Summary: Sequel to Children of Chaos. Senior Prom brings problems for the gang, since Julian just wants the night to be perfect for Kitty, who doesn't even want to go. Also, Lexi decides to make a statement by going with someone other than Andy, the problem is she doesn't know who.

Author's Note: Alrighty, so I started to write one of the song fics about the second generation Eden Hall Senior prom, and it just got longer and longer, so I developed this little fic. It's not going to be long and will focus largely on the whole Lexi and Andy thing, but also on Kitty and Julian, with some fun referencing back to the original original story with the first generation.

Disclaimer: I don't own the ducks or anything, but there are a lot of OCs in this, who I do own.

Prom Problems: The Next Generation

Chapter 1: What's the problem?

"So," Julian said, sitting down at lunch. "Prom's in a few weeks."

"How very observant of you Julian," Kitty said.

"So what are we doing?" He said. "Come on, I want it to be perfect."

"I don't even know that I want to go," Kitty shrugged. "I mean, we did the prom thing last year."

"But this is senior prom," Lexi said, "it's way bigger. It's off campus, and I hear that there's going to be a band instead of a DJ."

"What are you doing for prom Lex?" Kitty said, sending a glare Andy's way. She had kept her promise and not told anyone about the two of them, but she often said things that were very obvious messages to Andy that if he stepped too far out of line she would not only tell, but probably hurt him.

"Oh, um, I don't really have any plans yet," she said.

"That's good," Andy said, "it keeps everything flexible, I mean I don't have any plans either yet."

"Hey, you know what would be fun?" Kitty said giving Andy a cruel smile. "If you two went together. Then we could all go as one big happy group."

"Yeah, well," Andy stuttered, "I just, I've got to go." He stood up and walked out.

"That was weird." Julian said. Lexi sent Kitty a warning look, Kitty shrugged innocently. "What are you two looking at each other about?"

"Nothing," Lexi said, "it's nothing."

Later Lexi was walking through the hallway and Andy stepped in front of her.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," she looked at him.

"Look, about earlier," he said, "Do you? I mean do you want to go to prom?"

"Well," Lexi said, suddenly an idea popped into her head, "actually, I'm going with someone else."

"But today at lunch you said," he questioned, "you said you didn't have any plans."

"I know I said that," she said, "but now I do. Come on Andy, it's not like we're a couple." She laughed and walked away.

"You told him you were going with someone else?" Kitty said, "Who is this someone else?"

"There is no someone else," Lexi sighed, falling onto the bed. "I made it up. So we need to find someone else."

"Look, as much as I support any anti Andy action," Kitty said, "who else is there?"

"I don't know." Lexi sighed, "Maybe Carson will fly in if I asked him to."

"Maybe," Kitty said, "or maybe Danny will go with you!"

"I'm not taking your little brother to the prom!" Lexi said.

"I just figured we were going down the pathetic last resort road," Kitty said, "since you brought up Carson."

"OK, fine," Lexi rolled her eyes, "what are you thinking?"

"Let's see," Kitty said, moving the tiny ring that she wore on her left finger around. "Hmm? It's not as though my fiancé" Lexi rolled her eyes, Kitty loved working the word fiancé into the conversation at any time, "was the captain of the hockey team or anything."

"You want Julian to set me up?" She said. "For the prom? Isn't that a little sad?"

"Danny would probably buy you very nice flowers," Kitty said, "I mean he's very good at that sort of thing."

"Fine!" Lexi said.

"Do you know who Lexi's going to prom with?" Andy said, as Julian drove him home.

"Why would I know that?" Julian responded.

"Maybe Kitty told you," Andy said. "Or she told you. I don't know."

"OK, better question for you," Julian said, "Why do you care?"

"She said she was going with someone," Andy explained, "but she didn't say who."

"I repeat," Julian said, "Why do you care?"

"I'm just curious." Andy said, "I mean, it's not like I'd have to look very hard for a date, but it would be fun to go the four of us."

"Yeah," Julian said, stopping the car. "I guess I can ask Kitty. Do you know why Kitty isn't into the whole prom thing?"

"My friend," Andy said getting out of the car, "I know about a lot of things, but I cannot say that I really know anything about Kitty Portman's psyche."

"Right," Julian laughed, "See you later man."

"Bye," Andy waved walking back towards the house. He pulled out his cell phone and went to her number.

"Hey," she answered it. "Look, I've got a shit load of homework, so I can't hang out tonight." That's what she called it, hanging out.

"Who are you going with?" Andy said, "Seriously, I'm curious."

"Why do you care?" She said with a sigh, "You can go with any girl in the freshman class."

"I know, but it's just," He released exasperated, "come on, you can tell me."

"Don't worry about it." Lexi said, "I'll see you tomorrow. I'm pretty sure my afternoon is clear, so,"

"Yeah," Andy nodded, "It's my turn in carpool, so you can come over after I take Julian home."

"Great," she shrugged. "I'll see you then. Bye." She hung up. "It's working," she said turning to Kitty. "He's totally freaked out."

"Do you really think this is the way to do this?" Kitty said, "Why don't you just tell him how you feel?"

"Because," Lexi said, "if he knew I loved him, then it wouldn't be casual anymore, and then he wouldn't want to do it anymore, and I don't think I could handle it. So, when do you want to go shopping?"

"I have a prom dress," Kitty shrugged.

"You can't wear the same dress that you wore last year," Lexi sighed, "why are you so not into this?"

"My parents." She shrugged. This was usually a good excuse for everything when it came to answering any questions.

"Oh please, you've been using that as a cop out for four years," Lexi said, "not that I don't believe you, I mean, most of your issues stem from your nutty family, but what specifically ruined the whole prom thing for you?"

"There's this really great picture that my mom insists on displaying, it's of her and Luis," Kitty sighed, "at their junior prom. And then there's another one of my dad and Heather."

"Right," Lexi said, "junior prom. The night your mom cheated on my dad."

"And my dad lost his virginity to Heather." Kitty swallowed. "And my mom got drunk and told Adam she loved him. God, you're not supposed to know things like this about your parents!"

"Yeah," Lexi said, "OK, so I see why you don't like the whole prom thing. But it seems like Julian's excited about it."

"I know," Kitty said, "which is the only reason why I'm going."

"Why doesn't Kitty want to go to the prom?" Julian asked that night, sitting in the family room watching TV with his parents.

"Um, well," Heather said, knowing exactly why. "Adam, you want to take this one."

"I would think that maybe you would," Adam said.

"No, I, I really don't," Heather said.

"What do you guys know about my fiancée that I don't?" Julian said looking at them.

"Well, you know the story," Adam said.

"Yes," Julian said freezing up, he hated the story, he hated thinking about the story, he hated when anyone mentioned the story, "Yes I know the story."

"Well," Heather said, "the story sort of started with our junior prom."

"I thought the story started when Julie started dating Luis." Julian said, mentally revising the story.

"Right," Adam said, "and that started at our junior prom."

"Also," Heather said, "that night was the first time Dean and I,"

"OK," Julian said, "alright, thanks I get it. I'm going to go upstairs and call Kitty. God, no wonder she didn't want to go!"

"What?" Heather said, as Adam shook his head at her, "We always said we were going to be honest with our children about it."

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