke. How Aya would sometimes glance at you, Yohji, over dinner or breakfast." He smiled as he saw the look on their faces. "It was only a matter of time, and after Aya broke up with that Damien guy, we knew it was going to happen soon."

Yohji watched Ken grab some more deliveries and leave. He'd get even with the punk later, but first he wanted to focus all his attention on Aya. In Aya's mind he knew there must be some regrets of last night. That's how Aya's mind worked after all, they had lived together long enough for him to know for a fact that when Aya indulged himself in anything but work or his sister he felt guilty.

"You know, I was thinking…" Yohji began as he put his arms back around Aya and watched over his shoulder at the lily arrangement coming together.

"We're all in trouble now…" Aya mumbled as he focused on the delicate flowers.

"Fuck you."

"I thought you already did." Aya said as he turned back to look at him. "So… you were thinking about what?"

Yohji caught the subtle smile on Aya's lips as he turned to look back his way. It was contagious because Yohji grinned too. "Ah, I was thinking we could go out to eat this weekend. According to my calendar Saturday is your birthday so I want to treat you to a night out to dinner and a movie." Yohji smiled to himself as he thought of the many things he could do in the darkness of a movie theater. Aya's voice broke his reverie.

"I forgot all about my birthday this weekend… Just another day to me..." Aya stopped his work as he thought about that a moment.

"You should have a chance to celebrate for yourself at least a few days out of the year, Aya. Besides even if you said no I'd drag you along anyway and made sure you had fun." Yohji kissed the back of his neck and felt the tense muscle moving just beneath the skin his lips grazed.

Within only a few seconds time Yohji made a significant yet dangerous decision. He stood from the stool he had been setting on, went to the door and turned the Open sign around to Closed. He then started pulling the metal door down over the entryway.

Aya looked up as the sunlight from outside was blocked by the metal shutters. "Yohji, we don't

close for another hour!"

"No one is going to come in this time of day anyway… Ken can come around though the back and we deserve a little down time." Yohji said as he locked everything in place and walked back to where Aya was setting staring at him. He took the unfinished arrangement from the workbench and put it in the cooler to keep it fresh. "You deserve down time."

"You can't move me from this bench, Yohji." Aya challenged him. He crossed his arms and focused his deadliest glare Yohji's way.

"Don't be too sure, kitten." Yohji took his apron off, hung it on the hook, and looked back to contemplate the situation that lay before him now. He smirked and with little effort put one arm under Aya's knees and one under his shoulders and lifted.

"What the hell are you doing, you crack pot!" Aya growled as he was lifted from his seat, "I'm not one of those women of yours that falls for you and can be carried away."

"No, you're right. But you know overstress could kill you and since you refuse to cooperate I decided I'd have to carry you. No biggie though." He then worked his way though the back of the shop and out the back door to head up to their rooms.

Aya contemplated how he could get down but in the end decided to humor Yohji and slipped his arms around his neck so he wouldn't fall. He had no wish to nurse any pains he'd get from falling. "You do realize I am going to kill you later." Aya mumbled as he decided to lay his head against Yohji's shoulder.

"Probably so, but at least I get a few hours of enjoyment from you before my merciless death." He smiled down at his captive and, with all honesty; sex wasn't what was on his mind at the moment. Though he was sure it would happen later that night he wanted to show Aya he wasn't as sex crazed as everyone thought.

When they got to the door Yohji had a bit of a hard time with his keys, his back was already beginning to strain from carrying Aya all the way up there. Aya snatched up the keys and easily unlocked and opened the door for Yohji. "You know Omi will probably chew you out for closing up so early."

Yohji smiled at his willing victim. "Where as that is true, I'll probably be already dead by your hands so I don't see where I have to worry." With a gentle kiss to Aya he went inside, kicked the door shut, and managed to make his way to the bed and set him down. "Take your shirt off for me." Yohji said as he stood and moved to his dresser where he kept different lotions and oils. They were a must in dry air and massages.

