Alone in the dark

Where not a whisper of wind could reach

Shadows are non-excitant in a world of black

Yet, they're all around, watching…waiting

The pressure of the blackness suffocates

In here, no light even dares to enter

No being would have the gull to come

Yet so many are here

Trapped and scared

Screaming to get out

Tortured by demons of their past

Clawing the walls

Nails screeching against rock

There's no way out

But they try anyway

What do they have to live for except to get out from this place?

Those whom have broken

Crying and moaning

They know they're dead

They have accepted this fact

Their fate

Willingly they let their demons consume them

Eating away at their soul

This…is Hell

No escape

No light

No air

No savior

Those who won't give in

Refusing to believing

They're dead, in Hell

How they wish it was different

To be able to go back

To change their ways

Live life a different way, the right way

Yet…it's to late

They had their chance

And they know it

Slowly, one by one

The suffocating burning darkness consumes them

Yeah yeah so I was in a bad mood, but I was in French! 'nough said.

(like the language, hate the teacher)