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Summary: HinataXSasuke One year to become strong enough is all she gets. One year. Who else could possibly teach her that getting strong takes more than just practice...who else, but the Avenger.

Every morning, I feel vaguely inadequate upon waking… Reluctant to get up, though my body has its own will and with it forces my mind from it's not so pleasant slumber.

Every morning, it feels a little like I haven't got a clue as to what is going on around me and what it is that I'm supposed to do. This makes absolute sense when you add in the factor that I'm just a girl, in an ordinary place and I just turned seventeen.

Yeah… Absolute sense.

The bedroom was dark, as was usual. The blinds pulled tightly to block out the light and the reflection of it on the snow, though bluish fingers of it were still squirming in through the cracks in the curtains.

Right under the window was her bed, where she lay with her eyes closed and her breathing coming in slowly in the pattern of those who were asleep though her mind was racing and her heart, though it had slowed down some from before was still beating rapidly.

Dreams… dreams had a tendency of waking her up, rather than keeping her asleep, and what she could only do was continue on sleeping, forcing her body to continue sleeping so that the dream would continue also. Most of the time it worked.

Frustrated the girl stood, for this time it had not worked.

Throwing one of her pillows over her shoulder she stretched, frowning. The dream had been an odd one again… one she couldn't figure out. About 'Them': her friends. And about 'him': something she didn't talk about.

Day to day routine was her specialty, she was like a clock when it came to the mornings. Up at six, or eight, one of the two, not in between, and then directly to training.

Without even bothering to take off her pj's which were black and decorated with silk the way a Japanese princess would have, she fell into a battle stance, right there in the middle of her room.

It was weird yes, but it was her way, and the only way she had ever been or seen. With utmost concentration all the way through the hour of training she punched, kicked and blocked at imaginary foes, all in slow motion, watching her movements with careful eyes.

Too much speed and things began to get sloppy.

That was always the case... too much speed and things began to hurt.


The cry rose over the sound of laughing children playing in the play ground, tossing around a bright red ball and scaring away the crows that liked to nest in the nearby tress, eyeing the abandoned lunches of the youngsters with interested beady eyes.

Slowly the pale girl turned to look over her shoulder, bland light eyes focusing on Sakura running towards her, pink hair once more long and waving in the wind.

She was the description of a beauty, and she knew that the majority of the boys in the village were interested in her at least to an extent. It was strange the way things worked romantically around Konohona. Everyone had their first pick, and then they had their second best, which was more often than not the person they would end up with.

The horrid thing about that... was the she didn't have a second best.

"Hello, Sakura-chan." she mumbled, smiling softly as the beauty queen sat down with a thump beside her on the bench. "Hiyo!" Sakura smiled, rosy cheeked and breathless from running. "Sorry I'm late, mother needed help in the kitchen, and then she forgot that she didn't have sugar and then I had to run out to get some and you know." she shrugged, giving another sigh to finalize her struggling breath and giving another grin along with it.

"In short, I came as soon as I could."

"Oh, that's fine." Hinata nodded, her black hair falling across her eyes in what she thought must be a very awkward manner. Her hair never moved the way Sakura's did. It always got in the way and were it not because Naruto had said he liked long hair she would have cut it again, years ago back to the short length she once wore.

"All right, so what do you want to do for lunch then?" Sakura enquired, leaning back against the bench and staring up at the bright blue sky with glittering green eyes. "...we could go for ramen, you know."

The note of teasing in her voice was almost inaudible, but it was there. Hinata coloured rapidly to a red shade.

"Ano... no, no we don't have to do that... I never- I don't actually... do you want to?" Hinata stuttered, shifting uncomfortably on the bench.

"Sure I do." Sakura continued, as if Hinata hadn't just turned into a tomato and began to fidget like she had ants in her pants. "Let's go" She smiled, grabbing the brunette's wrist and pulling her to her feet. "It's late as it is, but that doesn't matter. I'm sure he'll still be there stuffing his face as usual."