Aya watched him curiously but did as Yohji requested. Yohji watched him as he had a bottle in his hand. When Aya turned back to wait for further instruction he smiled. "Okay, sit facing the headboard."

Aya again obeyed. He felt the weight as Yohji slipped onto the bed behind him and he shivered some in anticipation to see what Yohji was going to do to him. He gave a thought to events leading up to this. Last night Yohji had showed him how much he could trust, and right now was his chance to show Yohji how much he trusted him in return. Deep down he knew Yohji would never hurt him, at least not intentionally, and always have his back.

The moment Yohji's hands touched his back he was in heaven. Massaging was an art, really. And Yohji considered himself a master. The whole point was to hit the correct pressure points to relax the body into pliant submission even though the mind tells the body to be alert.

Yohji traced Aya's shoulders and back with his hands, slick with scented oil to add to the mood. He followed the trail his hands made with his soft lips. "You're thinking too much." Yohji felt Aya tense a little and with only a few rubs the tenseness disappeared. "You need to stop thinking and feel." His hands moved back to his neck and went down his spine, working every knot he came upon.

A small sigh softly escaped Aya's lips as he slowly tilted his head back. It was the first time in a long time he had felt relaxed. It had been even longer since he had felt safe to love. "If I stop thinking I might get into trouble." He mumbled as he closed his eyes.

"No need to worry about that because I'll make sure you don't." Yohji kissed his earlobe. "You just need to relax and trust me."

Aya's shoulder's fell as he sagged back against Yohji's chest. He smiled and wrapped his arms around him. Yohji laced his fingers though Aya's hair and showed him the love he was capable of. Aya understood that if he couldn't trust Yohji here there was no way that he could trust him anywhere.

Aya felt him shift as he reached for something out of the drawer of his nightstand. He figured it was the tube of lubrication or something else but kept his eyes close. He trusted Yohji enough, knowing Yohji would never hurt him.

He was brought out of his thoughts when Yohji spoke. "I was never one for commitment but I decided that this was something I had to do. Aya… I want to prove I love you and that I'm serious about this. Not like the women I brought back after a night out or anything like that. So… That's why I got these." Aya sat up as he listened to Yohji's words and saw a small ring box in the hands attached to the arms circled around him. He was suddenly confused.

The small velvet box opened to reveal two solid gold rings. "Rings?"

"Commitment rings. I got them this morning when I decided I had to do something. They aren't wedding rings or anything like that; they just symbolize the meaning of our relationship. That it's something important to the both of us and will continue to be important as long as we wish it."

Aya stared at the two gold bands. He could see their reflection in them; they must have been polished before Yohji got them. Aya reached out and touched a finger to them as he thought about what Yohji said. He wasn't sure what Damien had felt for him, it couldn't have been much if he had decided to take that young man from the local college on a long vacation like he did.

He didn't know if he could truly trust Yohji not to hurt him like that, but he knew that the only way he'd ever find out is to take the chance. He leaned himself back into Yohji's chest. "I don't deserve you…"

Yohji settled himself closer and brushed his lips against the pulse in Aya's neck. "Yes you do, love." He gently slipped the band onto Aya's finger. "You deserve to be loved and cherished. You're much like the delicate roses that we work with every day. Beautiful and soft yet protected by thorns of natural defense grown after years of emotional weathering." He slipped his fingers though Aya's crimson hair as the redhead closed his eyes.

"Please don't tease Yohji…" Aya had not felt so relaxed in a long time.

"Who's teasing?" Yohji chuckled lightly. He leaned in and took the shell of Aya's ear between his teeth.

"If that's not teasing I don't know what is." Aya groaned as he closed his eyes. He let Yohji do what ever he wanted to him.

Yohji suddenly stopped as something struck his brain. "I just remembered I wanted to go catch the mall before it closes tonight." He gently got up and kissed Aya tenderly before going to get his jacket.

