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The evil and calculating genius that is Draco Malfoy

No one would have been surprised that Harry Potter went only twenty-four hours as Draco Malfoy's new boyfriend before he heard the inevitable words from the determined blonde: "You owe me a fucking Quidditch game Harry Potter!"

Okay. No one – with the exception of Draco Malfoy, that is. Because, right now, Draco Malfoy was painfully embarrassed beyond all belief that it had – fucking sweet Merlin! - taken him so bleeding long.

Draco Malfoy's competitiveness was such that it would have to take (And in this case actually did take) some seriously good kissing (Well, Potter wasn't too shabby) and some seriously good sex (Oh Merlin! Okay...fine...it had been good. Alright, it had been fucking brilliant…are you happy?) and some seriously good food (Of the finest quality, care of a cautious, eager to please Harry. Heh heh...) to make someone like Draco completely forget about a desperate need to beat someone's arse at catching a stupid bloody snitch!

For anyone else, Draco Malfoy may well have said, "Get your fucking broom - NOW!" as soon as the given adorer had confessed to lying to catch a bit of sweet sweet Draco Malfoy eye-candy, before going on to declare their utter attraction and stupid soppy feelings for him.

But, as humiliating as it was to Draco….it took a whole day after such said declarations by one besotted Harry Potter for Draco to fully remember. To remember the all-too unforgettable problem: that Draco was a Malfoy and NEEDED TO WIN AT EVERYTHING SO BADLY THAT HIS LIFE DEPENDED ON IT

And, right now, beating the Golden Boy to the snitch was right up there with breathing air.


And so it was, on the morning of day two - of what Draco perceived to be the best period of Harry Potter's life - that Draco woke in Harry's bed with a start.

Draco suddenly found himself shivering in a cold sweat, the vision of a snitch clutched tightly in his shaking little hand still so vividly clear in his mind. He sat up slightly - his whole body was trembling, beads of sweat were lining his forehead - and…he knew what he had to do.

He rolled over towards the naked sleeping man beside him and prodded him. "Harry…"


"Harry..." Plus another prod.


"Harry…Wake up…"


Draco frowned. He prodded harder. And a few more times.

"Huh? Wha?"

"Harry!" he whispered loudly, "You owe me…a fucking Quidditch game!"


"Harry!" Draco said even more loudly.

"Draco…? What…? It's four in the morning…"


"Go back….t'sleep…" The brunette threw an arm over his own face and soon the heavy breathing of a deeply-sleeping man filled the room again.

Draco frowned.

And then...he eventually smiled, lying back and staring up at the ceiling, thinking of how impossibly amazing it would feel to get to the snitch first….before Harry Potter did.

It would be nothing short of….glorious.

He smirked devilishly to himself and raised his hands and placed them under his head. School was over. And Harry Potter didn't know how positively unforgiving on a Quidditch pitch the brilliant Draco Malfoy, as an adult, could be.

Soon, Harry would be the Golden Boy: No More. Heh heh…


One hour later:

Prod. Prod. PROD.




"Are you awake yet?" Draco asked excitedly, hopeful that the last quite forceful prod had done the job good and proper.


"You sound like you are..." Draco said in a suspicious voice.

"I'm not! Right now I'm fast asleep - having an awful nightmare - that my new boyfriend is prodding me awake...for some ridiculous reason like...playing bloody Quidditch – at five in the morning."


"So, you're awake then?" Draco asked excitedly.

At that point, Harry rolled over and hid his head under the pillow.

Draco frowned again.

And then...with a smirk, he knew there was no way Potter was getting out of this come six o'clock this morning. Because Draco was ready to fucking-well prod until the cows came home. And he could arrange it so that no cows ever came within five miles of this place. Potter may have thought Draco was scheming and determined and dogged and brilliant at school (at least he should have), but Potter hadn't seen anything yet. Because that scheming-ness and determinedness and doggedness and brilliance had merely multiplied - to astronomical proportions - since their childhood seeker days.


But, with a slight sinking feeling, Draco knew he was – oh dear – perhaps, in a little bit of trouble here.

His stupid Harry-foggy mind of late was just not acceptable. In fact, Draco had to be seriously careful to not get too soft. Especially if it meant he didn't make Harry go head to head with him for that snitch.

For…wasn't it enough that Draco had graced Harry with his own presence?! There was NO WAY Draco would also let the Quidditch thing slide. No way!

He figured, in these circumstances, perhaps it was high time he reminded himself of a few things - to ensure Harry-foggy-mindedness and Threats of Softness – not to mention, Lack of Quidditch Show Down - did not become a serious problem for him.

He cast his mind back to something his father had shown him as a young child:

The Key to Being an Evil, Calculating Genius according to the Malfoy Book of Sheer Brilliance:

1. Always remember that you are the most brilliant person in the world.

Check. No problem there.

2. When in doubt, see rule number 1.

Check. No problem there.

3. Always remember that there is nothing more important than being Evil and Calculating. Laughing like this helps you to remember this: Muhahahahahahaha.

(Draco cleared his throat) "Muhahahahaha…" he whispered silently and sort of awkwardly. Hhmm…not as evil sounding as he would have liked, but it did make him feel a little bit more wicked and, under the circumstances (Harry lying right next to him), he figured it would have to do.

4. Ensure you win at everything.

Well, that's what he was trying to do. Good. That meant he was on track then.

5. Always look for sources of power that you can use to your advantage. You are all-powerful and should therefore ensure you are always in charge.

Sources of power?! Hhmm…he'd have to think a bit more about this one.

Either way, Draco was most pleased with himself. For, perhaps the situation was not as bad as he had feared – and, any slight problem areas could certainly be rectified.

For, today he was determined to make Mr Harry Potter beg for mercy on the Quidditch pitch. Because Draco Malfoy was going to get to that fucking snitch first if it killed him.

A positively wicked smirk engulfed Draco Malfoy's mouth. Harry Potter's almost-perfect snitch catching history…was as good as history.


That's better! Much better. And, who cares if it wasn't out loud?!


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