"Ah ah!" Hinata cried out softly, dragged along by the powerful pink haired kunoichi (sp?) To save face she decided to play dumb. "W-who are you talking about, Sakura chan? A-are you meeting s-someone else?"

"Heh!" Sakura scoffed, glancing over her shoulder at her. 'We, we are meeting someone else." She flashed her a smile again. "But you already knew that."

Hinata decided to turn yet another shade of undiscovered red.

There wasn't a lot of reasons for him to be going out...

Not one at all...

Actually, the one that he had decided to allow to drag him out, wasn't a good reason- actually it wasn't even a bad reason, it wasn't a reason at all. And for half a moment he worried that perhaps he had allowed himself to go out 'without' a reason. For once he would be able to say that he had gone out for "no reason"

He shuddered, staring at the cup of sake in front of him with a mildly irritated expression before glancing over at Naruto, who was , as usual, stuffing his face full of ramen.

"I don't understand why you dragged me here." He grumbled, pushing the sake away and beginning to get up. He wasn't even allowed sake yet- he was turning nineteen in two months but that did not matter, he had been drinking since he had turned fifteen and one of those girls that hung around him passed him something she called punch that did 'not' taste like punch.

That night he was sure if he hadn't been a trained ninja he wouldn't have left with his virginity intact.

"What're you talking about?" Naruto retorted thickly through a mouth full of ramen. "You never go out, I don't even know what the hell you eat, Sasuke."

"I don't." The Uchiha replied primly, moving to slide off his stool and head out the door. "I'm leaving." he stated.

"Aww, come on!" Naruto began, peeling himself away from his ramen bowl long enough to start arguing with him. Sasuke was still considering clobbing him over the head with something when Sakura's cheerful voice came flooding from the doorway.

"You're way too naive, Hinata-chan, honestly. Of course Kiba was teasing you!"

"A-ano... really? I didn't think-"

"Sasuke!" Sakura cried out suddenly, cutting off the stuttering brunette standing beside her. Sighing the Uchiha turned around, arms crossed looking just as always like a brick of cold ice.

"'re out.' Sakura began, still looking throughly confused, as if she had never seen him outside. It suddenly occured to him that in her fangirl mind she was probably trying to understand why and was coming up with very wrong possibilities.

"I was just leaving." He mumbled, moving to push by her and finding to his surprise a small surprised looking girl right where he had moved to push through.

Bland Hyuuga eyes stared back at him, wide and surprised, but not because it was him, it was the closeness, he knew it the moment he saw the expression there. Most of it was surprise, a small part almost invisible was screaming 'get back!'

He stumbled back, startled and ended up sitting right back down on the stool, looking pissed. Naruto began his goofy laughing.

"What the heck was that, Sasuke-teme?" Naruto laughed, sitting back and amazingly ignoring his ramen. "Hinata-chan gave you a fright did she?"

Said girl was stuttering out an apology, having turned a bright shade of red. "G-gomen, I didn't see."

"Hn." Sasuke grunted, slipping off the stool and heading out the door, choosing for once to ignore the laughing teasing of the baka Naruto.

"Where are you going Sasuke!" Sakura cried, watching him storm out the door. Silently he slipped out of the shop and into the street, leaving the three standing there looking utterly puzzled.

Sighing Sakura turned to look at Naruto, irritated. "You BAKA!" she cried, giving him a thump on the head that would result in a bump later. "You made him leave!"

"OW! Sakura! Damnit, I didn't make him leave at all, he was leaving already- and I got him out here in the first place, geez!"

"Ah, Naruto-kun are you okay?" Hinata started, watching him rub his head irritably. Sakura sat there fuming in silence, letting Hinata deal with the matter on her own.

"Fine, fine." he sighed, giving her a weak grin. "Sakura's made my head hard enough to withstand a boulder falling."

"Hmph!" Sakura grunted. Hinata eyed the pink haired kunoichi doubtfully for a moment and then slipped onto a stool, blinking at the untouched cup of sake that was there.

