Walking through the trees

You hear the trees talking to each other

Slow and low is their groaning

To them a conversation could take days

Why rush?

They are not apart of the human race

They like to take their time with things

What's the point?

If you rush and make a mistake, then you'll have to do it over

Exiting the dominion of the trees you enter a open field

This field seeming to be in Heavens favor

The sun, while leaving the forest, greets the field with open arms

You slowly walk through this happy field

You can't help but feel the same way

How could you not?

With the gentle wind playing it's melody

The wild flowers sing their song

Looking around you see a small creek

Gently flowing down to it's destination

It carries it's precious cargo with care

The baby fish swim with the current, glad to have a ride

You think over this area

Protected by the large aged trees

Greeted by the happy flowers and welcoming creek


You call to your children

Two little fauns come out of the protective foliage

Glad to have a home, they run through the field

While you keep an ever watchfull eye on them


You are finally Home

Wrote this for a creative writing class and deicded to post it here. Tell me what you think! Thanks for reading!