"What the hell could you possibly need at the mall?" Aya looked up skeptically as he watched Yohji strap on his watch.

"Oh… Ya know… this and that." He shrugged as heedlessly as possible. "I had seen a CD I wanted last week and since we got our paycheck this week I wanted to go snag it before it sold out." He gave Aya a quick wink, a promise of more things later tonight. "Don't worry; you'll get plenty of attention when I get back."

Aya wondered for a moment but just fell back on Yohji's bed with a sigh as Yohji left. He rubbed his hands over his face some and then got up to venture out to his room. He'd move some of his more personal possessions in with Yohji now so they could start sleeping together, he decided.

Yohji casually walked into the dark sex store at the mall, taking a quick look around. He hadn't entered this part of the mall for a while, finding plenty of things to use at home for his fun. But as of late he wondered what new things there might be to play with, with his new lover.

He strolled though the overly crowded space that was the store; glancing at the different things he walked by. There were many things on the top shelves that reached the ceiling that suggested more of a playroom use than just for bedroom use. Yohji wondered idly if maybe one day he'd be able to put together his own little playroom, he could only imagine the fun he could have in there with Aya.

A young lady asking if she could help him brought him out of his thoughts. He politely declined and said that he was only browsing. He came upon a few things he found interesting. One was body paints. He picked that up deciding he could have a lot of fun with that. He moved on to the different lubes they had. He was surprised to see a whole wall dedicated to the different kinds, tastes, and smells.

He chose a tube that said 'warming effect' first and read the bottle. He nodded and put it in his basket with the body paint and went back to looking. He chose a couple others that were edible and had fruity tastes to them before moving on.

He walked though a few isles that had leather bonds and such. He didn't really need those kinds of things; since he already had everything he needed at home… at least he thought he did until something caught his eye. He backed up and looked down at the thing that he saw.

It was, what looked like, a leather tube meant to house a penis. There were leather straps that would tightly bind the scrotum so that the unfortunate man who had it on couldn't orgasm until it was removed. A large, Cheshire grin graced Yohji's lips as he thought of using such a thing on Aya. He looked at them and chose one that would be just the right size for a long, yet slender, penis.

He picked up a few extra things before paying for his items and leaving that store to go to a few others before he went home.

Aya was up making dinner by the time Yohji came home. Yohji did his best to sneak in because he didn't want to spoil his surprise just yet. He had some preparations to make before he brought his lover upstairs.

Aya got curious and decided to venture upstairs. He was still shirtless from before, and rubbed his chest some from an itch as he went in the direction of Yohji's room. The door was ajar slightly and he could see the lights on inside.

Aya was just about to reach his hand out to gently push the door open when it swung open on its own. He looked up to see Yohji, shirtless as well, but in the tightest black leather pants he had. He stood there looking down at Aya with a smug smile. "I did a little shopping for you…"

"I don't know if I should be scared and run away or be hot and bothered by that." Aya said as he stared up into Yohji's calm green eyes.

Yohji was longing to feel that hard body under his finger tips again. "Well, I've got a game set up inside. It's a fun board game I thought you might enjoy playing with me."

"A board game?" Aya asked skeptically. "What kind of board game is it?"

Yohji winked, "Oh you'll see." He moved out of the way so Aya could step inside. Inside he saw that the light source had been many candles strewn about the bedroom. On the bed there was what looked like a board game, but next to it was one of their bed-trays with various things. Chocolate Syrup, Strawberries, and new kinds of lubrication just to name a few. Aya raised a brow at the things he saw.

"Just what kind of game is this Yohji?" Aya asked as he moved forward to the bed.

"Oh it's a game I've had, but never had the chance to really play. It's something called The Loving Game." He went over and sat on one side of the board on the bed. "It goes like this, you role the dice and move your token that many spaces. What ever you land on you have to do or have done to you.