She didn't drink, not really... She had wine at family dinners, and champagne at important events, but nothing else really.

Curiously she lowered her chin onto her forearms laying on the counter, smelling the strong liquor thoughtfully. "Do you drink, Naruto-kun?" she stuttered, surprised by her own question.

The blonde turned to look at her, confused and mouth full of ramen already. "Hm? Ne? No, I don't. That's Sasuke-teme's."

"Stop calling him that!" Sakura snapped, twitching irritably.

Hinata slipped off the stool, deciding it would be too much to ask for Sakura to be around Naruto at that time. "S-sakura-chan, do you want to go to... uh- shop?" she stuttered, looking ferverishly for something to do that would take the pink haired girl out of the shop before she killed Naruto.

"Shop?" Naruto and Sakura chorused, blinking at her. Never in their life had either of them heard Hinata Hyuuga of all people ask to go shopping.

The girl stared back at them, and then realized the strangeness of what she had said. "Oh!" she began, blushing furiously. "I- ano. I mean... if you want to-"

"SURE!" Sakura cried, misunderstanding the concept imidietly. "Let's go! There are a thousand things I've seen that I've thought you'd look GREAT in!"

Hinata started, trying to stutter out something of an excuse. "Nani?' she whimpered, confused.

In a flash they were out the door, Hinata still stutteriing about a misunderstanding.

Naruto blinked mildly after them, cocking his head to the side and looking confused. "That was weird..."

"We should find Ino!" Sakura cried, her mood completely changed by the idea of going shopping. "She would have a complete riot with this! You of all people, asking to go shopping!"

"Well, I kinda-" Hinata began, skipping over a small child that was on the road. Sakura continued to drag her forcefully, getting odd stares from a few of the people around but ignoring it completely.

"Let's go get Ino, then we'll head to the shops and we'll just buy until I find you something else to wear for training cuz that sweater is beginning to get on my nerves, Hinata, you've been wearing that since we started at the Academy for crying out loud."

"My s-sweater?" Hinata began, sounding puzzled, she looked down at her old parka looking sweater and frowned. "But... you don't like it?"

"Come on."Sakura cut in, not bothering to answer. Oh things would be hellish indeed.

"It's beautiful!" Ino squealed, loudly too making a few people at the lunch tables in front of the coffee shop stare at her in an odd manner. Hinata shrunk into herself slightly, feeling awkward. The clothes she was wearing weren't something she would have picked, but at least they were the right color. The light creamy coloured outfit looked simular to a mix of both Sakura's and Ino's with a merciful high neck for her to hide behind and a long skirt like tunic. Underneath she was wearing black knee length shorts and bandages that wrapped down her thigh.

For Hinata the change was huge, she would have never worn something like that before.

"You look great!" Ino continued to shout. Thankfully the coffee shop wasn't completely full, and only a few people could turn to stare at them every time she shouted like that.

"Ano.." she whimpered, nodding rapidly and blushing so hard she thought perhaps she'd pass out from overheating. "Arigato-"

"No no no, we have to take you out somewhere now! My god, Hinata, getting you out of that sweater totally changed you!" Ino continued to cry, looking brilliantly happy.

"We should have a girl's night out- go dancing, to a club or something!"

"D-demo, this is training gear..." Hinata continued to stutter, looking wide eyed. Sakura smirked and poked Ino on the head. "Yeah, Ino, you blonde."

"Shuddup, Pinky, you've obviously not noticed your own stupidity."

"I- I actually should go home... my father-"

"Oh yeah." Sakura suddenly cut in, remembering an earlier conversation she had had with Hinata about her father expecting her that evening.

"The dinner." she finished.

Hinata nodded numbly, trying to figure out where she would be able to change before she got home, she wasn't sure what her father would say if she got to the house wearing clothing that didn't match her. What if he thought she was trying hard to impress him or something? That always seemed to irritate him before.

