Sneaky Parents

"Quiet, they'll here you."

"I am being quiet."

Shuffling of feet was heard throughout the long hallway as two grown people tried to silently cross the space between there and the last door. Tried is the key word. They tippy toed their way to the last brown door, every step making the old wood floor creak; one of the grown people slowly turned the knob, until they could open the door. Every time the door creaked they would flinch, hoping that the two people inside wouldn't hear them.

"You sure that we should be doing this?"

"Kagome how many times have I told you? It'll be fine. They won't find out."

"But if I were a teenager trying to talk to my boyfriend about "an important subject," or so she says, then I wouldn't want to be spied on."

"But you're not her."

"I still don't like it."

"She's twenty one years old…she can forgive us later…I guess…"

The mother huffed and leaned over her husband to see try and see her daughter. She could just make her out, standing next the only bookshelf in the study. Her boyfriend, a tall lanky but well defined young man, was standing in front of her. They were talking in huffed voices. Yet if she listened hard enough she could just make out the sound of their voices. However she was interrupted by her husband looking up at her.

"Thought that you didn't want to listen in."

"Shh!" She slapped him lightly on the top of the head. That shut him up quickly.

She was finally able to hear Kaoru and Kenshin.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" Kagome could clearly hear that it was her daughter Kaoru.

"Well, you and I have been dating for two years now." A masculine voice was heard after Kaoru's, indicating that her boyfriend had the floor.

"Yup." The mother could see Kenshin and Kaoru smiling at Kaoru's comment.

"Well…" She could see Kenshin blush and shift uncomfortably from side to side.

"Yeah?" Kaoru's voice was tense with anticipation.

"You know how much I love you and that I'll never leave your side…and I was wondering…well…would…would you…" He never finished. He looked up at her and she paused, curiously. A slow smile spread across Kaoru's face. Kagome didn't like that look; it spelt trouble. She looked down to her husband and he looked back out at her. The slowly closed the door and made a dash for the kitchen, which was conveniently on the other side of the house. They waited about ten minutes before the young couple came out.

Kaoru had traces of old tears on her face and was beaming from ear to ear. She was holding Kenshin's hand. The said man was currently also smiling and he had a slight blush. Kagome was about to question what was going on, when the light from the window caught something on Kaoru's hand. An engagement ring…Kagome looked back up to see Kaoru with a sort of evil smile about her. Oh shoot.

"Guess there's no need to explain this." Kaoru said holding up her hand to show off the silver diamond ring.

"Whatever do you mean dear?" Kagome asked in her most innocent voice.

"I think you know." And with that Kaoru and Kenshin left through the front door, laughing all the way. Kagome closed her eyes and walked to her husband.

"Now Kagome I'm sure that they meant something else, they couldn't have seen us…. uh…yeah I'm sure that was it!" he said while backing up, ready to run from her wife's wrath. Yet try as he might he was no match for her.

As Kagome left the kitchen, singing 'We Will Rock You,' her husband was lying on the floor with little X's for eyes and birds flying around his head.

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