Aya cautiously walked over and read a few of the spaces on the board, "I see this is an R rated game."

"Defiantly not for kiddies." Yohji agreed, "you game or what?"

"How do we determine who wins at the end of the game? That is I am assuming there is a defined end…"

"Oh, we can come up with the standards and stuff ourselves. Like…" Yohji thought for a moment, "Who ever is the first to cum or beg for sex… those are just two that are off the top of my head."

Aya seemed to think about this for a moment before he sat down. "How about we make this a little sweeter. How about the looser has to wear a dildo to work tomorrow?"

Yohji blinked but smiled, "I always knew there was a little love god waiting to be awoken in you." Yohji thought about it for a moment, "Alright, you're on. The loser has to wear a dildo to work tomorrow." Yohji leaned over some, "Just so you know, I don't plan on losing tonight so, better pick one out now." He smirked smugly.

"Let's not count the chickens you don't have before they hatch, Kudoh." Aya picked up the dice and they rolled to see who would go first. Aya won and took his turn. He landed on the square that said to use the chocolate sauce on Yohji.

He did with such creativity Yohji couldn't help but moan as Aya's tongue ran over his nipples. Aya dipped his tongue down in the slight indention of Yohji's navel for good measure before leaning away to let Yohji take his turn.

Yohji took his turn and had to give Aya a massage. He let his hands roam everywhere, even though the space only said a back massage. He made sure to cover everything in oil so he could watch Aya's body glisten in the soft candle light.

This continued on, both enjoying themselves immensely while getting into the game. None of it really leaned toward sexual things, but each were both getting turned on by what the other did.

"You look so gorgeous in this light." Yohji mumbled as he lay there. At one point they had gotten into the body paints and Yohji had smears across his abdomen of red where Aya put it. He also had the word 'sin' across his left pectoral in a black kohl color. "With the oil I rubbed in earlier… perfect for yaoi sex pictures."

Aya looked up from where he was sucking on one of his fingers where he had dipped it in the chocolate syrup. His violet eyes focusing on Yohji for a moment. "That gives me an idea."

Yohji looked up interested. He knew when Aya got ideas they were usually good ones. After all he usually didn't voice any ideas he had unless they were good. "Does it involve me begging?" He raised a brow, he secretly hoped so.

"Could be…" He reached over to get some more syrup and offered it to Yohji. He took the offered fingers and first licked them, all the while watching Aya intently, and then sucked them into his mouth. "I just thought maybe one of these days we could set up a camera while we had sex…" He thought about what he just said a moment, "Maybe watch it over again after." He looked Yohji's way when the sucking sensation stopped on his fingers.

"I have to admit when you have a good idea, you really have a good idea!" Yohji smirked as he let Aya's hand drop. "How about I go look for a good one tomorrow, after all it is my day off."

Aya then set to cleaning the bed off of the game board and their treats without saying another word. Yohji took his silenced as an affirmative and moved to get off the bed.

Before he could even reach the edge Aya attacked him. "Well, let's call the game a tie and enjoy the aftermath."

Sudden realization hit Yohji about something he had forgotten about and he laughed nervously. "Oh, how about we go get a shower first?"

Aya looked at him suspiciously, "What's wrong Yohji? Afraid I won't let you top this time?" Aya had already sunk his hands into Yohji's leather pants and popped them open before Yohji could protest further. The look of sudden anger on Aya's face told him that Aya saw, and he braced himself for the storm.

"A cock ring?" Aya looked up at his partner. "No wonder you held out so long!" Aya gripped his penis tightly but not tight enough to hurt.

Yohji yelped. "N-now Ayan, let's not get hasty in our assumptions. It was for you after all! So that I could hold out longer in sex!"

Aya gave him a stale look, "And what would have happened had I lost the game?"