"Ano... Arigato, Sakura-chan, Ino-chan. Demo, I have to head back as soon as possible." She bit her lip, hoping they wouldn't be angry.

Ino and Sakura blinked at her for a moment and then smiled broadly. "It's no problem. We'll go training in the morning. Maybe that baka Naruto will be around to be wowed by your new look!" Ino cried.

Hinata's face burned. "Ano... it doesn't matter..."

She stood rapidly, trying not to trip over herself as she moved towards the door, hoping she could get the heck out of that coffee shop before the two girls made louder more humiliating accusations.

"Bye, Hinata-chan!" Sakura called, waving. Ino waved too, and then turned to flirt with the waiter that came back.

Smiling vaguely Hinata turned and slipped out of the patio covered in tables and into the street, fiddling with the many bags she carried. The outfit she was wearing was hardly the first or last pair of clothing that Sakura had forced her to buy. The bags were full of things but she doubted she would be wearing any of them later. Her sweater would come back soon. She missed it's comfortable long sleeves already...

Biting her lip and looking at the ground she continued to walk, ignoring for the time being the bright sunset in front of her. It truly was a beautiful day, with children laughing and birds chirping, even in the middle of the sunset, but she couldn't really appreciate it, not with the situation...

Her hands shook as they rose up to her lips, running nervously over the soft flesh. Father had been acting strangely of late, asking about her progress at the Academy, as a ninja, enquiring as to the sucess of her missions and the rating.

She was scared that something was coming, something she didn't want to face...

"...Hinata-hime." A voice stated again making her start in surprise just before she walked into Neji, stepping back in surprise, rubbing her nose where she had crashed into his chest.

"Ah! Gomen, Neji-kun! I-I didn't see you.." she stuttered, and then blinked at him in vague confusion. His expression was completely puzzled and slightly red.

"Hinata... what are you wearing?" He began making her gasp and look down at herself and the outfit that obviously didn't match her at all. My God, he must think I'm some idiot- I have to change out of this 'right' now!

"Oh- I- I... Sakura-chan and Ino-chan they- Ano, I just..." she stuttered, blinking down at her shoes- new ones that she was for sure going to throw away later if only he would stop staring at her like she was some sort of-

"It looks good."

Her head whipped up to stare at him, mouth open slightly in surprise. "...P-pardon?" she whimpered, lifting her free hand up to her lips.

Neji shrugged, looking as impassive as usual. "It looks good." He stated again, reaching a hand out. Hinata blinked at it a moment, confused as to what he wanted, for half a second she was wondering if he was asking for her hand.

"Here, I'll carry your bags for you." He stated patiently, noting her confusion. "Oh!" the young heiress started. "Arigato." she passed them over without a complaint, knowing he would take them from her forcefully if she didn't just give them to him.

Quietly they turned and started to head the way she had initially started, which made her turn to look at her cousin quickly. "Neji-kun... what are you doing here?"

Her cousin glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. "Hm? Your father, he has asked for your pressence at the estate. I was sent to look for you."

Hinata's eyes widened slightly."F-father? Demo, he said it was for dinner that he wanted me..."

"Hai." Neji shrugged. "He wants you sooner, I suppose."

"H-have you been looking for long?" Hinata mumbled, worriedly hoping she hadn't made him waste his time for long.

"Not too long." was his descriptive reply. Hinata fidgeted impatiently, glancing at him for a second answer. Sighing the genius shrugged. "I never expected to have to search in the boutiques downtown, it took longer to find you than I thought it would."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I-I'll make sure to be a-around next time and I-"

"It's all right, Hinata-hime." Neji replied, gracing her with one of his rare smiles. "You should worry about your father's mood and what he wants with you."

Hinata turned away, pressing her index fingers together thoughtfully, biting her lip. "D-do you know what it is?"

"No, I don't." was his smooth reply before he opened the estate gate for her, waiting patiently for her to step in.

Hinata didn't move, but stared at the doorway as if it might devour her. Taking a deep breath she walked in quietly, shoulders drooping just a bit.

