"…And you have forty-five minutes to complete the test starting from the moment I leave the classroom. Any questions?"

The teacher, Miss Kamana stood at the front of the class, her eyes scanning the room for any signs of queries, and saw nothing. Just a wave of expressionless faces staring at her, a pencil in one hand and a blank test sheet beneath the other.

"Alright then…as soon as the door is locked, you may begin. I'll see you soon."

Kamana left the room, pausing briefly to turn the key within the lock and close shut the portal of escape, leaving the children to their fates that she had long since know about, and waited for. She moved down the hall and turned the corner, coming face to face with a squad of five men, each dressed in military attire, and gave a salute, which they reciprocated.

"The students are enclosed, the room is escape proof…the time is now gentlemen."

The central soldier, the leader, gave her a nod and with a wave of his hand, sent the group of soldiers down the hallway, carrying large canisters with toxic symbols printed upon them. Kamana stood there, watching from the end of the hall as the 5 men hooked up tubes to the closed door, turning knobs and with a hiss, sending gas into the locked room.


Eiji Hoshi (Male Student #18) felt a combination of middle and index finger jab into his upper arm.

"Hey Hoshi, lemme see your paper."

Eiji tried to ignore, but the prodding got rougher and turned into punches delivered by the soccer star Shiro Amasaki (Male Student #4), and it grew to be simply too much.

"Miss Kamana!"

Eiji called out with no response. Their teacher had left and was out of earshot, although the rest of the class was not. They had all stopped momentarily in their scribbling to look at the small boy with glasses being jabbed by the burly athlete.

"C'mon squealer, just one peek."

Shrio punched hard enough to knock Eiji out of his chair, the studious boy's glasses falling from their perch atop his nose and sliding across the floor, coming to a rest at the feet of the exchange kid, Sabin Figaro (Male Student #9). He picked up the spectacles and slid them back to Eiji as Kasumi Izumi (Female Student #13) stood up to address the attacker.

"What's your problem Shiro? Some of us are trying to take a test…LEGITIMATELY."

"Does this concern you Kasumi? No, don't think so. You better tell your girl to keep her big mouth shut tubby, before I do some real damage."

"Don't you threaten her!"

These words came not from her sulking boyfriend Kane Blaku (Male Student #6), but from Sefi Rasu (Male Student #13) at the back of the classroom.

"Yeah, what he said."

Kane finally spoke up, looking nervous as both Magoichi Tadakatsu (Male Student #16) and Yan Karahaka (Male Student #20) glared over at him, as if to tell him to keep his mouth shut too, to keep the classroom civilized.

In the back of the class, the row before Sefi, Mirasuke Inhara (Female Student #21) rolled her eyes over at Nanayu Zaikitsu (Female Student #16) who did the same, both girls sickened by the immature attitude of their classmates, hoping that this wouldn't lead to ANOTHER stupid and pointless brawl.

Sabin nodded across the room to Ryo Hazuki (Male Student #2) who was already cracking his knuckles in preparation for the stopping of whatever fight happened to be brewing, while seated right beside him, Akari Mitsuda (Female Student #8) pulled her hair back into a ponytail, tying it off to help ensure that it would not catch during the approaching melee.

"Leave him alone Shiro."

Hara Kazuko (Female Student #18) stood up, with Yuri Sakazaki (Female Student #7) standing up as well to give her some support. Meanwhile, a few rows back, Nanayu had to keep a hand firmly on the shoulder of Shun Ryoma (Male Student #21) to keep from joining the class president in her movement.

"Hara…don't be this way, jeez. It's just a stupid test, and if the teacher's gonna leave the room, I should have the chance to cheat. Simple as that."

"That has to be the DUMBEST thing I've ever heard."

Kiberu Terime (Female Student #3) continued to stare at her paper, continuing to write down her answers, giving no indication that she'd spoken at all. Beside her, Yerocha Ibarishi (Male Student #14) glanced at Shiro, then over at Yan specifically, worried about what might happen if everyone continued to egg the soccer player on.

"Just lemme look at the damn paper!"

From the back of the class, Foli Cheru (Female Student #10) sat quivering, unable to cope with the thought and threat of violence, with herself being so close by. A few seats in front of her, Jou Hariken (Male Student #5) stifled a large yawn, nearly ready to fall asleep at his desk.

"Do your own damn work."

Eiji showed a moment of strength uncharacteristic of himself, which seemed to enrage Shiro, and he grabbed the nerdy boy by the arms and shook him. Yan and Magoichi stood and moved to join their friend. Shiro swung at Eiji, but his fist never made it. His arm quickly hung limp, and Shiro slumped a bit, releasing Eiji, who promptly fell to the floor.

Across the room, those standing collapsed into their chairs, or to the floor, while those sitting fell quietly asleep. Fujisama Barama (Female Student #17) was closest to the door, and as she noticed the epidemic, she tried to escape, but didn't even make it to the locked door.


Yuji Naka (Male Student #19) spoke the last words in the classroom, before falling headfirst into his arms, unconscious as the invisible gas continued to pump into the sealed room.

Five minutes passed before the door creaked open and Kamana, donning a sophisticated gas mask, entered, beholding the scene of so many students scattered about the classroom, quiet for once in their lives.

"They're out cold. Better start moving them if we don't want them waking up during the trip."

The lead soldier nodded, his face covered in a similar fashion as he directed his men to start moving the children. Kamana moved to the front of the classroom and beheld the events that had occurred in the brief time following her departure. The class was hopeless, and this was going to be good for the country, ridding the world of many trouble-making punks. Sure they weren't all bad, but the majority…Kamana couldn't care any less about.

As the first soldier carted Fujisama out of the doorway, parents across the prefecture were notified of their children's predicament. A few cried, a few protested, and a few were carted off to jail. They were just lucky that unlike previous years, no one was outraged enough to get themselves killed.

"This year's Program will be a good one…I can't wait to see these kids die…"

Kamana spoke these parting words as Doguru Sodowan (Male Student #3) was the final student to be carried from the school building and strapped into a large, inconspicuous truck, before she herself boarded in the passenger seat, the vehicle driving down the highway, into the night.