Yohji rubbed the back of his head some. "Oh… I was thinking about an interesting little toy I bought this afternoon… but I wouldn't have forced you or anything." Yohji offered his most charming smile but knew that Aya was immune to such charm.

"Let me see this toy you're talking about…" Aya sat back just enough so Yohji could lean over the bed to rummage though the box that was hidden just underneath. Yohji brought forth a black device that looked to Aya like a harness of some kind. He examined the thing Yohji held. "What is it?"

It's a leather harness for a penis." He held it out. "The sleeve is for the penis and the straps go around the scrotum. They are meant to prolong sex by keeping the unfortunate man wearing this from orgasming."

Aya raised a brow, "And you intended this for me?" Aya sort of liked the idea but wanted Yohji to think he was in deep for wearing that cock ring. He wanted to watch Yohji sweat.

"W-well I thought either one of us could wear it… I thought it could be fun either way." Yohji said as Aya took the leather harness and dropped it onto Yohji's flat stomach.

"You thought?" Aya gave him a look and leaned forward. "I'll tell you what, I'll forgive you for wearing that cock ring and cheating at the game… if…"

Yohji looked scared, "If what?"

Aya smirked, "If you wear that little device you got for me all day tomorrow during work." Yohji pouted up at him but before he could protest Aya got up to leave.

"How about we finish the game?" Yohji smirked, "Then we can work all this out and make my cheating up to you." Yohji had gotten up and followed him. He turned Aya and sealed his lips against his captive's.

"We should be getting ready for the job tonight…" Aya breathed before he let Yohji get too far.

Yohji smiled, "Ah, your right there. We don't need to be distracted tonight. Fascia may be a small kidnapping and prostitution ring but that doesn't mean it's not dangerous." He smiled and got up. He grabbed his watch from the dresser and strapped it on. "Maybe after the mission is finished we can continue with our… ah… Session?" He gave Aya his most devious look.

Aya got up, getting his mind set for Abyssinian mode. "Perhaps if I'm not too tired." He walked past Yohji and walked out the door.

Yohji sighed, "Geeze… when he goes Abyssinian there's no way to melt his front until the job's done…" He rubbed the side of his face a moment and got ready to suit up.

The moment they got to the site they believed the ring to be hiding Aya was all stone cold. It was his and Yohji's job to get in and find the hostages and then signal Omi and Ken when they were on their way to the exit. Omi would set the charges to blow the place and they had 20 minutes to get out. Ken would be in charge of making sure their exit stayed clear.

"Remember, don't trust anyone." Aya said over his shoulder as he advanced though the shadows to the building. He knew Yohji's weakness to be young women in distress. They didn't need to foul up when the charges were set.

Yohji looked back at him, his own mind set for the mission. "Back at ya." He went the other way though the shadows to begin searching for the hostages.

Aya took upstairs and stalked down the hall, listing in on every door he came to. It only took him three doors to find one occupied. He braced himself and kicked the door in. He found a young woman being preyed on by a man in a suit and tie. With one even slash the man fell from Aya's blade. He looked around for anymore threats when something bashed into the side of his head.

The last thing he registered was the woman above him, holding the gun the fallen man had, before he blacked out.

"Siberian, have you heard anything from Abyssinian yet?" Yohji spoke into his comm. device as he made sure the women he found got to safety.

"No, the last word I got was right before you two went in." Ken replied as he made sure the girls got out and well away from the building.

"Damn it… what could be taking him?" Yohji checked his watch for the time and growled when he saw they only had 10 minutes longer until Omi set the charges. "I'm going after him" Yohji said and then cut off the comm. before heading upstairs.

Yohji didn't have far to look. He saw a door kicked in and figured it to be where Aya was last. He rushed down the hall, being sure to stay in the shadows, and looked in before going farther. What he saw made his blood run cold. Aya had been tied to the end of a bed. For a moment he thought it was just Aya's hair but he saw the trickle of blood falling down the side of his face and the purple streaks across the top of his head where he had been hit.