"All will be fine." Neji assured her quietly as they stepped into the house and removed their shoes. He gave her shoulder a soft squeeze and motioned to the bags. "I will put them in your room."

"Oh- no I can do that I need to-"

"Your father is waiting." He cut in, moving towards the stairs and starting up without a second word.

Hinata stood there numbly, wishing she could follow him and insist to take the bags up herself so she could change. Shifting awkwardly in her new clothes she looked down the long hall, brightly lit from all the windows and smelling sweetly of the cherry blossom trees in the courtyard.

But at the end of the hall there was the door that led to her father's study, dark and gloomy and looking steadily more like a mouth with fangs.

Swallowing nervously she stepped forward and started towards the door. Please please please... let it be something simple... nothing to worry about... nothing to worry about...

Rubbing her sweating palms on her sides she lifted her hand up to the door and knocked, waiting outside for an answer in the shadow and shivering with the feeling in her chest.

This... would not be good.

"What is your current level, Hinata?"

"M-my current l-level...?"

I'm weak dont you know! You do know! Why do you torture me this way!?

"Your progess has been slow the last few years. On the other hand, your sister is becoming more and more powerful with each day."

"...y-yes... I have noticed Hanabi's steady p-progress..."

No... no please... don't do this to me again... don't compare me to her...

"As the Hyuuga Heiress, you are to be strong, you are to be wise, you are to be a leader, the head of our powerful family."


I want to! I want to! I don't know what's holding me back! Don't you care? Don't you wonder what it is?!

"You are seventeen years of age. At age eighteen you have no choice but to accept the title of heiress... or hand it down to your sister."

"H-hand it... down?"

"Would you not preffer that?"


NO!! NO! Don't take this away from me! It's the one thing... the one thing... I have been working so hard... don't please... how do I tell you how do I...

"Hinata? Do you not preffer it?"


...can I... all this responsibility, thrown to the wind. Hanabi would be a good leader... I would be out of everyone's way...




"N-no... I... I am the first born... I-I want..."

"You are not strong enough."

"...I... know..."

"Would you not preffer to have it all given away, handed down to the one who can actually do what an heiress is supposed to do?"

"I-I can be stronger... I can...I can try..."

"You have been trying for seventeen years-"

"P-please... father... I... I can try."

"You have one more year. One more. Your choice must be made then."

"M-my choice?"

"Or I will make it for you."


"Why do you do this?"

I don't know! I don't know... please... let me try! Just one last time!

" I... I'm meant to... I am the first born-"

"You are not strong enough!"

"...gomen...I will...I will get stronger..."

"One year."

One year...

The door closed quietly, her hands here shaking with the effort of not slamming it closed and running out the door. She just needed to get out, needed to run, needed to hide in a corner and cry.

Neji stood against the wall, arms crossed, looking at her worriedly. "Hinata-hime? Are you okay?"

Hinata nodded, facing the door still, tears making her eyes water, but not spilling yet. Not trusting her voice she blinked back the tears and turned to look at him, smiling weakly.

The knot in her throat was going to choke her soon. Forcefully she swallowed it.

"I-" she began, sounding hoarse. Biting her lip she cleared her throat, hands clenched at her sides. "I'm all right..." She managed another weak smile, glad she had managed not to stutter.

Neji pushed away from the wall, frowning slightly at her. "...yes?"

She nodded, smiling still, feeling like her face might break from the strain. "I'm just going to go for a walk."

"...what did he want?"

"He wanted to know about my next mission-" The lie was out so fast that there was no room to stutter. She stared at him for a moment, the surprise on her face obviously telling the truth. Neji's frown deepened.

"You needn't tell me if you don't want to, Hinata-hime."

"I... am okay... I-I'll be back soon." Hinata whimpered, slipping her shoes on with shaking hands.

Neji watched silently as she stumbled out the door. It was dark outside already... Restraining the urge to go after her, he turned around and headed up the stairs stopping abruptly at the sight of Hanabi leaning against the hallway wall at the top of the stairs.