A young woman came into the view with a whip. She hit Aya hard across the face with it. "Who are you working for!? Who knows about us?"

Aya only looked up at her and licked at the trickle of blood now dripping from his split lip. She hit him again and again until his head hung. Yohji's eyes narrowed to little slits of anger and when the woman's back was turned his wire flew out and caught around her body. She screamed as the filament tore into her flesh.

Aya's head lulled some but he looked up long enough to see the silver sheen of the wire and follow it back to the user standing in the shadows by the door.

Yohji yanked hard and hurried behind her, using the extra at the end to wind around her neck. "Tell me, who's your boss, and I might let you live."

The woman panted as she got control over the pain in her body. "Fuck you…"

"Suit yourself." He made her death quick. When she went limp he released her body from his wire and then went to Aya's side. He lifted Aya's head and looked into his eyes. They were glazed over some from a concussion. Yohji cursed silently as he untied Aya from the rope binding him to the end of the bed. He looked around and found his sword where it had fallen.

He picked up the blade and cleaned it of blood on the clothes of the man he had obviously killed. When he moved back to Aya's side to sheath the blade in the scabbard at Aya's side Aya's hand grabbed his.

He looked up at Aya. He knew he was disoriented from the blow and didn't understand his current situation very well. He took off the glove of his free hand and brushed his bare palm against Aya's cheek. "Trust me love, it's me. You're safe now."

Slowly Aya's grip loosened and Yohji was able to sheath his blade with a soft snick. "Should'a known… should'a watched my back better." Aya mumbled as Yohji settled beside him and lifted him up slowly.

"Who would'a known a cutie like her would be honestly working for these bastards…" Yohji replied as he secured Aya's arm over his shoulder and wrapped his arm around Aya's waist. "We've got 25 minutes 'till this place blows."

"Balinese, you only have 15 minutes to get out. I triggered the charges five minutes ago when I heard from you and Ken that the hostages were out." He heard Omi over the comm.

Yohji cursed and flipped on his reciever. "Bombay you shouldn't have done that until I or Abyssinian affirmed that the building was evac."

Aya knew they were in serious shit when Yohji used code during a mission. "We had little choise, the athorites are on their way and to have the place blown before they got there I had to triger it when I did. Someone must have tipped them off to take us down with them." Aya heard Omi's worried voice though his own comm. device.

Yohji sighed. "Fine, I and Abyssinian will get out ourselves. You and Siberian move now. We'll meet back at base within two hours." Yohji had started moving for the window while he spoke. "Raido silence starting now." He flipped off the pickup for his comm. and settled Aya against the window side while he examined their fastest escape rout.

"We can't jump, Yohji, we'd just kill ourselves." Aya's words sounded slurred and he just about fell.

"We aren't going to jump we're going to to use my wire and get out that way." Yohji hung himself out the window and shot his wire up towards the roof, hoping it would catch somewhere. When it did he tugged on it to make sure it was firm. He then took his belt and snapped it onto Aya's to make sure that the two of them stayed connected until they hit the ground. "You better hold on."

Aya got his arms around Yohji's neck and held on tight as Yohji jumped out, using the wire to break their fall. "Shit…" he heard Yohji's soft curse. He looked up to see that the wire had cut right though his glove and cut into Yohji's hand from the weight of two bodies. Yohji knew that he couldn't hold on much longer so he had to do something. "Aya, take ahold of my watch right now." While he waited for Aya to comply he unbuckled his belt from Aya's and then unbuckled the watch from his wrist so that Aya could glide down easily.

Aya watched Yohji fall 15 feet down to the ground. The only thing there to break his fall was some brush of some dead headges and a thick root system.. Aya watched in horror and cringed when he heard Yohji's body hit the ground and roll in the brush.

Yohji looked up at his lover as the wire eased him to the ground. The filimant released and Aya ran over to where Yohji had landed. "You fucken idiot, how could you do that!?"

"You got down safely, that's all that matters." Yohji tried getting up but fell back down from the pain in his chest. He had to have a couple of broken ribs at least, and he'd be lucky if one of his arms wasn't broken. He was lucky enough already to not have broken his neck.

"Well now thanks to your airheaded move we're both wounded and we only have 10 mintues to get out of here." Aya leaned over and got Yohji up, not without dizziness to his own head, and they managed to hobble toward where Aya left his car.

"You can thank me later kitten." Yohji smiled down at him. "I believe you owe me a fuck if we aren't too tired."

Aya glared at Yohji's form, leave it to him to think of sex at a time like this. "I should just throw you into the trunk." Aya threw the passenger door open and got Yohji in side before hurrying to the driver side.

The drive didn't last too long. They heard a loud boom behind them as they left the scene though the back ways where they wouldn't be seen. Ken and Omi had met them at the street when they pulled up and, with Aya's help, they got Yohji upstairs.

Between the three of them they had manage to wrap up his scrapes. Surprisingly enough nothing was broken, he was just banged up and disoriented from the fall.

"Yohji is damn well lucky not to have killed himself. But I suppose he had little other choice. It was loose his hand or risk a few broken bones." Ken said as he sipped at the tea Omi had made when they got home. "He won't be throwing that wire around for a little while but at least he's alive."

"I'll make Yohji-kun something to eat." Omi said as he moved to stand but Aya was up before him.

"I'll do it, don't worry about it." Aya moved over to the cabinets to start working on a nice dinner for Yohji. Even though he didn't want to admit it, he saved both their asses that night.

"A-Aya-kun?" Omi looked up at Aya's back. He didn't think Aya should be working too hard either. After wrapping up the bump on his head and taking a few aspirins Aya was still a little dizzy.

"Its fine, you have school in the morning and I'm sure you're both tired. I'll take care of Yohji." Aya got down a few dishes to put the food on.

Ken took Omi's arm before he could protest further. "Aya's right, I've gotta open the shop up tomorrow morning and you have to get to school early for that project. Getting a hot shower and getting to bed early sounds like a well earned treat."

Aya listened to their footsteps as they climbed the stairs up to their rooms. Aya didn't think Yohji would be able to keep much down. He made him chicken broth, a toasted sandwich, and some orange juice. Liquids were always the best when one was hurt or sick. Aya could hear Yohji's reaction to the food already. "I'm not sick Aya, my pride is hurt."

Aya smiled some as he opened the door to Yohji's room and walked in with the bed tray of the food. He had even added a red rose to the tray and a few peddles to add elegance. "Dinner time Yohji, wake up."

Yohji looked up from the pillow he had his arms wrapped around. "Smells good but… what is it?" When Aya looked upon him as he sat up his body looked like one huge bruise. Purple marks covered him everywhere where he had landed on the roots and threatened to get worse over time.

"Chicken broth, a ham sandwich, and orange juice." Aya said as he sat it down on his end table and began gathering pillows for him to set up against.

"Aw geeze, health food." Yohji looked at it as he sat up. "Didn't we have any chocolate cake or cookies?"

"No, you ate them all remember?" Aya looked up at him as he sat the pillows behind him. "Besides your stomach probably couldn't handle anything more than this and you'd be vomiting all night."

Sometimes Yohji hated Aya's logic. He settled himself against the pillows and began to eat. "Thanks, Ayan, I am really hungry." He smiled up at Aya as he ate.

Aya opened the drapes to let in the moonlight and turned off the lights. Yohji looked up at him with questioning eyes. "I've still got a headache from that blow to my head." He settled himself next to Yohji and laid against his good side.

"Want to help me eat this up?" Yohji smiled down at his lover.

Aya played with the ring around his finger a moment. "Sure Yotan." He reached over and helped himself to a piece of the sandwich.

Yohji smiled and, Aya decided, it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

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