"Hanabi?" He murmured, unsettled by her dark expression.

"Neji-kun." she replied, giving a short bow of her head before turning around and slipping into her room without another word.

The princesses of the family were hardly chatter boxes.

She had began to jog soon after passing the gate, the cold air of incoming night a soothing touch on her skin.

Right after passing off her street she had begun to run, a slow steady run, but her lungs were burning within the first ten minutes.

Across town, that's all she knew. She had to go across town, as fast as possible... run, run.

She was sprinting soon after, the clothing she was wearing giving a surprising amount of flexibility.

The burning felt good, surprisingly enough. And she hadn't run like that in so long, it just felt so good. The speed was steady, and she didn't feel like slowling down. It didn't matter that her side was cramping and her hair was falling out of it's braid.

It was long enough now that she could braid it down her back, the short cut she used to have used to return as a shadow of itself when she pulled back her hair in a braid.

With a snap the elastic finally fell off, making her ebony dark hair fall around her shoulders, streaming behind her as she ran.

Thoughts were flowing through her head a thousand miles a minute. Hanabi as an heiress... as leader of the Hyuuga clan, the most powerful clan...

"" she gasped softly, looking up towards the stars.

It was unfair... so unfair that she would be born first. At least to retain some honor she should try to be strong enough by next year... just in case she could do it... just in case she could change...

If not she would get out of the way, become one of those useless young daughters that are good for nothign other than getting them married-

Tears began to stream down her face. It wasn't fair, Hanabi did not have that fate set for her, even if she didn't get to be heiress. She would be a kuinochi, a powerful member of the Hyuuga Clan, the rightful owner of the title of Head...

Breathless she stopped, realizing suddenly where she was.

The night sky was high above among the canopy of trees that shadowed the training arena. Empty in the deep night. It made sense...what would anyone in their right mind be doing there in the middle of the night.

Though, deep inside she had somehow been hoping that maybe Naruto would...

Tears started up again, pouring down her face messily, making her hair stick to her skin. Rubbing it away roughly she walked towards one of the training posts, hands clenching and unclenching.

There was so much energy running through her, chakra enough to rip through something...

She hadn't felt this way, not in a long time... she hadn't had the drive to do anything like this... not in along time.

Breathing in just as hard as before she lowered herself down to a fighting stance, the hyuuga clan's main house.

A soft sob slipped past her lips and she lashed forward, her fist connecting sharply with the post. The pain drilled up her wrist and forearm, making it numb.

Again she shot out.

Jab, cross, jab cross...

She stopped looking, the tears were making everything so blurry anyway that she couldn't see.

The harsh breathing was echoing in the stillness, only the soft whisper of the wind seemed to be there to keep it company.

Eyes shut tight she spun, making a solid connection with the post, her kick more than just accurate, there was a crack, and the pain made her think for a moment it was her leg, then she realized it wasn't as she rubbed away the tears still pouring.

The post had cracked down the middle.

A frown passed over her face and suddenly her hands were up, unlocking her bloodline limit.


Rapidly she moved forward, and instead of letting her hand linger over the post, each forceful jab connected.

There was a dull throbbing from her knuckles, but still she didn't stop. She wouldnt stop, not until it was over. The pounding in her ears had to go away, the memory of her father's words and what they meant. It had to be over.

"Stop it!" she whimpered, unsure of who she was talking to. Her fist connected one last time, and then she realized that the blurryness wasn't coming from the tears.

No... something was wrong, she had stopped crying already.

Slowly, breathlessly she straightened, putting a hand to her head as her vision swam.

How long had it been..? Turning her head slowly upwards she flinched. The moon, full and enourmous in the sky seemed to swirl.

Sighing softly she felt her knees give way, down towards the ground, softly covered in leafs.

"...gomen... demo... I will try." she whimpered, watching as the darkness ate at her vision.

If only...father could hear me...

Then, she let go... and let sleep come forth.

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